Sugar Skull Tattoos for Halloween /Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead is a is a Mexican holiday and may sound much like the U.S. custom of Halloween, but it falls in to pray for the soul that has moved on to another journey beyond life. Day of the dead is also known as the Feast of All Souls is dedicated to prayers for the dead by their families. Day of the dead tattoos are images of skeletons drawn on the bodies in remembrance of the loved ones who have passed away and may seem macabre to observers from outside the culture. Day of the dead tattoos are very colorful as they reflect the flowery abundance and color of the actual celebrations in a very stylish way. Day of the dead tattoos create zombies in minute details for the perfect finish and the amazing textures. Day of the dead tattoos has been practiced for centuries and has taken the tattoo world to another level of art. Day of the dead tattoos transforms your body into a living canvas reminding to those who have transience of human life.


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