Day of the dead craft skull designs

The “Day of the Dead” or “Día de los Muertos” is a religious happy celebration for Mexican and other parts of Latin America festival on November 1 and the early morning of November 2, where people gather to remember and pray for the dead. The Day of the Dead Skulls or Calavera is a day to enjoy the pleasures of life with their family as they have a believe that their love ones will return and be with them on that day and night of the year. Traditionally they used to decorate alters and “calaveras de azúcar” or sugar skulls, favorite food and drinks are prepared, Cemeteries are decorated and flowers with candles are constructed waiting for the souls to come back. Skulls (known as calaveras) are the main symbol on the Day of the Dead celebrations. You find them everywhere and are not meant to be scary. Enjoy the day with these Day of the dead craft skull designs collections.


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