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The Origins of the Ramadan lantern -Fanous- of Egypt and Beyond


The Origins of the Ramadan lantern -Fanous- of Egypt and Beyond… Well it’s that time of the year again; Ramadan… the ninth month of the Arabic calendar. Ramadan is a well-known practice of Muslims all over the world especially the Islam religion.

Ramadan is the Muslim holy month and the main ritual for all Muslims in the world, where the Quran was bestowed upon Prophet Muhammad. Celebrating Ramadan, reminds Muslims of the Islamic symbols of spirituality, forgiveness, general generosity and specifically feeding the poor and of course its celebrations… in Egypt Ramadan has its own unique feel.

Credit Mai Shaheen

What is a Fanoos and what is the meaning of Fanoos?

Ramadan lanterns are accessories Ramadan that may be also called fanoos in the singular (فانوس) meaning lamp or light in Arabic. The word itself was probably adopted from the Coptic/Greek word hanos which means light or lantern… later it was transliterated to “candle”. Any candle or lantern was indicated for a symbol of hope to light the way from the darkness.

Ramadan lanterns are decorative lanterns crafted specifically for the holy month. In a place like Egypt, lanterns and lamps have always been special to the Egyptians. They are signs that Ramadan is near and common sight during the 30 days of Ramadan. The whole country goes through a remarkable transformation throughout the whole month of Ramadan.  It is clearly displayed the importance of this month that you later -after the 30 days of Ramadan- miss the sign of Ramadan.

Fanoos Ramadan  is crafted in a special way to merge between Egyptian folklore and Islamic designs. Lanterns of all sorts are hung throughout the city; in the streets decorating cafes, store fronts, and homes. These lanterns are hung from the windows and balconies, on ropes across alleyways, the city glows with them creating beautiful sea of light and colors, creating a beautiful and magical atmosphere. It is hard or nearly impossible to find a street in Egypt without a fanous. In fact in the weeks leading up to Ramadan you can find them displayed for sale on either side. These lanterns for Muslims are often the centerpiece of the table during Iftar.

Now Fanous Ramadan is frequently made from recycled tin cans, plastic lanterns or colored-glass used mainly during the holy month of Ramadan. Many lanterns whatever they are made from or their shapes have singing records playing traditional Ramadan songs, which runs on batteries and has flashes and colorful lights. But copper lanterns with colored-glass still remain quite popular. No matter what they look like or made from, still they are the main symbols of the holy month.


Ramadan Fanoos in Egypt;

Ramadan to the Egyptians it’s the magical month. One of these strong magical traditions is Fanous Ramadan (the Ramadan lantern) (Fawanees, sg. Fanoos or Fanus). Lanterns became the Symbol of Ramadan (As the Christmas Tree in Christmas) and an essential part of Ramadan’s magical atmosphere in Egypt.  A typical of Egyptian celebrations, not only in Egypt but have spread in other Arab Countries as well although it has no intrinsic link to religion.  Ramadan Fanoos ‎ is being practiced in other Islamic countries as well. It became one of the most prominent inspirational symbols depicting Ramadan’s begging and presence despite the fact its use is not related to religious rituals but it is a symbol of joy and lovable tradition in Ramadan.

Lantern decorates most of the Egyptian streets among the unique aspects of Ramadan as it is accompanied with all the mysterious traditions that have become associated with Ramadan, often has no intrinsic link to religion and are even incompatible with Islam. A century or so ago gas lanterns were seen in every house.

Egyptians are considered to be the first who invented Ramadan’s lantern during the Fatimid period, and they themselves are the main source of hand-made fanous all around the world and especially to the Arab and Islamic after they were introduced. These hand-made fanous are made from metal: copper, iron, bronze, tinplate etc. It can be made from wood too with Islamic-style decorations to be one of the traditional Ramadan decorations. Many handicraft professions are found in a specific neighborhood in Cairo called Sayeda Zeinab, Al-Attaba and Al-Mosqy Square. They have inherited A CRAFT THAT NEEDS PATIENCE down from generation to generation since the era of the Fatimids and then continued since that time to date. These handicraft professions are elderly people mainly are famous with their patience and hard work. In the workshops you’ll find the creation of the hand-made fanous of many traditional styles which starts from designing the shape, to the colors, and the size and finally the final phase ‎of Fanous Ramadan with its created appearance that still faces the invasion of Chinese lanterns.

Fanous Ramadan is of various kinds, in many shapes, materials and colors. It is also of many hues and degrees of brightness, and even both real and imaginary. Every year there are new generations of fanous with different designs, shapes, and colors. Nowadays, every house in Egypt makes sure to buy at least one lantern spiritually for Ramadan entrance. But there is always one big question about Fanous Ramadan…does the makers and buyers ever wondered about the origin behind Fanous Ramadan neither the origin of the lantern itself.

Sources suggest that the present tradition of Ramadan lanterns dates from the rule of Saladin (1174-1193 AD). Lantern designs were copied from the Qanadil and Mishkat (lamps) of Mosques. But may have an earlier tradition, attributing its development to the Fatimid caliphate in the year 968 when Fatimid leader Al-Muizz li-Din Allah entered Egypt on 15 Ramadan of 358 AH, and Egyptians greeted him with lamps and torches. In order to shield the candles from the wind, some of them placed the candles on a wooden platform and wrapped the platform with palm fronds and leather.

Others attributed its development to the the Fatimid Caliph Al Hakim Bi-Amr Illah would check for the moon marking the beginning of the holy month accompanied by children who lit his way with lanterns while singing songs.

Credit Mai Shaheen

How did the Ramadan lantern –fanous– become a symbol of the holy month?

Origins of the Ramadan lanternFanous Ramadan is more than just a lantern; it is a thousand-year-old Egyptian tradition perhaps as long ago as pharaonic times, when it may have announced the Nile flood but it is very popular during Ramadan, a symbol of joy and lovable tradition in the new Ramadan.

There are many stories and ancient folklores about the origins of the lanterns and the beginning of its use; but it was never clear when the custom became associated with Ramadan. Many costumes agree about the time period of the lantern being associated with Ramadan. It is the Fatimid’s who the first to introduce lanterns to Egyptian culture and were Cairo was the birthplace of the fanoos as we know it today. “Before 358 AH during the Fatimid dynasty, lanterns were just constricted only to walk around at night with, and to walk to the mosque at done.

Sources suggest that the present tradition of Ramadan lanterns dates from the rule of Saladin (1174-1193 AD). Lantern designs were copied from the Qanadil and Mishkat (lamps) of Mosques. But may have an earlier tradition, attributing its development to the Fatimid caliphate in the year 968 when Fatimid leader Al-Muizz li-Din Allah entered Egypt on 15 Ramadan of 358 AH, and Egyptians greeted him with lamps and torches. In order to shield the candles from the wind, some of them placed the candles on a wooden platform and wrapped the platform with palm fronds and leather.

Others attributed its development to the Fatimid Caliph Al Hakim Bi-Amr Illah would check for the moon marking the beginning of the holy month accompanied by children who lit his way with lanterns while singing songs to see the moon more clearly.

Back in the day, when people saw their Caliph walking the streets of Cairo at night with his fanous, they enthusiastically waited for the start of the magnificent Ramadan month. Later Fatimid Caliph Al Hakim Bi-Amr Illah enamored with the idea of the lanterns lit in the streets he ordered all mosque Imams in Egypt to hang fawanees (lanterns) that could be lit by candles in front of it at iftar as an indication for Muslims to break their fasts and to brighten up the streets.

One story, the strangest one goes back in the Fatimid era and articulate the origin of the lanterns, says that Fatimid caliph al-Hakim bil-‘Amr Allah who wanted the streets of Cairo illuminated during the nights for safety reasons that he had forbidden for women from leaving their homes at night. During his reign lanterns were being used as a safety tools for women.  Women were only excluded in the month of Ramadan were only allowed to go outside their homes at night for prayer or for regular mutual visits. Even then, they would be escorted at night accompanied by a male member of the family, as a young boy had to walk ahead of the woman holding fanous to illuminate the road for the women and to announce men that she would be passing by along the street and to leave space for her.  It is said, that once al-Hakim’s reign ended the laws against women softened, and women were allowed to go about their affairs as they wished in a more relaxed way. Fatimid caliph al-Hakim bil-‘Amr Allah also had a law being held requiring shop owners and every neighborhood should have a lantern hung at its entrance, mosques and shops. Ramadan was a great occasion for people who owned homes to clean in front of their property and its streets beside keeping a lit lantern hanging on their door all night guiding the way and keeping passengers safe.  Since that time, the fanous lanterns and lamps have always been special to Egypt.  Before the coming of electricity, Cairo itself was noted for its spectacular use of lanterns to illuminate the city, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

Many stories of their origins have been told;  the fanous one might be according to some scholars was developed in the Pharaonic festivals celebrating the rising of the star Sirius.
Another story even relates that the lanterns came from a completely different religion. Christians and Jews also use light to celebrate major festivities. Some believe it may be originated a Coptic Christian tradition celebrated during Christmas time (Coptic version), where people used to parade with colorful candles. This story explains that, as many Christians converted to Islam, they took this tradition with them in the form of lanterns made of tin and lit with candles.
Regardless of these stories, the Fanoos remains a very unique symbol of Ramadan to Muslims and Christians alike. It has passed from generation to generation, and is today explicitly associated with children and had turned into a popular legacy in Egypt.

Lighting the Holy Month of Ramadan – Lanterns;

Because all the nighttime in Ramadan requires much activity which would have required lighting till done when people start for a heavy meal, called sahuur (سحور), preparing for the fasting for the coming day. Nowadays it’s popular image when Ramadan comes nearer and nearer, children become more insistent about having a lantern, Ramadan lantern is normally associated with them. Children playing out in the streets during Ramadan, happily swinging and singing with their Fawanees asking for nuts and sweets and to sing and listen to stories, singing a nonce rhyme in colloquial Egyptian Arabic “wahawi ya wahawi iyyaha,” which is believed to be an old pharaonic song to the moon deity. That’s why, before the coming Ramadan, Lanterns workshop and local artists in Old Cairo begin their handmade works, new creative designs in tin and colored glass are created to commemorate special events sharing a bit of childhood magic. Exactly one week before Ramadan, beautiful Lanterns are on the Shelves in Shops and old Egypt streets are transformed into workshops for tinsmiths to produce as many Fawanees as possible.

Today, the little ones are still parading in the streets, swinging their Fawanees, going from door to door singing “wahawi ya wahawi ” in the crowded streets of Cairo while asking for gifts and candy. The whole song is like this Wahawi ya Wahawi , Iyuha, Ruht ya Shaban , Wi Gheet ya Ramadan, Iyuha.Bint el Sultan,  IyuhaLabsa el Guftan, IyuhaYalla ya Ghaffar, Iduna el Idiya, Yalla ya Ghafar.

Ramadan celebration is traditional and the final word goes to the old traditions where Ramadan decor is concerned which are to stick to the regular old Islamic designs. Another Ramadan is here, so go out, buy a nice lantern and celebrate!






































Creative Mothers Day Table Centerpiece Decoration Ideas


Creative Mothers Day Table Centerpiece Decoration Ideas…There is no one not getting ready for the Mother’s Day as Mother’s day is a really important day. Make something special to add happiness and delightful to the gathered family around the Mothers Day Table Centerpiece on this annual mother day celebration. Try to gather ideas and make your table look spring-like or summer-like simply decorated, fresh and lovely colorful bright look for this holiday.

Get creative, make your own table into a masterpiece; it could be made of flowers; vegetables and fruit for decoration to symbolize the coming summer and other sweet details. Choose your preferred type and colors (green, purple or orange) and add it to your table in a nice way for a lovely appearance that will make your table smell wonderful and fresh.Creative-Mothers-Day-Table-Centerpiece-Decoratio_25

The Floral Centerpiece;

It is nice to remind our mothers with our grandparents. Fresh flower Centerpiece is an old tradition that was not used until the 19th century. But a large bouquet was often made of porcelain flowers or silk in the center of the table as a part of the decoration in the 18th century. Classic floral arrangements used as a decor element since the 19th century to give a good impact when grouped together on the table.


The Fruit Centerpiece;

Another unique centerpiece idea … One of the oldest, a centerpiece made of arrangement with Fruit and Greenery. The Fruit Centerpiece is a gift from the gardens. A centuries-old practice following the tradition of table decoration antiques that our parents and grandparents usually do.Twist the classic old fruit-in-glass-vase technique decoration and fit your table with the seasonal fresh fruit under glass-vase or gather them in a bowl make a lovely centerpiece.


The Vegetable centerpiece;

As much as all mums love the classical floral arrangement a Vegetable centerpiece is a freshest possible centerpiece that will wow your mother on her day. It’s fun to do something a bit different. The idea isn’t about throwing a bunch of vegetables in a bowl but arranging them in style and in an arty way. This unusual centerpiece comes directly from the grocery store, and when arranged it makes a Sophisticated Vegetable Centerpiece when used added on a kitchen island or dining table just perfect for mothers. The Vegetable centerpiece can be used with candles, with flowers, and simply on their own. The simplicity and their functional display play well with each other. You can use fresh, colorful vegetables ‎ as spring decor trends to create a spring vegetable centerpiece ‎. Use your imagination to create pretty good veggie arrangements and a charming centerpiece.

The Candle Centerpiece;

Using candles in your centerpiece decoration is more traditional and very romantic; it will delight the surrounding with warmth. Use candles with various sizes, designs, colors and patterns. For a great special touch use bright juicy colors – orange, pink, yellow and purple.

Candles are of multiple functions. They are of brightly colored and festive whenever used. One of the best ways to express your gratitude to your mother on her day is to make a romantic setting with candle to glow as a centerpiece. You may include other elements in the centerpiece; some together photos, personal style figurines, vases and you could create many personalized arrangements, the possibilities and combinations for centerpieces are endless. These ideas are very useful for setting up for a Creative Mothers Day Table Centerpiece Decoration.


The Candy Centerpiece;

Candy centerpieces have become popular because they are perfect for any occasion. Making a candy centerpiece decoration is easy. They are delicious and today they may be considered a decorative element on the table for special occasions. Actually because they Candy come in such a variety of colors, shapes and sizes they make a bright statement centerpiece on mother day. The Candy Centerpiece is that ideal centerpiece kids can make to their mums. Depending on the type of the candy and what you want to do with them, you can use candy to recreate simpler candy flower arrangements, topiaries, and colorful vases. The Candy Centerpiece is a lovely editable craft, it also is considered as a wonderful handmade gift that mom will adore and admires the yummy treats.


The Photo Centerpiece;

Mom deserves to have a simply amazing mother day celebration. So add your personal touch to this special occasion by finding a favorite picture of your mom or the whole family to be the guest of honor for the photo frame centerpiece. The photo centerpiece is an eye catching centerpiece that your mom will greatly appreciate. The Photo Centerpiece will grab the attention and the heart of your mom. It will sure to make her day memorable and fun.


The Mix and Match Centerpieces;

If you love a good craft, don’t repeat the same centerpieces. Be encouraged to mix and match centerpieces. See what mom love for a hobby and Mix and Match her hobby element to create a new trend centerpiece which she will love and appreciate your creative ideas. Keep your style consistent, have a variety which is the spice of life — make it a spice of a mother day decor!


The Mason jars Centerpieces;

Mason jars are one of every day mothers elements in the kitchen why not surprise her with an empty mason jar that can serve as a creative centerpiece on her day. It is a DIY project often not expensive. The Mason jar Centerpieces are of endless ideas and the following projects can be utilized for her holiday.

Moreover, add special handmade card holders just for your mom, definitely that will create a happy feeling of holiday; it will make her feel really special among everyone. Mother will be delighted to have a chance to meet and spend time with the whole family together while setting on your Creative Mothers Day Table using these Creative Mothers Day Table Centerpiece Decoration Ideas.

Here, we present you a collection of Creative Mothers Day Table Centerpiece ‎Decoration Ideas, for your mother’s day table decoration. Besides throwing her a party or a romantic setting table, if you decide to gift your mom   wrap your gift it in a chic way to complete the table decoration. This will place a smile on her face and add a lovely atmosphere.

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Creative Mothers Day Table Centerpiece Decoration Ideas (1)

Creative Mothers Day Table Centerpiece Decoration Ideas (2)

Creative Mothers Day Table Centerpiece Decoration Ideas (3)

Creative Mothers Day Table Centerpiece Decoration Ideas (5)

Creative Mothers Day Table Centerpiece Decoration Ideas (6)

Creative Mothers Day Table Centerpiece Decoration Ideas (7)

Creative Mothers Day Table Centerpiece Decoration Ideas (8)

Creative Mothers Day Table Centerpiece Decoration Ideas (9)

Creative Mothers Day Table Centerpiece Decoration Ideas (10)

Creative Mothers Day Table Centerpiece Decoration Ideas (11)

Creative Mothers Day Table Centerpiece Decoration Ideas (12)

















70 Affectionate Mother’s Day Cupcake Ideas


70 Affectionate Mother’s Day Cupcake Ideas…Mother’s day is a very important and special event and always a great chance to put a smile on mum’s face by making something beautiful for her. If you don’t have any ideas, here are Affectionate Mother’s Day Cupcake Ideas. Like me and like many others I love cupcakes! So seize the opportunity of the presence of Mother’s day, so make some delightful delicious Mother’s day cupcakes that will make everyone happy especially your mom. Get inspire with these Affectionate Mother’s Day Cupcake Ideas and make the ones you really love, it’s really simple but will leave a great impression.

These Affectionate Mother’s Day Cupcake Ideas are perfect for not only those who love baking but frankly, for those who want to make a special thing for their beloved mother to celebrate with her on her very special day. Mother’s Day Cupcakes or any DIY gifts undoubtedly hold a special place in the moms’ hearts; it shows love, appreciation, passion, and care to our great moms, and even grandmas as well. This special Mother’s Day Cupcake for your beloved mother becomes more valuable than any gift imaginable. If you’re a cupcake fanatic think about making your mom a delicious cupcake for Mother’s Day this year and express your affection with some frosting.


Different Types of Mother’s Day Cupcakes;

Cute Designs cupcakes for Mother’s Day can be a great gift. In fact cupcakes are only for kids; regardless of age all adults adore cupcake probably more than kids and wait for certain occasions to elaborate their needs by celebrating and changing things up a bit. With innovative designs and decorating ideas will help serving savory cupcakes, so that you can surprise your mom with an affectionate Mother’s Day Cupcake to celebrate the day. There are many different cute cupcake designs that can be a good choice to celebrate Mother’s Day‎, as well as be reminiscent of Spring. Although there are many irresistible delicious purchasing cupcakes out there which are an easy option, actually it is more fun to make them by hand. They prove that you care enough beside you can put a twist to the old-fashioned cupcakes and personalize them with your touch to become more valuable which will certainly be appreciated and give a certain warmth to our hearts.

Certain flavors;

Cupcakes seem to match better with Mother’s Day than other official holidays.  Depending on what your mother loves and keeping this in mind use your mom’s favorite flavors when selecting which Mother’s Day cupcakes to bake would be a good idea. For instance some very popular delicious option are; lemon cupcakes, Lemonade cakes, a light vanilla cake, orange or apple blossoms cupcakes or chocolate hazelnut cupcakes or berry flavored cakes. They are pretty easy to make and have a nice, Spring-like feel to them.


Center Fillings and Filling Options;

For Mother’s Day cupcakes has numerous Center Fillings. Raspberry, lemon, chocolate, blueberry, vanilla, butterscotch a favorite candy bar, ‎or even a simple Center ‎ cream or jam filling is all excellent choices .There are several techniques to do so; you use a round-tipped icing pen and decorating bag filled with your favorite icing and squeezing them into the center of the baking cupcake advance the baking process. OR you can take the filling a step further, and bake additional items inside the cupcakes. A cupcake with filling options are of a sweet surprise when having a bite, and finding a delicious filling in the center.

Different types of frosting;

There are many simple techniques easy to make to customize the cupcake and decorating them to make them fascinating. Frosting is one of the best ways to turn your cupcake into tempting desserts all you need is using the right decorating technique. Most modest-looking Mother’s Day cupcakes with hearts, flowers, or simple figures are easily done, simply frosting them in pretty spring colors, and using pre-formed sugar figures such as flowers, leaves hearts or words and letters will make them more personal.

Candy Clay Flowers;

Flowers are widely used for decorations or topping cupcakes they never loses its popularity! Flowers can be made from candy clay which has different colors to use. Candy Clay is melted as per the directions on the package. They give a good décor appearance and make different designs.Affectionate-Mothers-Day-Cupcake-Ideas_06

Fondant Covered Cupcakes;

Fondants are a magical material for cakes and cupcakes. They are made of sugar, water and edible color to make a stirred mixture that can be shaped into anything. And if you are a kind who likes to play around with homemade fondant to cover the entire cupcake or make features sheets to decorate the cupcake sure you’ll really get to make no limits of different designs.Affectionate-Mothers-Day-Cupcake-Ideas_03

Whipped Cream Icing;

Whipped Cream Icing is made of heavy whipping cream with powdered sugar, mixed and whipped together. It gets along with cupcakes as it makes it sweeter and moister. It is an important base for most decorations and toppings. But the most important step is to know how to whip together the mix together. The powdered sugar is slowly added to the whipped cream and it is done when stiff peaks are formed to reaches the desired consistency. Because whipped icing has a delicate texture it had to be cool in the refrigerator.Affectionate-Mothers-Day-Cupcake-Ideas_05

Choosing the right color;

Choosing appropriate colors for your cupcakes are the key to make your cupcakes attractive to capture the holiday mood. Choosing the right color to your cupcake give a breathtaking and sumptuous look which make it an exquisite gift. Always remember that icing and decoration on cakes should be coordinated to the color of other sweet treats if any. Create and make your own designs to match your unique special occasion décor.

Everyone loves cupcakes. Here is ‎70 Affectionate Mother’s Day Cupcake Ideas‎ that will be helpful to you and will send a signal of appreciation to all the amazing mums. But remember there are really no limits to creativity when decorating cupcakes. Have fun!





























































Source; cakecentral, pinterest..

Homemade Mothers Day Greeting Card Ideas


Homemade Mothers Day Card…Warm greetings from the heart for your Mum on Mothers Day is a good idea! Great Ideas for making handmade Mothers Day cards never ends, and that’s what handmade Mothers Day cards are for. Make Mothers Day extra special and create amazing crafted card as a gift. Show her this Mothers Day how much you care and appreciate what she has done. With things around for virtually using lots of different bits and pieces you can create a beautiful designs one for your dear mom on her day ; using up scraps of card, scrap or piece of paper, colored paper magazines etc. It’s fun and easy.

It is great fun while creating a fantastic handmade Mothers Day cards with a handwritten loving message to cherish forever. Give her a very beautiful a handmade Mothers Day cards you made and she’ll will be cherished. We have posted some handmade Mothers Day card ideas that can help you to be inspired while making a card for your Mum.These mothers include; your mother, grandmother, aunt and your mother in law.

Handmade birthday card for ‎mother;‎
Mothers as everyone knows are the main reason bringing you onto this earth and breathing ‎right now. She is the backbone for any family. We all know her importance in our life. Mothers have that ‎magic touch physically and emotionally in each part of our lives. And because of many ‎boundaries she deserves to be thanked for everything so let her know you appreciate it. This ‎will come back to you in the future. Make her something beyond words a handmade birthday ‎card on mother day to express your care of acknowledging her as a great gift from God and her value in ‎your life.
‎ ‎

Handmade birthday card for ‎mother in law;‎
Mother Day is the day for all mothers in all nations that really should include your ‎mother in law if you are married.‎ remember that she was an important part in your ‎husband’s early environment and a key to how both you and you beloved husband related to ‎each other in your romantic relationship today. And because most of us are not in love ‎with our mother In-Laws and do have complicated relationships with each other, ‎sending a handmade birthday card for mother in ‎law will help you getting along with ‎her. A handmade birthday card for mother in ‎law on mother day will ensure that her ‎place is not excluded in the family and may help her to respects your boundaries. If both ‎women love each other, sending a handmade birthday card for mother in ‎law on ‎mother day will help much in avoiding any family stress on a long future thus ‎benefited from this stability and will help in addressing any issues peacefully.

Handmade birthday card for ‎Grandmother;‎
Grandmothers have deep and spiritual bond in any family as most help in ‎caring for their grandchildren. Grandmother’s effect on grandchildren varies across years and ‎generations but mostly do have positive impact on children. Make her feel incredibly thankful to be in your ‎life. Send her a handmade birthday card to ensure that she is placed in the heart and ‎still exists in the family.‎
In case you are planning to gift your mother a fantastic handmade Mothers Day card, why not ‎take a look at her personality to know what she really likes and will enjoy. Mother Day card ideas are plenty but ‎Your mother personality can help to plan the best card for her, although almost any Handmade card for ‎mother will be appreciated. But we are trying to help you find the ideal Handmade card that ‎means more than the gift itself which have wow affect and interests too. A Handmade card is ‎an individual. Spending some time making it with your mother’s interests in mind ‎will make it more appealing, and showing how much you really care.


Romantic mothers;‎
These types of mums love anything related to romance and is waiting for appreciation. This type of mother ‎believes in romance and without it she would not be a mother. A Romantic handmade Mother’s Day Cards is a ‎priceless blessing. A Mother’s Day Heart Card DIY and a floral card with a love note in the romantic Mother’s Day ‎cards will show affection and deep-seated love either from her children or beloved on mother day.


Creative mothers;‎
This type of mother is a truly rare quality. She loves the non-material things more than material ones. She ‎loves creative DIY ideas and mother day cards design more than the Mother’s Day ‎ commercial cards. Take a ‎few minutes and create a card that worth the universe to her. A Creative DIY Mother’s Day Card with ‎Pop Up or a Handprint Card or a Mother s day cake toppers. Mother birthday card handmade by her ‎children with their own designs can make a lot of difference. These are examples of two things this type of ‎creative mothers love; a love-filled card with a creative idea where you show her your thoughts and ‎emotions in a creative manner.‎

Mother s day cake toppers are cards placed over a cake or cupcake. They can help to ‎express children’s felling toward their mums. Your child can select a card that can ‎remind them of their mother. Mother s day cake toppers can be in several shapes; ‎bright and colorful floral cake toppers, funny cake toppers, Handprint ‎ cake toppers, ‎Heart Card DIY cake toppers and many more. And because mums are extraordinary ‎you can call for extraordinary cake card toppers on an extraordinary backed cake.


Religious mothers;‎

If your mother is very religious and is fan for tradition and “by-the-book”, then A Spiritual Mother’s ‎Day Card is what might come on mind with some Mother’s Day Blessings. A hand made Religious mother day ‎card is easy to apply. This mother day card ideas for kids is very simple… ‎You may print or stick a cross ‎or a star that gives an idea of loyalty to a religious faith and words to thank god for her ‎being in your life…as religions play a particularly important role in her life.



Professional mothers;‎
Professional mothers are like lawyers, doctors and business women. These mothers are heroes; they work ‎outside the home with the added responsibility as a mom in raising their children. A Professional mother will ‎deserve a new happy mother day card design idea on mother’s day. It would be nice to have a creative mother s ‎day cards to make about her job. So show your gratitude to your mom with a professional thank you ‎cards on mother day with a Professional Thank You Note.


Nature Lover mothers;‎
Falling back in love with Mother Earth is what all we seek for. A mother Enjoying Mother Nature Is ‎Wonderful, this mother type has an artistic taste which always adapts her with a good attitude all the time. ‎Honor Mom this Mother’s Day with a special craft idea and card design of a green gift of nature that can also ‎double as an emotion-filled Mother’s Day card. Give her a card that works as a relaxing break from the stresses ‎of life that she will surely love and appreciate. Here is how to make mother day card at home for Mother’s Day ‎card for nature lovers.




Fashionable mothers;‎

Many mums are attractive and fashionable. Life in the 21st century is different than the last era after the ‎women’s liberation and the power of appearances and how they differ from their older mothers.‎
This type of mums might be a little hard to choose a card gift for Mother’s Day that will be stylish to make for your ‎mom and make her feel truly special. Mother Day card making ideas are numerous and it’s a great time to recognize ‎all of those things that your mom loves about fashions and styles. Mother Day cards handmade in a fashionable ‎style and designs will be adored by your fashionable mother.



Pet Lover mothers;‎
Many mothers love pets and are considered part of the family. So make a unique handmade card for ‎Mother’s Day to gift Mom from the family pet. This is a non- traditional mother day and sure to be loved ‎and appreciated with an unexpected smile to Mom. Birthday card for mother handmade pet-theme ‎card is a great way to deliver a non- traditional card idea giving the holiday a unique and thoughtful mother ‎cards ideas. ‎ ‎


Homemaker mothers;‎
Homemaker mothers are those who have a traditional job caring for their family or in other words are ‎‎”housewives” who spends all their time doing the entire house work. Your mom is a hard worker and will ‎appreciate any handmade mother day card making simple to funny handmade mother day cards that express ‎your creativity and feelings. ‎


Sporty mothers-Fit and Healthy Moms;‎
A mother that loves fitness in any form is always on the go. She practice multiple times ‎a week, sports to her takes priority over all else. A unique handmade card for Mother’s ‎Day to gift goes around emotional and physical her health. This homemade card is ‎interesting, besides it will shout your gratitude loud and clear on the woman you love the most.‎‎ ‎
Here we have some Creative DIY Mother’s Day Card ‎ ideas that you can make to create a wonderful ‎impression on mother day.

Last-minute mother’s day gifts

Last-minute mother’s day gifts;

These are last-minute mother’s day gifts ideas with best mother’s day crafts & card ideas available on dailydealsfactory.

‎ ‎
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Mothers  Day Cake Decoration Ideas


Mothers  Day Cake Decoration Ideas…Mother is compassion, conscience and love; she’s all the noble concepts and descriptions. Mother is the source of compassion and care … altruism; tender and true love is what mother made from. Mother’s cuddles always warm the heart. Mother gives free of charge with limitation. She is the guide to the path of faith and the psychological healing calm of our wounds and our pain.

Mother is the spring of affection and tender without borders and tolerant always full of warmth and compassionate heart. She is the good soul and the most beautiful word on earth one can pronounce. The Least thing we can do on Mother‘s Day is to look for what makes ​​her feel happy and pleased appreciating all those suffered nights in upbringing. Beautiful Gifts for Mother‘s day 2014 are many; as Jewelry watches, rings, perfumes gifts, housewares and more. But wouldn’t it be more appreciated if you made something special that no one else did? How about these lovely sweet cakes that dad and you could do, as they are simple sweet and fun. Sure she’ll appreciate your time.


Sweet Garden Cake;

If you are looking for mothers day cake decorating ideas to fit with the spring season, make a garden cake from spring greenery of new life and rebirth inspiration. Nothing can compare the cheerful feeling accompanied to the beauty of spring colorful flowers which help us to appreciate the beauties around us. With the wide variety of dessert options a cake for mother’s day with stunning flowers and garden scenes will delight your mom amazing day.  There is something exquisitely lovely about a gifted sweet garden cake to mom on her day. A Spring day always brings to mind endless profusion of bright flowers and garden scenes that will add a stylish, as well as a bright and colorful touch to any mother’s day cake designs. Whimsical Sweet Garden Cake ‎ from elaborately decorated layered cakes, to sheet cakes, simple  fondant cake, to cupcakes, cookies, tart  and other desserts give this cake a cute yet creative edge that is perfect for Mother’s Day festivals. Use some of the inspiration ideas mentioned here that blooms with love based on your style preferences to achieve one of these beautiful blossoms.

Mother’s Day Spring Inspired Cake;

Spring has finally sprung; giving mom flowers can be predictable as a mother day gift.  Do a sweet change; incorporate the color and wonderful scents of the season to decorate a cake instead with flowers. Colorful spring cake designs are all about seasonal Spring ideas that can be created with sweet cakes from spring inspirations which nod to the season. Go for new twist on a classic and create a blooming spring bright colors and flowers cake made out of fondant flowers or buttercream roses.

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Pastel Cake;

Let’s face it, looks do matter. A lovely pastel cake for mother day as a gift would be a great idea that sure she will love. Your mother will be pleased about seeing a Mothers Day Cake Decoration in pastels. But the problem exist that it will be almost too pretty to eat and difficult to make that first slice. Show mom that she really is the queen for a day with a Pastel Cake that always looks as good as they taste.

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Hand-Painted Cake Designs;

Adding words of love or a mother theme picture to create gorgeous cakes is a hand-painted cake art with a multi-dimensional cake decorating effect. Creation of this stunning work of art and amazing painted cake can make any simple cake base into a beautiful Mother’s Day dessert on her special day. Add dynamic designs or loving words using fondant paste, gum paste, gel food coloring and other edible elements arranged into the appropriate letters and designs are new options for cake decorators to create our masterpieces. Cakes are the best medium to add some loving words or designs which are all great sentiments to express your feelings and share with Mom on this special day.  So here are some Cake image signs from simple to hard skillfully hand-painted cake designs ideas for Mother’s Day. Edible painted cake is truly one of the most unique decorating ideas and so incredibly enjoyable process experience for a Mother’s Day dessert.


Modern  Cake;

When it comes to a  Mothers Day Cake Decoration, the possibilities in creating your unique cake design are truly endless, but most of us prefer to stick to classic  mother day cake ideas. Well, a modern cake is a new trend these days that varies from geometric cakes to absolutely weird looking cakes. In case; both the contemporary cakes and the classic are great…Thanks to geometric detailing, especially in the age of modern love for newly modern. Any Modern Cake is dripped with your personality will amaze your darling mother.

Fondant cake;

Poured fondant is a sweet paste of a smooth dough texture that can be shaped into smooth and simple shape cakes or elaborated shapes. Fondant usually is used as an icing or filling for cakes for the art of cake creativity. Its malleability made it a popular choice to decorate any special cake designs for mothers or every special occasion and indeed it has earned its place on the table. It can be folded and mold to any design to create any elegant looking mothers day cake ideas. ‎Fondant cake helps your creativity to pop up and your ability to design any extra special cake. Fondant will probably never go out of style, it is a popular choice for mother day, ensuring it is even more memorable.


Mothers Day Cupcake;

A cupcake is a fun way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Enjoy having all the moms in your life with an easy to decorate and easy to serve backed gift. This Mother’s Day give the moms in your life the royal treatment that she deserves with these We Love Mom cupcakes. These meaningful treats visually are impressive feat, they are easier to pull off than you’d think, as there’s no slicing or plating involved, perfect for Mother’s Day! Show mom how much you love her by baking an amazing cake for Mother’s Day and topping them with a personally decorated idea. This delighted gift she’ll guarantee to love it and sure put a smile on mum’s face.

Mothers Day Cookies;

On her day, Mom should be able to enjoy the best things in life and be treated like a queen—so help mom celebrate in the most delicious way possible.Make her feel extra special, surprise mom this Mother’s Day with a unique cookie gift that are better than a gift and should do the trick. You can never go wrong with homemade Mothers Day Cookies. Because mom will love anything you make for her. These easy and very delicious Mother’s Day gifts are perfect for Mother’s Day… they are special & unique, just like mom! Mothers Day Cookies do not require any special techniques or ability or unusual ingredients.


Mother’s Day Cake Pops;

Kids cake pops are amazing little cakes, but Mother’s Day Cake Pops are cake pops for grownups, made especially for mom. They Cake Pops are a fast and easy way to show mom you care than an ordinary gift. Mother’s Day Cake Pops do put a smile any mother’s face …it’s a homemade gift from the heart. Wishing you to spend this day baking cake pops to the last-minute DIY gift ideas mom will love with your mom!


Mother’s Day Floral Cake;

April showers bring May flowers. With May on the doors; flowers have endless ways to be presented as an unexpected Mother’s Day gift idea. For this show your mothers how much they mean to you using pretty blooms and floral elements that can be a perfect accessory for mother day cake. Mother Day cakes with flowers are one of the most popular mother day ‎desserts. Flowers in many forms are one of the go-to gifts that come to mind on any occasion. Flowers have a way of putting a smile on the face of a woman…so what about your mother, it’s never too late to appreciate her with a floral cake that taste like it looks. Floral cake color and design options are endless; there are numerous options to choose from. Present your mother an overwhelming hand crafted floral cake to remind her of how much she means to you. Nothing in the world tells Mum how much you care like something homemade.

Make the Cake with Mom;

For many mothers, a special Mother’s Day cake will be even more meaningful more than a gift if it is homemade with Mom’s assistance. This is a great activity for the kids to make unique birthday cakes for moms and spending the weekend for Mother’s Day together sharing love and sweetness that makes Mom so special. Children love to give gifts that they have baked. They become more priceless if made with their tiny hands for moms. The mother s day cake toppers and mother s day cake decorations are fun and easy way to add a sweet message to mom on her special day without a lot of work. Whether its cakes for mothers birthday or for Mother’s Day, your mom will appreciate a cake made with her in mind.

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Mothers  Day Cake Decoration Ideas (4)

Mothers  Day Cake Decoration Ideas (5)

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Mothers  Day Cake Decoration Ideas (8)

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Mothers  Day Cake Decoration Ideas (12)


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60 Creative Easy DIY Tablescapes Ideas for Easter


Creative Easy DIY Tablescapes Ideas for Easter…Easter is almost approaching, and it is that kind of a holiday to celebrate a great time with family and friends. Eggs, bunnies and flower arrangements are well known symbols of Easter. They are almost the most important part of this holiday.

So why not set the right tone of a beautiful Easter centerpieces and table settings for Easter gathering with an unforgettable, easy-to-make tablescape from wunderweib  perfect for any spring get-together. Mix-and-match these easy creative ideas you will be excited what you can do as everyone will, and at the end all of this you are doing for them.

Easter is that great time of spring to celebrate a wonderful time with your family and friends. And it is also a great time for Easter gathering to share and enjoy food on an unforgettable, easy-to-make tablescape. A beautifully decorated holiday tablescapes with a lovely centerpiece is such an easy way to spruce up your home for Easter.  Easter is a festive holiday to remind us with rebirth and resumption. But with any rebirth more colors are created. For those natural colors created be inspired and go with style of our home. Designing a spring and an Easter creative Easy DIY tablescapes Ideas allows you to incorporate items you already have in your house with some fun additional decorations.  It is time to plan Creative Easy DIY Tablescapes Ideas for Easter using some of our DIY Easter tablescapes ideas for your Easter table, which are sweet and simple for Easter time. These beautifully set Easter Tablescape inspirations somehow will make the food taste better. There are so many DIY tablescapes options and so much inspiration so mix-and-match these creative Affordable Easter Table Decorating Ideas using these Collection Easter Tablescapes Ideas Pictures for your Easter table or use them as inspiration to create your own display.

Creative DIY Easter Bunny Decorations;

It is Easter, and bunnies are one of Easters symbols so let them run in your home and on your decorated adorable table. There are many creative DIY Easter bunny craft ideas with different colors and designs that you can do for your Easter table decoration. Create a one-of-a-kind a Creative DIY Easter Bunny and put one in each Easter basket for each person at your Easter table! They can be made form handmade Easter decorations from paper, wood, yarn, fabric or other materials that is close to your imagination and creations and easy to work with. Or have a handmade printed bunny on a seated card. This Easter bunny printable will be adored by everyone. Bunnies are very meaningful and charming craft inspiration for Easter table decorations like napkins made like a bunny or as charming Easter edible treats. Easter Bunny lights and candles are wonderful addition on your Easter table and a good Easter decorating ideas also. Everyone would love to have a little Easter Bunny in the morning!

Easter Napkins;

Instead using decorated Easter paper napkins use real napkins, Easter cloth napkins. Easter cloth napkins may be embroidered or folded. To grace your Easter napkin make a pretty DIY Easter napkin ring. These pretty spring napkins for Easter are such little things that make a table go light and bright spreading the special feeling of Easter Sunday. There’s many cute ways to turn an ordinary napkin into a cute bunny!  Make an  Embroidered Cloth Napkins or Easter Bunny Folded Cloth Napkins.  How To Make Easter Bunny Napkins to dress up your Easter table and let your geust or kids giggle when they discover these playful bunny ears.

DIY Easter Eggs;

Because Easter eggs are one of the main symbols of Easter, make sure you charm the table using these pretty colored eggs as part of your Easter table decor for a festive spring fete. Place a lot of funny little things on the tabletop with your DIY Easter eggs as some little spring flowers, moss, bunnies it will look more prettier and makes the table eclectic and entertaining.

Easter Flowers and Centerpieces;

This is the time of year the bright and diverse colors of spring flowers are a main attraction on an Easter table. Easter Flowers and Centerpieces create a beautiful atmosphere for your guests. There is no one that does not adore spring flowers they make a fantastic additions to any space. Whether it was a big floral centerpiece or few pretty little spring flowers scattered on the table or in simple glass vases.  Make a Pretty Easter Flower Arrangements and Centerpieces made of one kind of spring flowers or several kinds of your favorite flowers. But these Easter Flower Arrangements and Centerpieces should coordinate with the color palette in your dining room.

Easter candles;

The DIY home Easter candle decorations are always the best because they look awesome and adorable. They add a personal touch to your space and easy to make. DIY Easter candle decorations allow you to use your creativity and imagination using items already in the house. A candle, flowers and green grass and some colored eggs or any decorative items for Easter would do the job to create a lovely eye-catching table centerpiece. DIY Egg-shaped candles are another great project and a gorgeous way to decorate and to light your Easter table.

Easter Place Cards;

Easter place cards are not only an adorable way to welcome friends on your Easter table, but also a creative DIY Tablescapes Ideas for Easter to make guests smile. When hosting Easter in your house you need a creative Tablescapes for Easter which includes a whole table setting décor that incorporate with the elements decor of your dining room beside some cool centerpieces and you’ll need some Easter place cards to decorate each place. Create a chic place setting to add an especially festive touch using some creative place setting ideas to your Easter table.

Easter Treats‎;

Easter isn’t all about decorating eggs with colorful and festive decorations and hunting the Easter Bunny. It’s also about the family gathering around food. Any Easter dinner needs some creative delicious and fun treats to greet family and guests. Cute Easter dessert and treats are always a fabulous idea ‎including fun Easter Bunny Cake, Bunny Ear Cookie Cupcake Toppers, Easter Chick Cupcakes, fruity cheesecakes, carrot cakes, Easter Egg Cupcakes, and other sweet Easter treats that your kids can help in making.


Decorative Easter Plates; ‎

DIY decorative plates or pretty dishes for Easter at each place setting and use them to serve would show off your great creativity. Decorative Easter plates are special; they may have different funny features hand printed in the middle for festive entertaining and to make the tablescape more enjoyable.

These beautiful Easter-inspirations and table settings are perfect for any spring get-together. The experience of enjoying a the family gathering on beautifully elegant Easter table settings is what makes Easter Sunday  a special occasion. Enjoy.



The Trendy Colors Of Easter – Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors


The Trendy Colors Of Easter – Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors In …Easter is just around the corner; Easter is not only a Christian holiday that means … it’s time to gather the family around the kitchen table to decorate Easter eggs. At Easter, young and old come to the table, eat treats , decorate the house with Easter decorations and decorate small Easter eggs. According to the traditions we all decorate the house with Easter decorations. Easter decorations in pastel colors bring the mood more than objects and images which are subtle and perfect for Easter time. But the question is Easter associated with pretty pastel colors? We can say that certain colors are associated with Easter and these colors tend to be uplifting and cheerful, but to be in a gentle soft way.

What is a pastel color anyway for Easter? The pastel colors are particularly well suited for the Easter decorations are light shades of blue, pink, green, citrus yellow and light purple. Also, light orange or coral colors and light shades of turquoise are pastel Easter colors. These colors associated with Easter reflect not only the softness of the spring season, but also the optimism that comes with it. These trendy colors of Easter are connected with the renewal and the fresh green of new buds and foliage of the trees and white blossoms of trees in the spring. Pastel Easter colors are too romantic and idealized coated with elements of reality too where you realize the sounds and smells of spring. To bring the freshness of spring and the energy of a warm, sunny day in the house, apart from the weather outside and before you pull out the watercolors, check out these Easter decorations in pastel colors and create a calm, relaxing and uplifting atmosphere in your home.


The Trendy Colors of Easter;‎

Dyeing and decorating eggs and general eastern colors, methods and overall ‎decorating are related to fashion trends. It goes with time and constantly evolving the ‎form of various effects to fine-tune Easter colors. People often do not have a whole Easter theme ‎of coloring eggs and decor, but normally they try to stylize into easy homogeneous trendy ‎selected colors and hues that are related to spring tone colors and link it together. These Trendy ‎colors of Easter selected are simple decorating ideas easy to handle leading to overall beauty. The ‎Trendy colors of Easter are of eye-catching with their luxury-loving appearance, modern and ‎tasteful touch on anywhere seated or studded out that all lovers of design adore. The Trendy ‎colors of Easter are the colors of spring. The colors are part of semi-annual spring colors and ‎are associated with Easter Sunday holidays. ‎


Today these certain colors of Easter are compiled by a group of color experts around the ‎world who have synthesized all the easy visual shorthand pale colors collections. These color ‎trends of Easter turn toward health, peace, and accessibility because they make us ‎feel comfortable to evoke the coming back into the world after winter. These trendy Colors of Easter are ‎the pastels as those were the red and green for Christmas and orange and black for Halloween. Pastel ‎colors are from everything from warm, inviting tones to icy hues which are stylish and trendy colors ‎unique to the season you’ll be seeing on spring time, and the colors you’ll want to ‎decorate your Easter décor. Since Easter is a spring festival, it fits truly and is reflected by these ‎colors. ‎
Pastel colors help people to breathe the fresh air and capture the feeling of winter ending ‎with its black and white colors and start the traditional celebration of spring and life. Easter ‎Pastel colors may include; Rose Quartz, Limpet Stone, Peach Echo, Serenity, Lilac Gray, pale ‎butters, Mushroom color, Iced Coffee, Poised Taupe, Light Grey Pink Lavender and more. There are ‎a large number of Easter Pastel color variations and possibilities that you can choose from that will look ‎fresh, stylish and trendy. These Easter Pastel colors also are a way to embrace the refreshing ‎atmosphere of springtime reflects our access to modern art and innate the desire for ‎natural beauty that surround us in the natural world. The more submerged people are in modern life, the ‎more their innate to bring colorful light to their indoor and outdoor. ‎
                                                                     PHOTOGRAPHY BY EMILY KATE ROEMER

Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors;

Easter decoration In Pastel Colors are generally found in a variety of decorating color schemes ‎. In our Modern ‎day life these decorating color schemes In Pastel are excellent tools for creating beautiful, stylish ‎and fresh Easter decorations. Easter Decoration in Pastel Colors is one of the latest trends in color ‎design that reflects the satisfactory balance between selected paint colors and matching decor. ‎
Easter Decoration in Pastel Colors is beautifully warm decor colors and paint colors when existing ‎in living spaces. The light neutral colors that vary from soft to pale color tones help in creating a ‎refreshing the traditional color combinations and harmonize a new interior design to the actual ‎room decorating. Easter Decoration in Pastel Colors is unique, stylish and adds a beautiful touch ‎to any home decorating. Easter in Pastel Colors show a fabulous blend of the spring ‎functional beauty used both for walls and furnishings colors in General. ‎


Pastel Easter theme;‎
Pastel Easter theme is characterized by simplicity and its stylish approach. Any decorating ideas with ‎pastel colors and whimsical pastel shades in the home décor are very romantic and give a very ‎elegant and sophisticated look. Pastel Easter ‎is for those who do not have the skills or simply do not ‎have the time or patency for cleaver or complex eggs decorating or prolonged painting preparation ‎so they do not rely on certain feathers for decorating .Decorating your home with pastel colors on ‎Easter day refreshes your home decor for the spring and has a special effect on the House and on ‎your spirit. Anyone can go decorating with Pastel Easter theme Ideas.‎

Cute Pastel House;‎
With Easter arrival it makes the perfect time to refresh your interior scheme with pastel colors and ‎add a cute touch to your home. This is true especially your living room, bedroom and kitchen ‎which require using lots of pretty pastel colors to chase away the winter blues. Blending pastel ‎colors to your interior will sweeten any room design. Using colorful array of pastels to get a good ‎result on Easter day will be fantastic and very suitable for the occasion and more consistent for the ‎summer too. You can choose pastel interior decorating ideas and make new decorative arrangement ‎as Pastels merge well with classic and modern styles alike. They make an elegant compilation with a ‎final cheerful and clean result that could be enjoyed for years to come. ‏

Easter Pastel ‎ wreath decorations; ‎

Hangs a wreath on the front door on any coming holiday is a lovely tradition. And it is spring time so ‎that you need something to suit your Easter decorations. There are many ways that you can ‎decorate the front door using things that you may already have to create an Easter Pastel ‎ wreath. ‎Easter Pastel ‎ wreath decorations are to show off some spring elegant and classy hues using mesh, ‎flowers, bunny and eggs. These collections are perfect for your decorating and to deck out your ‎door for Easter. We have made a beautiful collection of Easter Pastel ‎ wreath decoration that will ‎make great Easter decoration in Pastel Colors.‎
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_06Easy Easter Centerpieces and Table Settings;‎
A pretty natural Easter table setting and centerpieces is a beautiful way to welcome the spring ‎season. A gorgeous table for Easter with pastel colors is sleek and attractive things to do. ‎Mix-and-match some fresh and sophisticated Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors for your table decor ‎to create awesome display ideas for your Easter Centerpieces and Table Settings. Usually Easter ‎Decoration In Pastel Colors will help your guest to start enjoying the conversation. A combination of ‎a stylish centerpieces and table settings pastel colors should blend well with the rest of the colors ‎and decorations of your space to get a big difference and wow guests.‎


Pastel Easter Accessories:‎
You can add brilliant Pastel Easter decors through your home using various accessories that give more ‎natural and beautiful warm feeling. There are so many Pastel Easter Accessories to make a ‎touch of pastel Easter, such as vases, wall panels, pillows, tableware, textiles ‎and spring flowers, ‎ all in ‎pastel shades. All Pastel Easter Accessories colors blend comparable with any style and colors. With ‎many ideas around, get creative to make some cute Easter decor ideas with pastel color to ‎set the mood.‎
                                                                     Watercolor sprayed Easter eggs

Easter egg colors pastel;‎
Dyeing eggs using spring colors is a tradition since years and one of Easters symbol that makes this ‎holiday an enjoyable to everyone. While we have a traditional way of dyeing whether natural eggs or ‎artificial eggs that will last for many Easters to come, there is several egg decorating techniques that ‎go beyond dyeing that you can make instead of just one pastel color. You could use multiple colors ‎using some creative DIY Easter egg decorating ideas. Some decorating ideas are more complicated ‎than others. But these designs below will inspire you to decorate more than your usual if you’re a ‎non-traditionalist, as they are all creative and fun Maybe you’re a non-traditionalist. Did you know ‎you can use some of these examples; Tissue Paper Decorated Eggs, Fabric-Dyed Easter Eggs, ‎Decoupage Easter Eggs, Floral Easter Eggs, Watercolor Easter Eggs, Sticker Egg Designs, Paint-‎Splattered Easter Eggs, Glitter Easter Eggs decorating as dots, Striped, or Dipped techniques, Lace ‎Decorated Eggs, Marker Easter Eggs, Melted Crayon Eggs. These suggestions can help in inspiring ‎you with some ideas giving a result of unique egg decorating effects that range from lovely to ‎awesome. ‎
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_07Pastel Cookies Easter treats;‎
Pastel colors can be the best choice for Easter Cookies and Easter treats this year. Pastel colors are ‎lovely on their own but there is much more you can do to create amazing delicious delights and ‎treat. For edible Easter Cookies and Easter treats, you can always resume a pastel color to make this ‎holiday fun for kids and adults too. Such as Mini Spring Cupcakes, Colorful Easter Egg Nest Treats, ‎Easter Basket Cupcakes, Easter Bunny Cupcakes, and fun feathered treat. these festive Pastel ‎Cookies Easter treats can be transformed into an Easter delight by adding pastel colored decorative ‎designs. A cake, cupcakes and cookies in pastel decorative shades will make all your family more ‎excited to celebrate this amazing holiday. Your little ones will eagerly hopping around the house ‎waiting for ‎the backed Pastel Cookies Easter treats and sweets for the holiday to be ‎on the Easter ‎table.‎

We’ve gathered some of the simplest yet most effective Easter decorating ideas In Pastel Colors for ‎you to use to add Trendy Colors of Easter and spring to your home… so get inspired with our ‎beautiful and easy collection. ‎source

source source source source source


The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_12
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_13
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_18

The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_19
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_20
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_22
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_23
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_31
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_33
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_35
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_08
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_09
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_10
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_11
7The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_12
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_13
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_14
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_01
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_13
Red. Living at Home, " Osterzweige" 2012
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_04
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_14
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_19
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_04
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_06
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_07
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_11
The Trendy Colors Of Easter - Easter Decoration In Pastel Colors_12

Exclusive Outdoor Easter decorations


Easter decorating ideas are fun and simple… In this article, we present you Exclusive Outdoor Easter decoration ideas taken from different places and countries that symbolize the sweetness and the excitement that marks the end of winter. You can invite your family, friends and neighbors over for Easter egg hunting.

View these Exclusive Outdoor Easter decoration ideas so you may be inspired and find the opportunity to form ideas for your own house and garden that will make them special ones. Here you can find outdoor Easter decorations like Easter ornaments, festive Easter wreath Easter chicks, Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, Easter baskets, kitchen table decor, and so on.

Festive Door Easter wreath ideas;

Whether it is Easter or not an appealing look indoors and out, wreaths represent spring to display an Easter message and welcome guests. it give a warm welcome Easter door.

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorationsEaster ornaments;

Easter is one of the greatest Christian holidays because the whole family gets together, to celebrate the beginning of spring and to show our excitement for the end of the cold and blustery winter. Easter ornaments are one of the easiest and most noticeable Easter decorations. It is a festive way to get in the spirit of the season. Easter ornaments are a favorite part of spring and Easter traditions and a way for everything to get much more colorful. Easter ornaments are easily placed inside or outside the house. Easter ornaments are also thoughtful and charming decorating items that can be handed anywhere for those who are enjoying the spring day out for the holiday.

Easter table decorations;

Easter announces the arrival of spring and the rebirth and renewal of the beauty of Mother Nature.  Because of all this bring the indoors out and carry the Easter dining table outside. Create a dining setting made of a pretty Easter centerpiece and an Easter table decorations such a treat outdoors in the spring and for more Easter fun in the sunshine. Enjoy your beautiful Easter dinner day outside in the most beautiful time of the year between the surrounding trees, bushes and flowers.

Easter banners;

Easter banners are the basic decorations both for indoor and outdoor ‎gatherings an Easter banner can be made by cheap resources,  a very budget friendly that can be found in any ‎house . Easter banners are made to add decor and to display any Easter event.

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_25Easter chicks;

It really puzzles me why chicks are associated with Easter. I found that they are symbol of new life. And their hatching is also another view of rebirth. Rebirth is associated with Jesus Christ as we all know. Baby ducks and baby chickens are adorable and cute especially in an Easter baskets. When they hatch they run all away in every direction. Easter chicks add a symbolic sprit to your yard. There are many Easter chicks craft ideas made from constructed art projects and recycle materials to make home décor or tasty treat creations that all the kids will be entertained with the whole family.

Easter baskets;

Easter baskets are great for ester they are used to for egg hunting and to collect the chocolate bunny. You can create a unique DIY decorative Easter baskets to decorate the spaces in your outdoor area. Easter baskets and colorful pots can also be used as amazingly decorative ‎ elements to decorate your porch and make it look beautiful and welcoming.

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_03Easter eggs;

Get inspired and create with some of ideas below for outdoor Easter decorations. We have gathered some ideas Easter eggs ideas that vary from giant eggs, Easter egg tree, well painted eggs and many more   to help you decorate your yard. With may Easter ideas spreading the spirit is not difficult.

 Easter bunnies;

Easter bunnies as an Easter bunny crafts are funny and cute animal characters hopping through the garden and lounge to greet guests on arrival. This would be the center of attraction for guest and sure will add an entertaining sprite. Let your guest pass through a beautiful outdoor decorating and through a lot of cheer made to your garden and home.

Beautiful and creative outdoor Easter decorations spread a festal sprite and most of all to light up your holiday outdoor.


Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_05

traditional german easter eggs outdoor decoration

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_07

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_10

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_12

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_15

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_17

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_18

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_19

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_20

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_24

Apricot Orchard

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_29


Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_31

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_33

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_34

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_35

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_37

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_39

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_41

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_42

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_48

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_50

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_51

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_52

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_53

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_56

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_59

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_60

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_63

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_64

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_65

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_67

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_68

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_69

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_70

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_71

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_72

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_73

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_74

Exclusive- Outdoor- Easter- decorations_76

Easy Easter Cake Decorating Ideas


Easy Easter Cake Decorating Ideas …This article is here to help with all your Easter festive celebration needs. Thus if you are looking for some easy and fun Easter cake ideas for this year’s holiday gathering, browse many of these amazing Easters cake ideas of easy and simple to follow that you as a beginner or an expert will find them incredible to create that are both cute and colorful.

Those who are not a master cake decorator, these selections of easy Easter cake decorating ideas are bound to have your family doing the bunny hop in no time. Check out the following collection of Easy Easter Cake Decorating Ideas that have been painted, glittered, dyed, and etched to catch your eye.


Easter Egg Cake;

Here Comes Easter and all baking ideas are all about Spring… A fun sized cake shaped like Easter egg, an Easter Mini Eggs cake, simple egg-shaped cookies. Any of these treats are a delicious centerpiece for the spring celebration sure to get you and your family in the Easter spirit and sure to end any meal on a special request. Easter Egg Cake Decorating Ideas are inspired by the gorgeous color and texture of the rebirth coming spring. They are shaped and decorated to resemble the Easter holiday and the spirit that will invade the whole table all day. They are Easter sprite shaped cakes coated in colorful spring pastel colors. For this use your favorite colors, finished off with fun edible Easter impressive decorations to look like a piece of intricate treat even the Easter Bunny would be envious of. Easter Egg Cake is super easy and incredibly fun and it’s even more special. A pretty cake decoration can be as simple or full of elaborated details achievable for all levels of bakers. Depending on your time and skills to include your favorite little egg on making an Easter Egg Cake ‎ a flexible option for all decorators.


Easter Lamb Cake;

A lamb cake is a white cake baked in a lamb shaped pan or a round cake pan if you have enough skill to transform it into a lamp shape cake. Either way it is decorated with little imagination to look like a little lamb. Easter Lamb Cake is a nice addition to your Easter table. Easter Lamb Cake has a double function; it works as centerpiece and a wonderful theme dessert for your Easter brunch  or dinner. Start an Easter Cake tradition to be a family treasure with this Easter lamb cake. Pass back the Easter lamb cake at Easter time and down through the years like your old Eastern European grandparents whom had it as a traditional festive dessert. Lamb, a symbol of renewal, thus the Easter decorated cakes is special enough to match this important holiday and enjoy the taste of an adorable lamb cake that is almost too cute to eat.


Easter Bunny Cake;

We love celebrating Easter and the spring season by symbolizing our table with one of a new life symbols around us. So, in the honor of Easter Sunday we have chosen a rabbit cake or Easter bunny cakes to fresh our table as a dessert that would be both impressive and absolutely delicious. Many of us like cake decorating, Easter bunny cake decorating ‎ make a fun project for Easter Sunday. There are several bunny cake ideas ‎ and bunny cake designs ‎ available to plan on Easter as a centerpiece. Easter bunny cakes worth the effort done to make bunny-shaped cakes and Easter bunny cake made out of cupcakes ‎ because they are cute and even the kids love making them and eating them. Dress up your Easter table with a bunny-shaped cake, adorable for our Easter celebrations and keeping the Easter spirit.



Easter Chick Cake

An Easter Chick cake often celebrates not only the holiday, but the arrival of spring and the begging of new life. Easter has many traditional icons and chicks are one of them that can be placed on an Easter dessert table as a great centerpiece for an Easter Sunday party. There are many techniques to create a cute Easter chick cake, cookies and cupcakes which are of fun to bake for Easter and look so adorable. ‎

Digital Camera

Edible Easter Basket;

Candy lovers really love Easter and love any Easter basket ideas that incorporate the sugary goodies into it. But what if the Easter basket itself became a sugary goody to brighten anyone’s holiday? A traditional basket cake would be the perfect centerpiece to any Easter table. Make an edible Easter basket entirely out of an Easter cake designs ‎ which will be so impressive for the holiday. There are so many different ideas of Easter decorated cakes on the market and on the internet to be done on Easter day.   On the thus day people combine many ideas to construct their decorative Easter creation and make a beautiful basket cakes. Most of them are very easy to put together. Edible Easter Basket Cakes are made in several shapes and many designs by which cakes can be made easily and tastefully. Below you will find Easter cakes pictures and Easter cake decorations. ‎


Easter Cookies;

Easter Cookies are of several varieties of sweet seasonal treats to celebrate the rebirth that comes along with spring. Easter Cookies include festive light springtime cookies in the shape of eggs, bunnies, chicks, basket, bright Easter Treats ideas and flower-shaped treats. Make a batch of Easter Cookie Decorating and any Easter characters to tuck in Easter baskets.


Easter Egg Nest Cake;

Bird Nest Cake can be decorated easily; it’s super-fast, yet still beautiful and impressive! ‎Easter Egg Nest Cake can impress your guests as a stunning centerpiece for your Easter table. The Bird Nest Cake top can be loaded with anything; toasted almonds and coconut, speckled egg candies, egg-cellent chocolate filling and marshmallow bunnies or birds.


Carrot Cakes;

If you are looking for new Easter ideas to try this spring, and want to skip the traditional bunny shaped cake, then nothing quite says Easter more than this simple Carrot topped cake for dessert that you can make for your family. Carrot cake doesn’t sound great as ingredient adding into a cake mix, instead make a simple carrot topped designed cake to celebrate and share Easter day or used for all occasions. Carrot cake is really not that difficult to decorate and design. Almost everyone can enjoy decorating a topping cake with carrot.

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _52

Easter Flowers cakes;

Flowers represent themselves on many occasions but Calla lilies mainly represent on religious occasions such as Easter. They are one of Easter symbols. The classic white colored flowers represent purity and virtue. They play a religious role related to Jesus’s resurrection and Virgin Mary to Christian Easter or more generally rebirth. Calla lilies create pretty cake decorative topping to any Easter cake ingratiate. Calla lilies flowers with their different colors are primary decoration for Easter. On an Easter cake it will look more elegance and are sure to surprise everyone.

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _21

Cross Cake;

For those who do not have any backing and decorative skills creating a traditional Easter cake with a simple design of a Cross Cake to reflects the religious significance of Easter Sunday is so appropriate for the day. A stencil or homemade cross paper shape will give a temple of a cross over your cake while it is still warm. Spackle some lightly dusted sugar all over the surface of the stencil or homemade cross paper shapes. Remove the cut-out, and you’ll have an elegant Cross Cake.


Easter Peeps Cake;  

Easter peeps can’t be forgotten, they ‎ are so cute when added on any Easter cake or Easter cupcakes ideas ‎for decorative purpose. Everyone loves them no matter their age. Editable Easter peeps are of different colors. Use your favorite colors to create a cake that match your taste for a sweet Easter centerpiece decorations and would look great on your table for Easter Sunday. Easter Peeps Cake makes any cake look more delicious and remarkable. They are easy Easter cake ‎, easily handled and any imaginary picture comes into your mind can be made easily. Easter Peeps are always a favorite when it comes to Easter Peeps Cake. ‎They would be perfect ‎for any decorative ideas especially when your children come to help and enjoy the decorative Easter cake. A great opportunity to let your children start their cake decorating skills and to enjoy the coming memories.

source source

If you are still here then you are one of those who love baking, thus we’ve put together some different Easter cake ideas that may help to stimulate your imaginations. There’s something for everyone ‎ so get inspired. Easter is all about impressive and attractive sweet treats, and definitely everyone will appreciate these cute Easter cakes and cupcakes decorated ideas ‎ because they look very delicious and very lovely. Whether you’re after a spectacular Easter cake with certain decorative symbol or need a sweet centerpiece to impressive the family and guests with over the holiday, we’ve got it covered with our Easy Easter Cake Decorating Ideas. Click through our gallery made of variety of Easy Easter Cake Decorating options to choose from this post to see some festive selection made of different style and taste.

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _03sourcesourceOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _05

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _06

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _07

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _10

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _11

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _12

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _13

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _14

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _15



Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _19

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _20

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _22


Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _24

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _25

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _26

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _27

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _29

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _30


Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _33

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _35

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _36

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _37

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _38

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _39

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _40

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _41

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _46

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _47

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _48

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _49

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _53

Easy- Easter- Cake- Decorating Ideas _55

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home


Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home…The arrival of Easter means spring has sprung. And Easter is the perfect time to have fun with your children creating bright and sparkly craft projects for both spring and Easter.

Have an Easter spirit this year and add a festive touch to your home with our collection of easy Easter craft ideas. Whether you use these craft projects as decorations for your home, or you give them as gifts, these Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home will definitely get you in the mood for spring, glorious spring. Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home may have a religious style to explore the meaning of the holiday or just some Easter craft ideas for fun we’re here to help! We hope you find something that’s just what you need. Picture sources: minimalistia and wunderweib.

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_01

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_02

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_04

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_05

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_06

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_07

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_08

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_09

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_10

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_11

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_12

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_13

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_14

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_15

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_16

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_17

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_18

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_19

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_24

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_26

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_27

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_28

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_29

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_21

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_25

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_01

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_1

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_02

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_03

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_3

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_04

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_4

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_05

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_06

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_07

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_08

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_09

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_10

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_11

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_12

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_13

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_14

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_15

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_17

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_18

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_19

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_20

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_21

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_22

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_23

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_24

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_25

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_27

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_28

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_29

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_30

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_31

Simple And Attractive Easter and Spring Craft Ideas To Brighten Any Home_32



Stylish and simple CHRISTMAS ‎DESIGN IDEAS…Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and is fast approaching! Christmas time is the time to break out the holiday decorations. Christmas is the time to celebrate the family character and the spirit of the maximum splendor style which bets on easy and quick elements to assemble. Christmas is the time to transform our homes into a wintry wonderland to fill Christmas with harmony, tranquility and beauty in every corner of the home creating an elegance decoration trend.

What else in the world you’d want on the eve of Christmas than a house which is especially very attractive! Interior that ends to turn out unusual, but very pleasant. The best thing about any Christmas décor is your ability to practice your love of decoration, play with the color scheme and design options to reach a final result of having a nice little nest for a cozy family holiday. Before this coming bright day of Christmas when everyone is anxious to celebrate the day with glory, we want to share photos of a very beautiful and elegant interior.

Source: Style At Home

We know that the whole Christmas thing goes around paying special attention to details, to give the final touch and to bring colorful delight’s to every corner. Whether it is decorated in a simple or complex and whatever the scheme is that may range  of gray and pink shades, purple, traditional white-red-green tones, coral, gray and blue, even black, white and red colors or silvers and white to add to the “White Christmas” feel. Or  any new, non-standard solutions. Any of these choices can add elegance to the interior. Everything hopefully be almost perfect in terms of Christmas spirituality. It is always interesting to consider New Year’s interiors, to keep your decorations simple, playing to your home’s unique style with holiday decor decorated not in the traditional red-green but to to its most appealing qualities. It would be incredibly cozy to have unique adaptation of the traditional but with many things to consider so much that you do need a decor that looks great against the background. Such spaces were used different shades of decor with a touch of festive decoration that look fresh and in a new way, they can peep a lot of interesting things. Use your everyday objects present in your home the whole year with the old Christmas decor adding a slight touch and changing positions to transform the atmosphere of the room…Candles, candelabra, fabrics and blankets become the main actors of Christmas.

Source: Style At Home

Any Christmas Decoration style should be characterized by the functionality and integration of living spaces. Basically you plan a common criterion to decorate all rooms congaing light, discreet and elegant decoration for every room and corner of your home, so the spirit of Christmas will flow throughout your home. Avoid dressing your house with loud and shrill colors and spaces recharged. Using white and neutral tones is a special style that will look for simplicity and functionality; this will enhance the clarity and prominence of natural light perfect for backgrounds to turn out to be very fresh and bright complemented with natural colors.

Source: Style At Home

Style Your house entrance décor;

The house entrance is the first image to welcome your guests you show of your house in a memorable style which needs big house entrance décor and house entrance ideas to greet guests. If you have enough space, it is a good place to mount some house entrance ideas such like Christmas tree to take great prominence. If it house entrance is small you can use the walls to hang some kind of flat tree on it. A simple garland at the door of the house is always the best welcome greeting.


Style Your Christmas Living Room Décor;

The living room is generally the most already-styled room in the house; where we usually spend more time and where we meet with our guests. It is the central space of the home to decorate that shines after even a few turns of the holiday-volume knob. Christmas living room decor is a must you it is place where you put the Christmas tree and where the gifts are deposit.  The tree would create a magical and elegant atmosphere if natural; preferably avoiding the artificial ones of plastic or cardboard. The decoration of the trees is simple; we can decorate it with simple candles on original candlesticks or infinite number of simple unique crafts and DIY like Christmas tree ornaments decorations. Small touches can go a long way to make your Christmas mantel ideas feel festive. Christmas stockings and holders and small statements to the grand gesture will switch up your mantel look with style for the holidays. Christmas living room decorating ideas should be without excessive adornments and using natural elements such as pineapples, dry branches with original shapes, flowers or colorful wild fruits of the forest. You only need some changes on your usual arrangements to enjoy spectacular Christmas atmosphere.


Style Your Christmas Dining Table;

It is another fundamental point of Christmas, around her you will spend heartfelt moments with your relatives and friends. When it comes to Christmas decoration a dining table should go festive with fresh update. Give the classic Christmas décor beauty of the holiday to every corner of your home.There are three essential ingredients for Christmas still spread spatial atmosphere and warmth at home – candles, fairy lights, and eucalyptus. Magical anticipation and excitement at Christmas is added by elegance to the scene which makes it feel just that bit more special. Use typical traditional décor style to spread Christmas cheer with a pair velvety red with chartreuse green as a Christmas table centerpiece decoration ideas, place card holder, candles with a romantic glow, harmony style Christmas dishes, smart dining room chairs, Cork coasters and other suitable accessories and complements in the composition of the table. Give the dining table that Christmas touch and a unique lavish or simple holiday details into your Christmas décor to complete the composition as you welcome your guests to a beautiful holiday meal, to give your dining table a center for holiday activity.


Style Your Christmas Kitchen Decor;

The kitchen is the engine room where everybody gathers in during the holiday season. Your guests may go wandering through the kitchen for a casual Christmas breakfast or Christmas dinner.  It is important to consider for this Christmas to decorate it to be a festive kitchen in festive holiday greenery for your home. It is a busy, bustling place where cooking everything good that incorporates with Christmas spicy smells and taste during the holidays. Spread Christmas cheer throughout your entire house so give the eye a moment of charm and delight to the holiday kitchen. Draw attention to Christmas home décor and Christmas details. Don’t miss a decorative wink through your Christmas home decor ideas catered with gestures grand, Christmas ornaments, holiday lights, fresh flowers, tree branches, candles that magically illuminate the kitchen to remind us of the dates in which we are.


Style your Christmas Bedroom Decor;

We have already featured for you some other Christmas design ideas such as 60 Trendy Outdoor Christmas Decorations, and ‎50+ Stunning Christmas Decoration Ideas Casting A Magical Spell on Your House!‎  Now it’s time to move into the Christmas bedroom decor that allows the spaces to function; not just the master bedroom a guest room, children’s bedrooms, a bachelor pad and even the dorm room too. Best Christmas decorations for decorating the bedrooms don’t have to be limited to the master-bedroom or every room you decorate yearly. Christmas bedroom decor is to make the most of your spare bedroom this Christmas to shine. We often forget to decorate other important spaces for the holidays. Decorating Bedroom for Christmas is what any family wants to give off an air of magical wonderment. Each member of family must be eager to decorate their bedroom and to be treated when waking up a midst holiday atmosphere by stylish bedroom decorations during Christmas. Make the bedroom a space full of festive atmosphere to feel cozy and romantic. To create a Christmas home decor ideas with festive atmosphere in the room add a few simple bedroom inspiration and necessities. Lights, winter wonderland-themed bed linen, Christmas bedding sets, curtains, Christmas stockings, mini Christmas tree decorations, wreaths, a pine-scented candle, garlands and baubles, are other finishing touches with Christmas themed accessories. Create an ambiance that guests will feel super-pampered and welcoming.

Let us help you to decorate your home for Christmas with some simple but unique and stylish ideas we’ve gathered, Christmas living room, ‎Christmas house entrance, Christmas Entry Way, Christmas dining table, Christmas kitchen ‎ and Christmas bedroom. They are all Christmas design ideas that cannot be missing in this special date ‎take inspiration from our interior experts and put the finishing touches for the season. Do not forget the Christmas crafts  as an excellent option to decorate your home using our own hands. Have a look at the pictures below and Explore our fabulously on-trend Christmas decorating ideas to make it cozy and even romantic, enjoy!


Cute Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Christmas  ‎

‎50 Cozy Christmas Kitchen Décor Ideas

Beautiful Tabletop Christmas Trees Decorating Ideas & Designs

‎40 Cool DIY Decorating Ideas For Christmas Front Porch

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Outdoor Christmas Decorations For A Holiday Spirit

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Source: Style At Homesource Source: Style At Home Source: Style At Home
source sourcesourcesourcesourcesourcesource

Beautiful Cool Fall & Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas to Make!


With fall approaching, it’s that time of year when you start thinking about Beautiful Cool Fall & Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas to Make! Wreaths are welcomed items made for any occasion, season, and holiday, and one of those decorating projects that you definitely should accomplish.These Beautiful Cool Fall & Thanksgiving Wreaths are easily to be made and won’t cost you much.

Beautiful Cool Fall & Thanksgiving Wreath can be made from almost anything and most of them are natural materials that you can use, like rag wreaths, leaves, pinecones and nuts, floral and flower wreaths, paper, heart, and even candy wreaths you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make one at home.


In a few weeks, the fall season will arrive and coming within its hands Thanksgiving. The season for welcoming your guest by a decorated Beautiful Cool Fall & Thanksgiving Wreath hanged on your front door. The season on which family and close friends get ready be around the table to celebrate the festive season. To decorate your door beautifully by hanging a wreath and when all doors across the country starts adding fall wreaths too.

With a few place settings, chic table setting cards and a Thanksgiving floral centerpiece but the job can be done completely when a wreath is added on your front door. Now more than ever people find the beauty of  wreaths.  Wreath made of beautiful combinations add color and style to the holiday home. There is nothing quite as welcoming as a wreath well-made reflecting the seasonal freshly items on your welcoming front door … Beautiful Cool Fall & Thanksgiving Wreath is a way to make a first impression.  It makes your guest picture the people who live inside. Let your guests enjoy the expectation while walking into a classy welcoming home invited by a beautiful cool wreath of Fall & Thanksgiving.

With all the beautiful cool versions of wreaths there is one to suit you as we all enjoy decorating our front doors. There are many styles that are able to express your personality, a representation of you and your family. This may be modern wreath style or classical wreath style, bohemian or traditional, woodsy or refined any version. Everyone knows his limitations and his ability to create, so we are offering you Beautiful Cool Fall & Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas to help you to evoke your imaginations and creative changes and strengthen your fictions for the coming season and holidays… A way to adorn your front door and inject the “wow” factor in a manner that says “I’m glad you are here.” Getting crafty and creating an inviting front door to make your guest feel valued…this is easier than you might think.

When you think of a wreath for Thanksgiving and all the beautiful, lovely and interesting ideas come to mind with the variations of the beautiful colors of autumn. It would be a shame not to use these diamond Mother Nature creatures while they are available in your hands. The different shades of the flowers from yellow to orange or red, along with other symbols of the fall are in hand to create a centerpiece to be proud of.  

Where to Wear Your Wreath;

Wreaths are lovely displays and there is couple of places you can beautify them with. The front door has been the perfect place to hang your wreath but there  are other options as well; indoors or outdoors. YES there are a lot of options. This fall and holiday season; try a wreath in different locations to be central aspect of your Fall décor, the Fall wreath … Here are some options:


Thanksgiving Wreaths On a door;

Options for dressing up a door with a wreath are NOT the same whether it’s indoors or out. Hanging a wreath on an outside door turns attention. It should be super personal and unique so that it defines you and lots of people can’t find your house from many festive decorated ones. It is a way to focus on making one area of the home extra special with a real show. Yes…the front door is the place to do it; it’s like an open invitation to celebrate the most wonderful gathering time of the year. It should be noted that dressing up a door at least don’t hang anything of huge value because a lot of humidity well do some jobs.


Thanksgiving Wreaths on a window;

A window with no cover curtains or little massed ones is the perfect place to hang a thanksgiving wreath, the same whether it’s interior or on the exterior. Hanging a festive wreath on a window says a lot about your personally. If you’re a traditionalist or somewhat whimsical in either cases it calls to mind warm holiday traditions. And probably make people gravitate towards the beautiful wreath on the glass.  Whatever the purpose, it is important that the hanged wreath size would be appropriable to the window sizes. Keeping enough space around the wreath keeps it far away of feeling crowded. A wreath that is too small will look lost, and a wreath that is too big obstructs the vision. For a traditional look and a warm looking a colored ribbons is used to hang the wreath.


Thanksgiving Wreaths on a wall;

Wreath doesn’t have to be just a once-a-year decoration; because they are fashionable decorative elements they are preferred choice all year round. Autumn season is full of many types of charm elements, Mother Nature elements or faux, with other several different options that can be used to decorate wreaths. As a general role you should stick to the theme or décor style to choose the right one for your decor. A wreath can be an ideal piece to decorate any wall in your dining room on thanksgiving gathering. The key to a perfect choosing is the right style that matches the rest of your decor from traditional style, country or modern décor, not neglecting the size or color or theme besides finding the right spot to hang it.


Thanksgiving Wreaths on brick or over a mantel;

Man people don’t have an idea how wreaths can look so elegant over a mantel. They are either hanged above or actually let it rest on it or on a brick.  Thanksgiving Wreaths on brick or over a mantle‎ transforms- either way- it into a focal point. Wreaths on brick or over a mantle‎ can be something more permanent as a peace of décor all year round, or just for a certain occasion. Thanksgiving Wreath on this specific place with the verities of the bright, cheerful colors of the season gives us the chance to make it a permanent hanger. You can hang different-Fall-colored wreaths using the beautifully colored Mother Nature element to update the look.


Thanksgiving Wreaths on a standing rack;

Wreath on siding is one of those spot in the house will be nicely decorated. ..The spot where you can express your distinctive style, so most people might have a wow impression to your décor.


Thanksgiving Wreaths on the table, with candles in the middle;

Thanksgiving table decorations are a must if you are in charge of a gather around a turkey plates this year. A Thanksgiving centerpiece wreath made of various evergreens on the table, with candles in the middle is a new level of traditional meaning.

These Beautiful Cool Fall & Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas are for you, that people made, to inspire you to create your own. Believe me; your front door would look much better with a Beautiful Cool Fall & Thanksgiving Wreath on it. You should definitely take a look at.  They are for your front door, or to hang somewhere indoors. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, check them out. Some of them you can do with faux leaves or with the real things.

If you’re interested in more thanksgiving decorations then check out Cool Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas we posted before;
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Homemade Polymer clay for Christmas decorations


Homemade Polymer clay for Christmas decorationsChristmas is just around the corner and such a fun time to invest creation. Finding the perfect DIY Christmas decorations may be a hard task and then it maybe the time to try making your own… “Why Buy When You Can DIY”!

Making homemade Christmas decorations with Polymer Clay for Christmas will make a great addition. The homemade polymer clay crafts possibilities are virtually endless. They are used for holiday decorations, Christmas tree decorations ideas, Christmas wreath, polymer clay Christmas canes, on a gift for extra special gift wrapping and home décor. It is one of my favorite craft items to use as a hobby and many do enjoy making them. Unique Handmade Polymer Clay Christmas Ornaments is a hobby that the whole family can be involved in making them as they range from simple to complex ones.


These polymer clay Homemade Christmas Ornaments are fun for crafty DIY project and an inexpensive easy medium to work with. Polymer clay is one of many materials used as a craft and a hobby; the whole family will be interested in creating them. It is the perfect Christmas craft spirit for kids’ and adults. You can enjoy making clay Christmas ornament ideas with your kids as they are unique polymer clay ornaments Christmas  and fun to work with that you’ll want to display forever.

Working with Polymer clay;

Working with Polymer clay is a lot of fun. Polymer clay is versatile functional craft material with many lovely different colors for everyday use and much more for Christmas. They are a fun craft used to personalize your decorations when decorating a tree, a Christmas ornament gifts, a gift tag and as a Christmas centerpiece and many more.  A Christmas craft when hanged on your tree a cheer look of your children’s face is seen. The non-toxic polymer clay property makes it a good medium available for children’s craft. Because of their advantages of being durable easily molded into any shape, can be painted as well with acrylic paints for details, unspoiled, sticky, and completely reusable. Polymer clay is soft until dried either by are air or done by oven bake polymer clay for 20-30 minutes to harden it up in a home oven it is an awesome Christmas craft for all ages. One of the best holiday crafts for all year long or any other seasonal craft.

You can create so many things with polymer clay for Christmas… can be used to decorate your Christmas tree with personalized Christmas ornaments, table settings, on a Christmas wreath or to add on top of a wrapped Christmas gift.  Making homemade polymer clay molds, Christmas characters, Christmas figurines and ornament figures for your Christmas tree decorations is an easy Christmas crafts that require nearly no time to complete.  Christmas decoration ideas are endless and the possibilities are wide open when making fancy homemade Polymer clay Christmas ornaments is a fun way to spend an afternoon making kids Christmas ornaments with the kids. They’ll provide your children with fun hours of imaginative play at any time of year beside their memorial fun. If you are a parent make a tradition of family Christmas ornaments …the baby’s first Christmas ornament on your Baby’s first Christmas to be an event treasured with memories. Let them see the Christmas tree decorations, Christmas light decorations, Christmas displays, Polymer Clay Snowman for Christmas Holiday and the baby Christmas ornament hanged with their name and birthdate on.


Polymer clay art is used for polymer clay art projects such as personalized ornaments and home decorations all year round for many projects and occasions. As a Christmas crafts and holiday projects, the Christmas ornament can be made long before the holiday season. They can be saved for your next Christmas season when the season is over

Make more personalized polymer clay ornaments projects by writing on the back the dates, names, or sentimental wording. Be creative and use your imagination, to create all kinds of charming characters and figures that can be hung as an ornament to decorate your tree. Be aware that polymer clay ornamental trees tend to pull the branches down because most ornaments are heavy, so keep this polymer clay light and small.

Here is homemade polymer clay Christmas ornaments projects and polymer clay ideas you’ll love. These Christmas crafts may inspire you to decorate them as Christmas tree toppers and personalized Christmas ornaments. These images with links will give you some great to fit into your own holiday décor or to use as a nice homemade gift. Get a start now even if you’re not an expert crater; you still have plenty of time to enjoy making best Christmas decorations for the Christmas season.

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Thanksgiving Floral Centerpiece Ideas


Here we represent some Thanksgiving Floral Centerpiece Ideas for a chic thanksgiving dinner table to celebrate it in style. When you think about the coming Thanksgiving Day, most of us think about Thanksgiving flowers, Thanksgiving Day Parade , the coming fall, fun, colorful and super creative flower centerpiece.

Flowers in their red rover, deep orange roses, butterscotch carnations, and golden yellow roses are being grateful and celebrating to add a little grace to your table by using flowers. The fall season is a time of the holiday season is upon us once again, with its wonderful warm tones of the harvest and falling leaves, vibrant colors and crisp weather. And just like the name implies, here are some Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving flowers ideas.


With its approach it is the time to start thinking of the menu and a centerpiece that crowns the table. Living in thanksgiving daily with these Thanksgiving table decoration ideas below are to help you can decide and create your own centerpiece arrangements.

Fall Pumpkin Roses Centerpiece;

pumpkins are the right choice for any centerpiece, especially on this season. Pumpkin Roses Centerpiece is very creative to combine it with a beautiful arrangement flowers they add dimension, color, and interest. Dressing up your pumpkin  with that look ranges from Halloween to Thanksgiving.

Rustic Flower Arrangement: 

This artfully flower arrangement is perfect for casual fall weddings that can offer some creative colorful entertainment options. Flowers are a beautiful creatures made by nature, and no wedding can pass without them.

Super Simple Sunflower Centerpiece:

If you don’t like the multi-color mixed centerpiece or even if you’ve never tried making any floral arranging before; you can easily make an adoring Sunflower Centerpiece. They have charm that comes along with sunset beyond their beauty. Just a few fresh sunflower flowers are all you’ll need to create a simple yet gorgeous centerpiece arrangement.


Harvest Theme Thanksgiving;

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to spice up your décor  and to continue your  traditions that have been hold since centuries.  The table having a centerpiece that made from Mother Nature with the most rich color designs can radiate happiness. Decorating with Harvest Colors with careful attention to the color combinations of the HARVEST STYLE is practically limitless. Although the times keep changing; modern elements using pumpkins to create a pumpkin floral centerpiece give the warm harvest feel and set a HARVEST STYLE ‎ mood which is suited to Thanksgiving. The bright orange of the pumpkins will be perfectly complemented by the rich bright colored floral arrangement and give the meal that special-occasion polish. ‎


Table Compliments;

Table Compliments carrying your entertaining style of unique items brings you back to the traditional unique decorations. Floral centerpieces are for any occasions; it always goes beyond the thanksgiving table. It goes for being a “fashionista” goes with all the fashionable elements ever seen and thus would be “fashionista” of the thanksgiving table. A holiday floral centerpieces ideally fits the name. One of the important table compliments that should take in consideration is the measure of the centerpiece in proportional to the table itself it should never exceed one-third of the table length. To create the beautiful yet easy look for your holiday, select centerpiece arrangements that suit the shape, size and style of your dining table. Harmony rhythm of floral arrangement should give a sense of equilibrium, the use of the symmetry and the balance, unity all verity elements used. These harmony rhythms of floral arrangement play an essential part in making relation and complementation to each other which should be related to a specific occasion. Fortunately, flowers are one of nature’s prettiest offerings visual pleasing to the eye. They with their different species, different colors and sizes and putting them in that harmony with the table scape elements arranged and used will be aesthetically pleasing. Floral Centerpieces are the most easily and inexpensive centerpieces, you can make with enriched visually appealing. Everyone can work with flowers. So why not you, you don’t have to be a professional florist or super creative to make those amazing looking flower centerpieces.

“It’s all about looking at what you’re combining and being sensitive to what you’re combining, not mixing many, many different colors.”


Smart Solutions If No room on the table;

Thanksgiving table is a festive table and because it is considered a big family gathering, you need to match the size of the centerpiece to the size of the table. But what if you don’t have plenty of room for the thanksgiving centerpiece? You find your table is filled with million dishes you’ve made. The question is how you set a Thanksgiving flower centerpieces table while there is no space for it because the table is small, or if your table is so crowded. See some tricks that really work;

  • Go with lilies are beautiful; use a small impact centerpiece idea.
    • Have an alternative place and don’t block the views. Arrangement of a huge centerpiece is awkward. Put you centerpiece on other tables like; a sideboard or serving table can be an excellent choice.
  • ” IT’S OKAY TO USE TALL PIECES. If the “The table is crowded enough with many dishes; put a tall thin centerpiece or several tall thin centerpieces scattered on the table, so nobody’s view is blocked.
    • Break up a large centerpiece bouquet into several small ones and don’t use the entire table top with decorations.
    • Scatter flower leaves and pestles on the table between the dishes.
  • While, not strictly centerpieces make the whole house full of many flower arrangements, this sets the mood in the rest of the house as well.
    • If you’re having trouble with a large centerpiece reset it in another room before and after your table gathering return it on the middle of the table to keep the Thanksgiving spirit on.

There is no better time to decorate with the tools given by our Mother Nature because they are time is precious. They can be sort of challenging on this occasion.  Fortunately; Thanksgiving Floral Centerpiece Ideas offer a wealth of options and rich interaction inspirations regarding to the centerpiece shapes and size. Give your table the feeling of warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Harvest Theme Thanksgiving-Impressive non traditional centerpiece colors;

A non-traditional centerpiece  are adorning your guest table. The idea of having an eye catching centerpiece new in a nontraditional style will be amazing. You may create ;Scented Paper Flowers centerpiece, Geometric Flower Shapes centerpiece, hand Spray painted décor centerpiece or just do anything creative to get outside the box.

Take advantage of fall’s floral beautiful colors to create a glorious Thanksgiving Floral Centerpiece made of gold, red, orange and forest green with leafy decorations for your table. Natural table decor made of fresh flowers Ideas and with your final personal touches to your table décor to have a pleasing and interesting design you’ll have the most artful one ever. Get inspired with these ideas.

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Thanksgiving Candle Centerpiece Idea

thanksgiving-floral-centerpiece-1source thanksgiving-floral-centerpiece-2source thanksgiving-floral-centerpiece-3source thanksgiving-floral-centerpiece-4source thanksgiving-floral-centerpiece-5source thanksgiving-floral-centerpiece-6source

thanksgiving-floral-centerpiece-5 thanksgiving-centerpiece-ideas-3 thanksgiving-centerpiece-ideas-4 thanksgiving-centerpiece-ideas-5 thanksgiving-centerpiece-ideas-6 thanksgiving-centerpiece-ideathanksgiving-centerpiece-ideas-2 thanksgiving-floral-centerpiece-ideas-1 thanksgiving-floral-centerpiece-ideas-2 thanksgiving-floral-centerpiece-ideas-3 thanksgiving-floral-centerpiece-ideas-5 thanksgiving-floral-centerpiece-ideas-7source; pinteres

Thanksgiving Candle Centerpiece Idea


Between perfecting your turkey  and decorating your table, Thanksgiving Candle Centerpiece Idea is perfectly to lighten your day will make you forget about the turkey.

Thanksgiving is just about to knock the doors and you are still desperately trying to get into the spirit. Looking for a Thanksgiving Centerpiece idea that you can whip up in minutes! We want to present well seasonal holiday décor that can be placed on your party table in the form of an amazing and chic centerpiece for the thanksgiving gathering day. This holiday décor is made of incredible candle centerpiece ideas that will make the amazing gathering around the turkey forgotten.

Candles although reported to be an earliest practice since centuries is still becoming ever more popular for elegant holiday celebrations. Its classy look makes gatherings warmer; maybe that is why families started to modify their “traditional” celebrations for holidays.The options for better celebration became more diverse to accommodate the preferences of the family. Candles have been always beautiful decor setting and with the many décor varieties and accessories related to their industry they serve as a charming part of decoration, and also have a great warm touch for any instant decor.


Thanksgiving is all about gathering with the family and the closest friends. The celebrated primarily item of any thanksgiving day is the roasted turkey gathered around the holiday table which should be well decorated with a chic centerpiece. The feast table is the center of attraction and the focal point on the table after the delicious food but sure the first impression. Especially on any Thanksgiving feast the Candle Centerpiece for Thanksgiving evening will evoke the sense to eat a tasty roasted turkey. With all the cooking and planning for Thanksgiving evening, most of us sometimes forget the table and then décor gets left until last moments. A Candle Centerpiece can make a good impression on your guests.


Aside of gathering around the delicious food, a very beautiful table can make a huge difference on your guests and a shift of their complement attitude and impression to arouse the importance of the day.  In order to make your Thanksgiving table the coolest table than ever, you need to brighten up your table with a practically no effort centerpiece. A unique centerpiece is for serious drama and the highlight of every holiday table to welcome guests. A thanksgiving centerpiece that feasts your eyes will be a focal point of the table- that can hook anyone to shift in posture to the meaning of the harvest centerpiece. With the rich autumn season around, creating a fashionable harvest centerpiece would be a work of art and isn’t hard to form. The harvest centerpiece can be created with variety of autumn natural products accompanied by candles. There are so many things that you can do to create a piece of art and form them into a stylish centerpiece.

Candles are perfect for any evening it can light up your Thanksgiving table for a more chic look or as a decorative piece. Candle with stylish flair are the right décor to complete and fix the elegant appearance. A candle in the center is so inspiring when decorating tables for thanksgiving. They are one of the most popular accessories used. Candle centerpiece from simple to spectacular dramatic display can turn not just table but your whole space into a holiday haven. Simple individual decorations with ingredient you have at home with candles can add an abstract touch in your space.  There are many ideas how to decorate them and it is important to find the arrangement that make them look with the best result. Candles come in many shapes and colors, whatever your taste from traditional to modern, formal or casual, they reflect your personality as much as they do make you go wild with your creativity  to add uniqueness to any table decor.

Candles are very usual to be spotted on a Thanksgiving table as a single centerpiece or as several small displays to add uniqueness decorations to any decor. Candle display can be placed as centerpieces or can just as a very high-style decor compliment to enhance their beauty. These easy Thanksgiving Candle Centerpiece ideas of different types of suggestions will help you quickly get your ideas out of your head… Their instant glow makes you decorate less and makes everyone looks more charm than usual and still have a full especially when celebrating with an important holiday as family gathering for Thanksgiving evening. Candles provide an instant glow to transforms the mood of the room and little sparkle to your evening which is perfectly for your gathering during the holidays. There are many different styles of candle and candle holder that have so many uses from traditional to contemporary and sure can fit your room for best decorations, and can be used for Thanksgiving occasions. All these different style and shapes can be dressed to make a centerpiece.  One of the very popular ideas is the use of candle jar as Thanksgiving Candle Centerpiece. They are used as a last moment décor.

A Mason candle jar crafts can spice up your Thanksgiving Table and displayed proudly on the family dinner table. These lovely Mason candle jar centerpieces couldn’t be easier. The fun thing about this candle jar is that you can change the wrapper for any season and use them everywhere in the future because of its simplicity. If you have nice looking napkins and a multiple size jar candle, it may help you to look for some of these Thanksgiving candle centerpiece. Combining candles with thanksgiving craft ideas could also make a good décor for the table decorations. Candles can be used over and over again as candle centerpiece for decorating dining tables and be repeatedly during the coming holidays.  Hope here in this article and the images below can give you few simple and creative ideas of dressing up the table for the coming holiday season when you want to incorporate candles into your holiday table décor. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating this weekend!

Thanksgiving is going to be here very soon and do it yourself; centerpieces are fun to make if you need to impress all! To help you to create very beautiful table I gathered for you some inspired ideas of different Thanksgiving candle centerpieces. Check these photos below you may probably find something interesting for you. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating this weekend

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Source; Pinterest

Easy CHRISTMAS SALT DOUGH ‎ For Christmas Decorations ‎


Easy Christmas Salt Dough For Christmas Decorations … Make Your Own Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments With Your Kids they are a super fun craft for the whole family. …Salt plays an important role in our daily lives. The say that “salt was once worth more than gold” is true, no kitchen in the world can function without .We cannot live without it … our life will be tasteless, salt makes our food tastier and more important it plays a crucial role in maintaining human health. No one can imagine their lives without salt. Moreover beside its importance in food preservation, salt became up as a topic for salt dough crafts.

They make a great adult and kid’s craft. It occurs in some awesome craft materials where salt is incredibly important mostly to form of eggless cookie dough and then creating arts and crafts projects. Make beautiful Christmas decorations with mass of salt to add a personal touch to your Christmas gift OR while decorating your tree. It had never been easier to make beautiful Christmas decorations and ornaments with this aromatherapy salt dough.


These easy salt dough ornaments can be a wrapping accessory on a Christmas gifts and can easily be transformed into a Christmas tree ornament to enjoy for many years to come. Salt dough is a fabulous art material. It is extremely simple moldable clay-type material to make at home. Salt Dough for many Christmas Decorations can last forever. Creating a long lasting keepsake is a highly recommended arts and crafts project when working with children.

How to Make Salt Dough Ornaments;

One distinct advantage making salt dough ornaments is that this homemade cookie dough is prepared with cheap ingredients and supplies available in the kitchen of any family. It’s a great craft for those days for both kids and adults. Salt dough ornament recipe is simple enough to do with nearly no special materials or equipment required. How to make dough is just mix, cut, bake and decorate! But why you should definitely make sure to add the salt. Well, there are a number of reasons. First up, the large quantities of salt makes this non edible sugar cookie dough and not tasty due to the high concentration of salt, which is an advantage especially when you have little kids helping you and they may take a sample to taste of the craft project or ending  eating cookie dough. Secondly and probably most importantly, the cookie dough without eggs, only contains salt, as salt is an excellent preservative material. The Egg free cookie dough keeps your work for the majority of the year if stored in a box if not for ever. find the link here.

Ingredients for making salt dough recipe …You will need for:

The recipe for the dough itself;

4 cups all-purpose flour

1 cup of salt

1 1/2 cups of warm water

The tools and supplies you’ll need for the project:

Mixing bowl and large spoon

Baking sheet

Cookie cutter or other objects to make your shapes

Vegetable coloring

Stamps and paint (optional)

Drinking straw or toothpick or something to poke holes

String /wire for hanging

1 roller

Parchment paper

wax paper

rolling pin

Paint, glitter, ribbons sticks and leaves, etc. for decoration

2 tablespoons oil

Favorite essential oils (optional); Cinnamon, Clove, Peppermint, Douglas Fir

A piece of lace or other textured materials

How to make salt dough ornaments:

  1. How to make cookie dough; Put some oil in your hands (this will help make the dough more elastic). Stir the flour and the salt together into large bowl and then poor the water slowly. Stir until well combined don’t add the whole cup at once.Mix the flour, salt and water with your hands. Kneading dough for 10 min until all ingredients are well combined until everything comes together. The dough should be smooth, not too sticky and not too dry. The degree of preparation of the salt mass can be determined only by the hands when you can easily leave marks in it easily. If the dough melts or is too dry, add 1 tablespoon of water at a time until dough comes together. If on the contrary, it sticks to your hands, then you have too much water add more flour. Keep kneading dough by hand to form a ball which is only slightly sticky and make a few holes with your finger. You’ll know its done when the dough does not shed and maintains the shape leaving smooth imprint of your hand, there should be no residue left on your fingers when you touch it. Then it is ready. You can color it in this stage with natural colors by adding a few drops of acrylic paint, digital painting or a little cocoa, or you can paint them when they are dry.
  2. Roll Out the Dough; when the dough is at its point, section your dough into several  dough balls flour a sheet of wax paper and lays the dough on top of a well-floured surface. Flour the top of the dough and place another sheet of wax paper on top. Roll out the cookie dough balls with a rolling pin until 1/8″ thick; the dough that is too thick will take longer to dry tend to split or break easily because many air bobbles are trapped inside the dough and it may become doughy even after cooking, the dough too thin will cause the decorations to dry and break easily.
  3. If you want to give texture to the dough ornaments place a piece of lace or some structured fabric, any random object that has a texture, and print the pattern of fabric on the dough with the roller. Carefully remove the cloth. Or pressed leaves and berries into the dough before cutting or you can stamp on an image on its surface or use forks or straws, this makes an alternative simple and pretty ornaments shape. There are no rules for your designs.
  4. Cut Your Shapes; to make cookie dough creations… Cut the desired shapes with cookie cutters and place on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Reindeers, elves, stars, snowflakes, Christmas trees, birds or angels are all good ideas for making ornaments. It is found easier to lift the shapes if we also added some oil to the surface of the cookie cutters. If you’re having problems getting the dough off, let the shapes dry for a few minutes. Some prefer to peel away the excess dough -the unshaped dough -do not try to remove the cut out pieces- leaving behind ‎ the shaped dough to stay on the parchment paper.
  5. Poke Holes; transfer the shapes to parchment paper on a baking sheet. Pass a large needle, drinking straw or wooden toothpick (toothpicks) and poke a hole in the top of each ornament to create the hole to hang them by a threading string or a ribbon.
  6. Bake or Dry -no bake salt dough ornaments-; baking salt dough ornaments needs to Preheat oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degrees C), before mixing the dough. Once the oven is ready and the dough is cut, place in oven, bake it for 30 minutes to an hour until hard depending on the thickness. If the shapes are over 1cm thick then they will probably need to be turned over during cooking. Let the ornaments cool down and then paint, or add food coloring to the dough. It takes approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour to dry or you can also let them dry at room temperature for at least 2-3 days. You can dry microwave cookie dough instead.    It is VERY important not to have the oven on too high, it helps proving dough to harden evenly in just under 4 hours. High temperature will cause the salt dough to bubble up and fill with air.
  • Be aware that both the thickness and temperature affect the hardness of the dough; it changed the color and texture as well… and became brittle to the touch if too thin. When dried in the air the dough was kept in its most natural state. It help the ornaments to remain white don’t change the color and flat while baking will turn the dough slightly brown. Texture and size were nearly the same. However it took DAYS to fully harden but with better result although. Not a lot of children have that patience.7-Decorating salt dough ornaments; now here we start the fun part …painting salt dough ornaments. Once cooled, decorate with glitter, sequins, buttons, ribbons, gold cord, holly leaves, paint, and string etc. Salt dough handprint ornaments are one of the most popular figures that are easily made. Acrylic paints are my favorite because it adheres to the dough really successfully to the dough and work as a sealant and keep the colors strong and beautiful! Cookie dough brownies will have another effect as Christmas crafts for Christmas tree decorations ideas when treated with acrylic paints.

To make it nice and easy just follow the instructions carefully and you will have solid salt dough ready to decorate for Christmas. With many Christmas decoration ideas that can be made by Christmas Salt Dough ‎ you can enjoy making some personalized Christmas ornaments to be hanged for Christmas tree decorations. These personalized ornaments are also unique Christmas ornaments when used for Christmas tree decorations as ornamental trees and Christmas tree toppers in the shape of a star or angel ornaments. Below you will find photos to make your own Christmas ornaments with dough, Salt Crafts Arts and Crafts Projects Ideas for Christmas. Find out how to make your own arts, crafts projects, decorations, with salt links are enclosed.


  • This dough is no egg cookie dough, in other words not edible because of salt beside other toxic substance has been used in them.
  • Add essential oils to create a new aromatic dimension. By placing two drops on the back side of each ornament and allow it to soak in.
  • Write the date in the back this makes a wonderful Christmassy effect each time you hang them, adding a special memory to the occasion.

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DIY Christmas Cards Quick And Easy To Make


DIY Christmas Cards Quick And Easy To Make...The holidays are actually the most wonderful time of the entire year. Christmas time is one of the best holidays that everyone waits for.  Thus card since centuries became a tradition for any celebration particularly which usually only happens once a year.  According you can find cards for just about every special occasion, celebrated holiday, and general sentiment out there. Greeting cards convey between people on holiday season and any special occasion and Christmas is no exception.

Christmas Cards are just one way to keep in touch and brighten anyone’s day with certain sort of people especially relatives and friends as well as having the opportunity to renew any relationship. Occasional Cards are a way to express emotions especially when you really can’t think of anything to say, or how to put it into words. They are good workout, with lots of fun and great entertainment long ago before the internet revolution and technology cards were sent by postal mail. Today most people if not all use digital communication, but cards sent through postal mail do mean a lot to both the sender and the recipient. They have a special emotional effect and more than an email, an e-card, or even a phone call sometimes.


Greeting cards are around us over the last few thousand years. Christmas card is a traditional celebration of Christmas. It is meant a lot to many people as we cannot imagine Christmas without cards. Most of us ask … Why do we still send them. In fact the concept of modern Christmas cards date back to 1846, once printing presses became mechanized. With the arrival of postage stamps and an industrial postal system this made greetings cards widely commercial not just for Christmas but for all holidays and occasions. You can be astonished if you know that cards are ancient as the pyramids… An Ancient Egyptian Greeting Card is one of the oldest and has their place in today’s world history. The Chinese and The Egyptians are our ancient parents who used sharing greetings via written messages mainly around New Year’s celebration. These ancient greetings were only sent once annually to ward off evil spirits across both Chinese and The Egyptians cultures and not sent at other occasions. Christmas greeting cards had gone through several stages until they became with clear designs and styles of cards. The principal hasn’t changed much at all in over 170 years, but no similarities to the types of cards we use these days.

Everybody has a different reason for sending cards. Perhaps after finding the perfect Christmas gift you need to present it in a special way. The gift accompanied with a Christmas card can express the meaningful meaning of Christmas. OR the card itself may be used as a gift of choice; this perhaps would be the most luxurious gift of all. With a gift card, your card is a gift that changes lives. They are an easy, unique and considerate Xmas gift. By sending a Christmas greeting card can still makes you feel the gathering around one tree and stay connected with those who are far away that you don’t get to see that often.  It’s nice to let others know that they are appreciated. A Christmas cards can make the recipient feel like the king of the world. Especially those who are not able to spend the holiday with all the loved ones, and those essentials fully adorned for the season.

In light of technological advances in those 170 years, physical Christmas cards still stick around. Studies show that there are still numerous reasons why cards continue to be the credential of choice to the great majority of people. Numerous people- whether the age is -are emotionally are connected with proper Christmas Cards than any electronic greeting whatever the kind. In fact, they actively ignore or delete any electronic-card.

The positive feelings generated by receiving any type of particularly Christmas cards homemade or readymade with hand-written note in a card, are good for health and wellbeing as it is much warmer and even more special. Hand-written note in a card can show how much they care. The amounts you wish selected to give through the card allow you to express your spiritual felling of Christmas.  Cognitive Neuroscientist Dr. Lynda Shaw said: “I firmly believe that receiving cards increases self-esteem helps to stave off feelings of loneliness and isolation and even to ward off the early stages of depression.”

A hand made Christmas card with hand-written note in a card takes time while they spend to do it or hard earned cash to buy and send it, – sending them a ‘pocket’ of your time- it communicate their feelings in both cases. Back to Dr. Lynda‎ Shaw – “time is the most precious thing we have to give, so if we spend time choosing, writing and sending a card we are helping people feel valuable and worthwhile.” It takes one step further to Make your loved ones feel something little bit more special at Christmas and know that you care… it is much more than simply; keeping in touch.

This Xmas surprise your friends and family with a special Christmas gift card with or without a Xmas present they need and want, let them know you’re thinking of them at Christmas… Christmas cards easy to make, made by you. You can also accompany your Christmas gifts with handmade Christmas card‎ easily made with few simple supplies to complete the design you like. A beautiful handmade Christmas card made of leftovers of paper, cardboard or any recycled material around in the house like buttons, beads, beads, sequins, threads or dry twigs crowned with handwritten greetings. There’s nothing quite beautiful as a special gift card with a warm glow having fun making it. We want to help you create one that stands out from the rest so you can make maximum impact when sending. Branch out and make a fun DIY Christmas cards this year and let their lights cast a warm glow for all to enjoy.

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Top ‎Creative CHRISTMAS TREE TOPPERS …With Christmas approaching, the Christmas tree decorating season begins. Ever since trees began to be decorated for Christmas, a festive masterpiece – an eye-catching –Christmas decor has been in a special place reserved for a very special ornament… The Christmas tree topper is the crown at the top that improves its appearance. The two most popular tree toppers of all time are an angel tree topper and star tree topper.

This tiny detail finishes’ any decorated tree and completes any well-adorned tree, in fact the job isn’t done until the topper is placed. The Christmas tree topper‎ is a very important part of the tree, it represent a traditional symbol at the special place…at the very top of any tree in any Christmas home décor since the late 19th century.


While the most common Christmas tree ornament was a star or an angel, if you’re not keen on either of these, or need more satisfying topper to give the perfect finishing touch there are other forms  and some whimsical toppers that might be your style, such as starbursts, finials, crosses, rosettes, bows, a Ribbon Christmas tree topper, Santa Claus tree topper, golden pineapple, personalized toppers and animal tree topper are also very common. Or break the rules a bit by using something else little more modern or DIY merry-making Christmas tree topper that fits better with the theme and style of your decor.

Traditional topper options have their roots deeply in the religious views during the Victorian era – the star as a topper representing the Star of Bethlehem which guided the Three Kings to baby Jesus, while the angel which were popular in the Victorian era, symbolizes the angel Gabriel who announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds. Both are high above the Earth offering the heavenly host that announced and celebrate Jesus’ birth maybe that is the clearest explanation for why the practice of placing figures placed at the top of the Christmas tree. Either one symbolize the significance it role in the holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus. Some Christians In many countries were also making a statement of faith intended to keep away witches, ghosts, and illness scaring any evil spirits away from their homes. Over the years the stars and angel Christmas tree topper have changed in designs to reflect the value of economic update to reflect the era in which they were purchased.

Because we all know that no tree is complete without a topper whether it was too old-fashioned or modern there’s no way you can skip it. A unique Christmas tree topper is a must piece of holiday decor that reflects what kind of personality. You may be looking for some ideas after you decorate your tree on how to top the Christmas tree, as the topper really sets the mood of the tree and helps you to crown your Christmas tree with the perfect finishing touch. To create your very own Christmas tree decorations ideas as the possibilities are really endless. Check out some awesome Christmas tree ideas to get your Christmas spirit going. Christmas tree topper might even serve as a great conversation starter for your holiday party or family get-together.

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DIY Giant Bow Christmas Tree Topper


Christmas Gift Ideas Using A Single Mold- ‎PILLOW BOXES


Christmas Gift Ideas Using A Single Mold- ‎PILLOW BOXES...It’s hard to believe it, it is that time of the year we all are awaited for. The Christmas holiday season is upon us! The season for making Unique Handmade DIY Christmas Gift & Ideas like Handmade Crafts  and DIY paper crafts projects that need Cute and Incredibly Christmas Gifts Wrapping Ideas or creative box packaging ideas for these gifts. Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas That Are Creative and Easy is one of the  Things You Cannot Stop Doing This Christmas or any Christmas as it is as special as the gift itself.

We know that Christmas is the season of boxes and gift wrapping. To search for a gift wrapping paper and pre-made Christmas gift boxes to make a wonderful gift presentation became one of the main node problems that face us when it comes to small presents and gifts. There are gifts don’t include wrapping paper or gift bags. Pillow boxes may be one of the simplest solutions in many cases.


Pillow boxes are simple, pretty wrapping, a great package for small objects like; jewelry, lingerie, small gifts,  Felt Christmas Ornament Crafts – to trim the Tree and favors. Pillow boxes are craft projects making gifts visually delightful. It gives you the ability to have more design options, from using the paper, colors, pattern, accessories and size of your choice. If you would like to make your next Christmas gift having something extra special, then you can make your own gift box for your friends and family adding a wonderfully personal touch to every package. Part of the fun of the holidays is getting gift packages to handle face to face items that need careful handling such as  Christmas Candle Sets As Gifts for Holidays or Handmade Polymer Clay Christmas Ornaments.

Pillow boxes can be made of various colors, depths and can be made in various sizes which are perfect for various size gifts to suit your needs; the sizes can range from small to large. Small gift boxes are often hold gifts such as jewelry gifts, perfumes, soap, lingerie, scarfs, fashion accessories, candy, and favors. Large gift boxes of these pillow boxes are used as an alternative box for lightweight gifts and clothing. Pillow box for small gifts is super simple to make, they are beautiful not very complicated ideas that do not require a lot of material. In fact they are inexpensive; as no one really is willing to pay much money on things that is not needed; this helps you to concentrate on the present itself without spending a fortune to complete wrapping it. These beautiful little boxes; unique in shape and designs, resemble a pillow in shape with elliptical ends and simply pop.  Gift Decoration Wrapping Ideas for a pillow white box can be turned into numerous designs, dolled with ribbons and labels and other embellishments to create the correct impression and this makes your present extra special to give away small details at Christmas. They are all functional, stylish and use Eco-friendly cardboard boxes folded over flat and glued and the most awesome it is easily reusable. It stores flat as they are relatively easy to fold them down flat & it looks all exotic and impressive and above all is a sign that when you give what you do with the heart, hoping to make people happy receiving detail. What more could a person ask for in a gift box?


To make this pillow box, all you need is:

  • pretty paper to print on or smooth cardboard sheets
  • glue stick
  • ruler
  • Scissors with good edge
  • paper scorer / bone folder

Make many pillow boxes for all your loved ones. Enjoy all these ideas:

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Abu Mena a UNESCO World Heritage Site Alexandria, Egypt


Abu Mena is an ancient Christian heritage site and is one of the oldest Christian sites in Egypt. Located in the desert Maryout about 45 km southwest of Alexandria, Egypt. Abu Mena was inscribed as a World Heritage Site 1979. The site has suffered severe subsidence in recent years, in 2001 to the list of  World Heritage Sites in Danger due to the heightened agricultural activity of an ill-conceived agricultural irrigation project in the region which has caused a number of the site’s buildings to collapse or become unstable. It is now closed to the public while remedial restoration work is carried out.

The site is monastery complex and Christian pilgrimage destination center formerly the town of Abu Mena in Late Antique Egypt from the 5th to the mid 7th century. This site is a remains of an early Christian holy city which includes the church, baptistry, basilicas, public buildings, monasteries, streets, houses, workshops and other relics. A few buildings are standing today in Abu Mena but foundations of major buildings like the basilica have been excavated and identified.


This small town was built over the burial grounds of the martyr Menas of Alexandria, who died in AD 296. The first excavations brought to light a large Basilica from 1905 to 1907 , an adjacent church which had probably housed the saint’s remains, and Roman baths. The second round of excavations were continued by the German Archaeological Institute from 1969 to 1998, resulted in the discovery of a huge dormitory, a baptistery and a complex of wine presses with the underground storage rooms. The church at this site was erected in honour St Mina, a Christian martyr.
Menas, who was a soldier from Alexandria born in West Africa serving under the Roman dominion. He is famous for publicly announcing his Christianity and rejecting the idea of killing any Christians after his army won. Due to these pacifist beliefs he deserted the army. Having been caught he was tortured and beheaded. There are different versions about his burial and about how the Abu Mena complex was built and dedicated to him. The saint’s corpse was buried at an unspecified location , It is believed amongst many that after Menas died and was taken on a camel, the camel who was bringing back his remains from Phrygia at some point stopped walking and refused to continue, that was taken as a sign of God, and that’s where they buried his remains.
Another interesting fact is that in that same spot a water well in the desert just erupted making the area green and fertile full of vines and olive trees the area was named St. Menas Vineyards. What once was the Saint Menas Vineyards Oasis today, only few standing remains, and the desert are the witness of once a beautiful oasis and pilgrimage site. In the vicinity of the future Abu Mena complex, turning this place, in the following two centuries, into a place of pilgrimage destination in Egypt and remained so until the seventh century. When the city was destroyed by the Arabs.The site was one of the holy sites and still so today one of the most venerated saints in Egypt.



































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Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas


Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas…Cupcakes are a great way to celebrate any occasion, and Halloween is no exception. From creepy to creepier, not only are they able to insert the right sweet surprise for the holiday, but also able to spread the atmospheric Halloween cheer. Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas are super cool ideas for not so professional bakers that can help you to create your own.

We are presenting some Halloween theme cupcake designs and ideas with witches, ghosts, spiders and even scientist brains. Let’s check them out feature the cute faces of our Halloween characters one by one. All of these Spooky treat decorations coordinate with the style of I hope you enjoy these ideas.

Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_12

Halloween Ghost Cupcakes

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays it gives us the opportunity to decorate and design favorite dessert …from baked cupcakes to Halloween themed treats.  Cupcake designs are the perfect dessert choice for any celebratory occasion, the perfect canvas for your artistic creations. They can be easily transformed to ideas for Halloween that range from scary Halloween cupcakes to cute Halloween cupcakes, all you have to do with a bit of creativity is to decorate them with some spooky decorating items.

As many say …, the world of Halloween desserts is a scary place where you can find deeply rooted symbolism creatures to enjoy celebrating Halloween. So, if you want to treat and surprise your friends for Halloween, these Halloween cupcake ideas, from horrible to adorable are made especially to impress them! There are many different ideas for decorating Halloween cupcakes. Creepy Halloween cupcakes are of surprising and interesting variety topping but quick and easy to make;  creepy, crawly spiders and Spider web Cupcakes, Witches, Wizards and Spooky Ghost Cupcakes, Zombies, eyeball, mummy’s, monsters and Frankenstein Cupcakes, and the most adorable three colored Candy Corn Cupcakes and pumpkins and other fun Halloween designs. Here you’ll find fantastic selection of Halloween cake decorations and plenty of eerie looking edibles cupcakes that are chilling and creepy. Cupcake toppers and all spooky treat decorations with easy ideas for decorating some themed Halloween cupcakes, by adding frosting, a little bit of fondant, candy and sprinkles to your plain cupcake either homemade/store bought cupcakes…Which are made of awesome tricks that can be achieved with a lot of creativity coordinate with the style to encourage you to celebrate Halloween of I hope you enjoy these ideas. Although Halloween desserts are the important part of Halloween celebration, many of us cannot go far with cake decoration of these terrifying treats but can back a simple cake. OR simply you can always buy pre-made cupcakes from the bakery section. Either way we’ve made it easy for you to create delicious decorated cakes with our Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas. You may cheat the interesting and creative decoration idea to make on plain cupcakes to decorate into Halloween themed designs. Most of them are nice and super easy to make and more over they look hauntingly good for any spooktacular party or event.

Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_01

Halloween cupcakes could be with form of any Halloween symbol that seem to be appropriate for Halloween, like pumpkin cupcake ideas, candy corn, mummies, spider webs, creepy vampire cupcakes, Halloween eyeball cupcakes and of course, these adorable little ghost cupcakes. Halloween cupcakes mostly are scary, totally spooky and eerie, decorated with any delicious Halloween-themed treats. But the importance of these cupcake ideas that they are sophisticated perfectly balance between cute and spooky… yet delicious treats for all kids and adults too that will complete any Halloween gathering and perfect for the holiday. Seriously, these festive and cute Halloween Cupcakes are so much fun and a great way for parents and adults to get in the Halloween spirit. Just choose your favorite cupcake creation for adding details and make a ton of delicious fun cupcakes in order to celebrate. It isn’t hard to decorate cupcakes, and make a balance between cute and spooky. These cupcakes are easy to make, fun to decorate, and very popular in fact you don’t need to be an amazing baker to create cute and scary Halloween cupcakes! These spooky and delicious Halloween cupcakes below are some of our favorite all you need is some basic kitchen supplies (like favorite frosting, icing bags/zip-top bags, icing tips). Halloween Cupcake Ideas range of both simple and challenging cupcakes decorated for Halloween in a million defrightful ways! Sometimes the best Halloween treats are those with simple decorations…simplicity is the ones that are decorated with finishing touches and toppings. These are all sorts of truly creative ways of fun to; pick between options like gorgeous glittery pumpkin cupcakes, adorable “Fraidycat” cupcakes, bloody brains bow, or appropriately creepy vampire cupcakes. So decide which ones will you choose to Celebrate the Halloween season this year?

Here we’ve gathered some amazing Halloween cupcake designs to inspire you to decorate some cute and, seasonal decorated Halloween cupcakes to get your spooky Halloween spirit on. Check them out, and have fun decorating the Halloween cupcake so everyone will enjoy making for the holiday.

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 Ghost Cupcake;source

Green Ghost Cupcakes with Slime;


Red Devil Cupcakes;


sourceSpooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_17source

Black Magic Bat Cupcakes with Oreo Cookies;


Brain Cupcakes with a simple DIY Cupcake Topper;


Cauldron Cupcakes;


Creepy Halloween Spider Cupcakes;


Halloween Ghost Cupcakes;


Headless Horseman Cupcakes;


Jack Skellington Cupcakes;


Scary Broken Glass Cupcakes;


Slimy Cupcakes;


Spider Egg Cupcakes;


Spiderweb Cupcakes;


Spooky Chocolate Tarantula Cupcakes;

Witches Hat Cupcakes;


Witch’s Broom Cupcakes;


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Spiderweb Cupcakes;

Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_18sourceAY1006ST009 Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_20 Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_21 Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_23 Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_24 Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_25sourceSpooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_05 Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_06 Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_07 Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_11 Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_12 Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_13Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_18 Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_19 Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_23 Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_29 Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_49 Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_59 Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_60sourceSpooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_78 Spooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_89sourceSpooky Halloween cupcake Ideas_90

50 Traditional Pumpkin Carving Patterns Ideas


50 Traditional Pumpkin Carving Patterns Ideas…Pumpkin carving is a traditional part of Halloween celebrations each year. For centuries on October 31, doorsteps and windows across the world and more specifically in the United States are decorated with glowing carved pumpkins. In fact, many families create a big impact with display artistic and entertaining Halloween jack-o-lantern throughout much of the autumn season ranging from simple to complex designs and from silly to spooky, and even politically and historical.

Of course, the classic jack-o-lantern is still popular, with its triangular eyes and nose and toothy smile. But many Halloween pumpkin carvers choose to turn him into something wild and creative more traditional and complex designs. Get started now with these Traditional Pumpkin Carving Patterns Ideas which will help you make the perfect Halloween decoration and great-looking pumpkins so go ahead and carve up something fierce.


Pumpkins aren’t just a classic fall staple they are definitely an important fall pumpkin ‎decorations item for both Halloween and autumn. They’re what jack-o’-lanterns tradition ‎of carving pumpkins are made of! Nothing screams Halloween more than a classic ‎pumpkin carving designs of the carved Jack O’ Lantern. ‎Classic Jack Carving dates back for decades to the old ancient Celtic holiday, ‎Samhain festival. They used to carve pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns – that happy four-tooth ‎smile and a triangle nose. Classic Jack carving gives us a heritage look into the past ‎traditions of Halloween.‎

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to get new twists on the ‎traditional Jack O’ Lanterns and unique pumpkin display ideas for Halloween with ‎new and fresh pumpkin carving ideas, and to mention…the classic expression will ‎never get old. ‎ If you need one Jack O’ Lantern or a traditional Halloween carving patterns, to ‎impress or to add some sparkle decoration to your home for the cozy season; just scroll ‎down and check out these 50 Traditional easy pumpkin carvings Idea of free pumpkin ‎carving patterns . These free pumpkin stencils do guarantee epic pumpkin carvings ideas ‎that are FUN AND ORIGINAL DESIGNS. These free pumpkin carving ‎stencils, pumpkin patterns, and pumpkin template ideas that range ‎from easy pumpkin carving ideas to minimal carving ideas are easy to create for ‎beginners. The sky is the limit . . . There are silly, creepy, scary, funny, and angry jack o ‎lantern faces and other designs to help you use your imagination to add Halloween ‎cheer to your porch.‎


Method for carving your pumpkin;‎

The traditional way of carving a pumpkin is to hollow your pumpkin and then do your ‎carving design all through the outer gourd into the hollow center. Many other ‎methods of carving have been discovered lately that will minimize the carving process ‎involving less work with knives and allow your Halloween carved pumpkins to last longer. ‎You might find these methods extremely easy to use, so you can create something ‎awesome even if you’re a beginner A few popular carving options include:‎


• Carve a traditional jack-o’-lantern. Weather it was the classic design of Jack ‎O’ Lanterns- that has a happy four-tooth smile and a triangle nose the easiest ‎design to plan and to cut for beginners OR advanced pumpkin faces carving this ‎technique is intended to carve to the full depth. ‎


• Carve a silhouette. It is a simple alternative to the classic jack-o-lantern face; ‎Generally speaking, it is easier to make because there is less fine cutting.‎ Pick a shape and you cut out the background the “negative space” around the ‎character, then carve out features like eyes or a mouth to make the character ‎look back lit Keep in mind you don’t cut all the way through the wall of the ‎pumpkin! Only cut the design to a depth of about 5mm for a two-toned multi-‎dimensional effect. You’ll end up with a rounded circle of light much like the Moon ‎around the dark shape, with lighted details left out. On a dark night the candle ‎light ray will peek through the shallow portion for a really nice effect of the ‎Halloween carved pumpkins designs.‎


• Carve down to the pulp. You use this method when the aim of decoration is for a ‎daytime with no candle to light. The Halloween pumpkin ideas or jack-o’-lantern are ‎carved to scratch away the pumpkin skin, only to reveal the pulp. You never ‎carve or dive too deep all the way into the gourd.‎


Pumpkin patterns for kids; ‎

Pumpkin carving is a fun family activity not only for adult but kids too. This ‎Halloween tradition helps the creation of jack-o-lanterns ‎and raise their ‎inspiration to create a symbolic piece of Halloween decor. Halloween pumpkin ‎decorating ideas are one of the most beloved Halloween traditions for kids. ‎ Because Halloween is that one particular occasion to horror and terrifying ‎others using scary stuff of everyday items like; to do the effect. Pumpkins ‎ideas in the form of scary Halloween pumpkin carvings and pumpkin designs ‎using simple Halloween stencils are easy to ‎ create and awesome jack-o-lantern ‎designs for Halloween. Carved scary pumpkin faces ‎in the front or background ‎will scare your neighbors and trick-or-treaters.‎


How to Carve a Pumpkin;‎

Get ideas to get carving: While lots of pumpkin decorating ideas don’t require you ‎to ever pick up a knife at all. Pumpkins carved as jack-o’-lanterns have something magical, it ‎imitate us to celebrate fall evenings with homemade Halloween decorations. ‎Most of us love the pumpkin carving projects, this have taught them that it’s ‎much easier to make pumpkin stencils and pumpkin carving patterns they are interested in as ‎memorable designs when you start with a stencil. ‎So we found the easiest pumpkin patterns for carving … the polka-dots or whichever pattern ‎you would like to carve. They range from easy pumpkin carving faces to cool pumpkin carving ‎faces with clever emoticons, and easy-to-use free easy pumpkin carving patterns. ‎You’ll need pumpkin carving tools which consist of a carving knife, a spoon, a marker or ‎pencil, and a cordless drill.


Pumpkin carving kit differs according to the method for ‎carving your pumpkin.‎ Print the stencil of your choice, tape it to hold the pattern to the front of your ‎hollowed-out pumpkin after removing the pumpkin guts and scooped out all of the ‎seeds, and “trace” any of the various lantern patterns you’ve choose. Mark lines by ‎poking pinholes all along the edge of your design on the pumpkin using your marker ‎or pencil to transfer it. Then pull the paper off, and use a pencil to lightly connect the ‎dots then drill through the holes or carve over the pinhole lines, with your own ‎kitchen knives. And you’ll have a unique jack-o’-lantern ready for Halloween that ‎Will Make Your Neighbors and trick-or-treaters Insanely Jealous.‎
The possible pumpkin carving templates options in the Halloween pumpkin designs are endless, ‎and kids will love the chance to be creative. If you’re looking for some cool pumpkin ‎carving ideas that are really simple, checks out these easy pumpkin carving ideas.‎

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