60 Wall Christmas Tree – Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

Now that Fall is here and Christmas is fast approaching, we’re thinking about redecorating our homes or offices which means it’s the perfect time to dig out those decorations for some DIY inspiration and to start thinking about a tree. There are some Christmas traditions we just can’t give up, and one of those is the decorated Christmas tree, it is a tradition since years. For some people a Christmas tree is something that we think we can’t get a bit more creative with, but there are many non-traditional trees out there; the hanging wall Christmas tree has to be our fave. Not only is it an amazing idea for those who live in small houses; the unique wall tree is the perfect solution for celebrating the holidays in full swing. Alternative Christmas tree ideas or you have a large space and have decorated your Christmas tree now is time to decorate the walls. It will look amazing with some DIY Christmas decorations Art Ideas. There are so many Amazing DIY Christmas Wall Art Ideas alternative to the Christmas tree.



Having a style suitable for everyone, thousands of different ideas to make beautiful and festively decorated Christmas tree art for the walls; listed here are our Top unconventional Christmas trees and different styles of Christmas Tree wall purely decorative. Christmas Tree Wall are loaded with Christmas cheer but no one can imagine Christmas with no tree, Christmas Tree Wall are to solve a number of problems:
1. Christmas Tree Wall can be mixed and matched with other exclusive designs.
2. Christmas Tree Wall can be a symbol of the season in your home and an optional idea instead of a large Christmas tree.
3. Seniors who are unable to stand with the putting up and taking down of a tree or cannot also deal with the hours spent on can still enjoy the season with Christmas Tree Wall.
4. Christmas Tree Wall helps you to add more than one tree to a home with minimum budget, not having the time or the space to put another up.
5. Christmas Tree Wall is a trendy office party decoration accessory as an ideal choice for temporary indoor decoration.
6. Christmas Tree Wall is the hottest most affordable, safe and clean way to decorate your kid’s room.
7. The last and not the least it does not need a lot of money or a valuable time to decorate and redecorate.
These Christmas wall tree are unique, unusual eco-friendly for any modern house and unpredictable suggestions for holiday designing.


Here are some Unconventional Christmas tree ideas instead of a Christmas tree for a modern Christmas tree Theme- Go for the faux – alternative Christmas tree;
It’s OK if you refuse to give up Christmas trees . But maybe you’re not crazy about artificial evergreens hanged on the wall. Faux Christmas trees can be a good alternative for your traditional natural ones they are gorgeous fake-and-proud addition to your holiday decor scheme.


Lighted Christmas Wall Tree;

Lighted wall Christmas tree with branches and/or string lights to be a lighted wall Christmas tree which has the same traditional Christmas tree look; evergreen branches, white Christmas lights, ornaments and bows. Hanging wall Christmas tree could be Hang it up anywhere very elegant for small apartment and spaces.


Festive Lighted Christmas Wall Tree curtain;

Alighted Christmas Wall Tree curtain style hang greatly on a wall or over a window, with Colorful LED lights to brighten up your holiday decor.

wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_04 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_31

Use Christmas tree wall decal to make a flat Christmas tree;
the holiday wall decal decor possibilities are endless; all you need is a little bit of blank wall to put up this Christmas tree wall decal. The sticker decals are eco-friendly made of vinyl free alternative to real Christmas trees. They come in a large range of cheery colors, and are easily removable a solution for families who want a tree in several places in the house without the mess. They’re even suitable for smooth surfaces as they adhere to any surface like fridges, large furniture and windows, behind a sofa and more over in the entranceway ,they brighten up a the space without taking up any valuable floor space. Here is how to make a flat Christmas tree.



Pipe Christmas Tree Wall Hanging;

It’s a new way to upgrade your creatively by making a Christmas tree decorated with PVC pipe Christmas tree or you can make them from paper or wood. This Interesting décor for your walls are inexpensive and easy-to-make. These holiday wall hanging will easily bring the crafter out of you and It’s sure to impress your guest and even Santa himself.


DIY Wall Light Christmas Tree;
You definitely will like this lighted wall Christmas tree that can be the center of attention during the holidays. It is perfect if you have short space for a real tree. It is very easy to install and you don’t need a lot of things to make it. All you need to do is to fix a long colored string Christmas lights on your wall. The String Christmas Tree might be made of one color or multi several colors but are aware of the shaped tree to remind the real Christmas tree but this isn’t too hard to achieve.


Shelf Christmas Trees;
Floating shelves can be used to make creative Christmas trees House Doctor and Ikea this idea is so simple and a great Christmas tree alternatives DIY because you can be up cycled from things around the house. Or you can also cover just a few of your books to create a tree in a way that will create a Christmas holiday shape on your bookshelf!


DIY Honeycomb Christmas Tree;
This is a very easy Christmas tree alternatives DIY and an enjoyable way for kid’s room. Honeycombs are in every home used for many occasions. It gives some more holiday fun that can even fit a real tree in a tiny apartment.


Less Is More: The Half Christmas Tree;
It suites small spaces and for people still believe in the traditional natural tree but look at new ideas for living with less . A new half xmas tree for wall is such a good idea. It appears bushy and full from the front with a Flat Back Christmas Tree, to be pushed against the walls, saving valuable space. A half Christmas tree is created with the same warm festive look, unique space-saving, using half the space and decorated in half the time and still looks like a full blown traditional Christmas tree.


Corner wall Christmas tree;
A Corner Christmas Tree is a Quarter Christmas Trees that fits and look great on any wall in your house, apartment, dorm room, or office. Just perfect for short on space, or are looking to decorate a wall or door or for those who want more floor space to entertain guests.


Wall Christmas Tree is a modern method to bring them from traditional tree to off-the-wall. Here are some amazing ideas; you just have to get crafty. Christmas Tree Wall is a trendy office party decoration accessory as an ideal choice for temporary indoor decoration. Be inspired by these glamorous wall Christmas tree ideas and decorate your home or office with a luxuriously tree this year. Here are 60 great examples of Christmas wall art. Have fun with these 60 wall Christmas tree alternative-Christmas tree ideas. Who knows? Making a clever wall Christmas tree might just become a new family tradition! Lighted Christmas Wall Tree.



wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_06 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_09 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_11 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_12 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_13 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_15 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_17 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_18 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_19 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_20 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_21 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_22 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_27 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_28 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_29 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_32 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_35 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_36 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_37 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_38 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_39 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_40 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_41 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_42 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_46 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_48 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_49 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_50 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_51 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_52 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_53 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_56 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_57 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_58 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_59 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_62 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_63 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_66 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_67 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideassource

wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_25 wall-christmas-tree-alternative-christmas-tree-ideas_031most Images source; pinterest.

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