Cyprus Holiday, The Island of love

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean basin, southeastern Europe and southwestern Asia. A “jewel” of a Mediterranean island. Cyprus has played a historical role in the Eastern Mediterranean. Nearby countries are-Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon. Politically Cyprus is a European country. The island is divided by a green line between the Greek and the Turkish people following the Turkish invasion in 1974. Due to the reflecting the two dominant populations, the culture of Cyprus has evolved as a fusion the two distinct cultures of Greek and Turkish Cypriots. Lefkosia ( Nicosia ) The capital of Cyprus, is located near the middle of the island, is cut in two by the Green Line.

Cyprus was the center of several civilizations through many centuries… Such as the Roman civilization, Byzantine, Greek, which have settled there since 3000 years. Invaders such as the Phoenicians, Romans, and Crusaders historical figures such as: Cleopatra and Alexander the Great and Leonardo da Vinci and Richard the Lion Heart had irresistible attraction to the island through history.

Greek language is the mother tongue and the most common one,the second language is English , spoken by a large scale and there is considerable knowledge in Arabic, French and German.The following information will help you enjoy your visit to Cyprus… one of the most beautiful islands in the East and West. its a place that you must visit, sure you’ll find what you are looking for here, you will enjoy it with your family.

On arriving to the island youll find that it is difficult to know where to start, but the sea has to be first in line that makes you enjoy the wide and sandy beaches. Also you can visit Ayia Napa Was a small fishing village with a small harbour then became a popular tourist centre. The coastal land was far more valuable because of its nice beaches ,splendor weather and the colour of the water. The best Cypriot beaches are; Diana Beach, Alagadi Turtle Beach, Nissi Beach, Escape Beach, Protaras Beach, Ladies’ Mile Beach, Curium Beach, Pissouri Beach, Governor’s Beach, and Fig Tree Bay Beach, where water sports has lots to offer, the waters around Cyprus are perfect for Sailing in Cyprus, diving and other water sports as Windsurfing, Boat trips and Yacht charter. The splendor Weather helps, to carry out multiple activities during the holiday especially for nature lovers and amateur sport in the open air, and the tourist can fish, golf, cycling, mountain climbing and gliding gliders and the practice of water sports. tourists enjoy the mountains covered with pine forests, rice, the trees and plants along the Mediterranean . Cyprus is well known by its sun, it is the sunniest country in Europe with over 300 days of sun annually. The environment is relatively unspoiled and considered one of the healthiest in the world according to the W. H. O.

Museums and archaeological sites where there is almost too much for you to see and explore which span more than five millennial of history.Cyprus, is rich in cultural and archaeological heritage with great natural beauty. The district “of Ike Aatuna” houses he best heritage features of the old part of town. Otherwise you can enjoy such as museums, most notably the Museum of Event as your municipality, and the Byzantine Museum, and the old gates (Famagusta Gate). The theatre of the multi-tiered stone theatre of ancient Kourion was a city in Cyprus is often the summer setting for concerts where the annual Shakespeare Festival is occurred on ; situated on the south shores of the island, performed at the top of a hill overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

Cyprus is characterized by limiting distance that makes tourists able to visit and enjoy in a very short time .Enjoyment of a unique proximity to the three continents Europe, Asia and Africa. The most important things that can be purchased from Cyprus are leather products, ceramics and pottery, as well as jewelry, copper jewelry and silverware.