Viti Levu Holiday Fiji Oceania

We will take you on a trip to the most beautiful islands in the world, its Fiji islands. Fiji Islands consists of 332 islands, located in the southwest South Pacific, from the east of Vanuatu, west of  Tonga, South of Tuvalu, it’s consisting of 322 islands. The largest islands is Viti Levu , covering an area of 10,400 sq. km. Viti Levu is the fifth largest island in Oceania, around 75% of Fiji’s population live on Viti Levu’s coasts. Viti Levu is the oldest of Fiji’s islands. It’s the most pleasurable to explore.

You can find the most important cultural and historical places, with an exotic mix of beaches, religious village, virgin rain forest, waterfalls and remote traditional villages.

Although tourists use Viti Levu Island as camping base when exploring Fiji, it is a wonderful place to spend a few days in. There are many places to visit like the Hare Krishna temple, the Koroyanitu Heritage Park, the Botanical gardens which have tropical plants and also the Garden of the Sleeping Giant which deserves to be seen. On having tour on the island the most prominent place to visit is Nadi.

Nadi is Fiji’s third-largest city. On landing by air, you’ll find Fijian’s popular band playing a heritage Fijian music. Then drive from Nadi Town, just a few minutes to go to Denarau island, which is famous with the most popular activities; golf and racquet .Take tour by a bus or taxi from Nadi to go to Lautoka, it is known as the Sugar City, because its sugar cane belt areas and it is located twenty four km north of Nadi. Viti Levu hosts the capital city of Suva, and considered the national capital of Fiji, is the nerve center of all its commercial, industrial and educational activities. From there, we will walk to Thurston Gardens and marvel at the variety to see a variety of palms, gingers, water lilies and other local flora and fauna. Then step into the Fiji Museum, also on the same grounds, and explore the finest collection South Pacific relics.

Coral Coast is one of the largest fringing coral reefs in the world. It is located on the south-western side of the main island of Viti Levu. Viti Levu’s coral coast is a place to spend a relaxing day. The region is crowded with Fijian villages, sugar cane fields, coral lagoons, fringing coral reefs and beaches. Although Viti Levu lacks in idyllic beaches, it is known for its many interesting places to see with many activities to do. Sigatoka is main commerce center for the Coral Coast region, don’t forget to take a tour by jet-boat safari in Sigatoka River it will be an adventure Simply Unforgettable. Now we are in going to Fiji’s famous white sand beach which is Natadola beach , where you can go snorkeling and horseback riding. The Sunshine Coast is a most popular place for the Australian people and for visitors from all around the world. Viti Levu’s Sunshine Coast is located in South East Queensland, north of the state capital of Brisbane on the Pacific Ocean coastline. You can see the natural beauty of tropical rain forests, white sandy beaches and all categories of holiday resorts. There are few hotels along this coast, few beaches and few tourist attractions, the coast and mountains are very scenic. Sunshine Coast tourist attractions includes adventures ,bushwalking ,cruises ,driving adventures ,fishing, flying adventures, scuba diving ,sightseeing ,surfing, golf and national parks.

Pacific harbor which lies 78 kilometers to the East of Sigatoka and 49 kilometres to the west of Suva, Beyond the Coral Coast. The harbor has several resorts, where you’ll enjoy most in the time available of safest, best beaches and amazing dive surf and fishing operators to the excellent Beqa Reef. In Pacific Harbor, you‘ll find over 100 miles of spectacular corals, soft corals that surround the sea mounds and plenty of big fish. Also there are other place to enjoy, such as; The Arts Village, Rivers Fiji, Pacific Harbor Golf and Country Club and Diving in Beqa.

This island has its own unique charms and sights. That is why it is fun for whole family, also for young couples. You will find all categories and all kinds of resorts and hotels. Most of the accommodations here are located in and around Nadi or Suva and the Coral Coast. It is considered one of the best honeymoon destinations for adventurous couples looking for an active honeymoon.

These few words from English to Fijian:

English                                             Fijian

good morning                                  ni sa yadra (ni sah yan dra)
hello!                                                bula (mbula)
goodbye                                            ni sa moce (ni sa mothey)
please                                               kerekere
excuse me                                        tulou (too low)
yes                                                     io (ee-o)
thank you                                          vinaka (vee naka)
no                                                      sega (senga)
eat                                                     kana (kahna)
village                                               koro
lady                                                   marama
mister                                               turaga (tu rang ah)
little                                                   vaka lailai (vaka lie lie)
plenty                                                vaka levu (vaka ley vu)
quickly                                              vaka totolo (vaka toe toe lo)
house                                               vale or bure (valey/mburey)
come                                                lako mai (la ko my)
toilet                                                  vale lailai (vale lie lie)
go                                                      lako tani (la ko tanee)
bring                                                 kauta mai (ka ou tah my)
one more                                        dua tale (ndua ta lay)
one                                                   dua (ndua)
two                                                    rua
what is this                                      na cava oqo (na thava on go)
drink                                                  gunu (goo noo)
coconut                                             niu (new)
I want                                                au vinakata (aoo vina kahta)
church                                              vale ni lotu (vahle nee lohtoo)
shop                                                 sitoa (seetoah).