Halloween Creative Cake-Decorating Ideas

Best Halloween Cakes That Are Both Sweet and Spooky

Halloween is one of the world’s oldest holidays, celebrated annually on October 31. Although it’s derived from Celtic festival of Samhain, and religious rituals, Halloween is still widely celebrated in countries…. massively popular in the United States.

Halloween is traditionally an American holiday; with many people celebrating it became observed in many countries around the globe…all inspires other latitudes with its essence. This celebration is always characterized by recklessness, fun and creepy practical jokes.

If in the original version, young people and children around the world dress up in frightening outfits, asking for a ‘trick or treat’ from their neighborhood. Pranks and games are other fascinating traditions for that holly holiday. Many other versions of the holiday are celebrated elsewhere, too. Thus, as any holiday, even the most terrible one, requires a festive table with delicious and, of course, baking holiday cookies with beautiful decoration. Cakes are not only a delicious sweet, but also can be with great sweet decoration.

Cake decorating is relatively new concept compared to cake art which was performed in Europe in the mid-17th century. Cake decorating indeed has a long and colored history. Places all over the world go through competitions especially in the Western World.

Cake decorating is one of the very popular activities, delights almost everyone but not aware of the long and intensive accurately work to get out that beautifully decorated one. In many areas of the world, a decorated cake is the traditional centerpiece for any celebration and the main focal point of a special celebration or are given as gifts.

The tradition requires that the cake be decorated, as a sign of (national or religious holidays). Halloween cakes are equal parts trick or treat and there are plenty of inspiration ranging from easy to hard.

Halloween cakes has so many options for decorating and can double as gorgeous Halloween table centerpieces. Offer to your monster friends beautiful Halloween cakes from spooky mummies and spiderwebs to cute ghosts, witches and creepy crawly spiders and pumpkins, these creative Halloween cakes are wicked fun. These are the special protagonists of the night of October 31st that you cannot miss.

Tradition has it that for the night of the witches’ monstrous desserts are served made with super autumnal ingredients such as pumpkins and chestnuts, but also apples, almonds, walnuts and lots of chocolate. Oh, how delicious, and how scary at the same time these Halloween cakes are endlessly creative … any of these can become a centerpiece decoration for your table. It seems that without these special treats it is impossible to imagine Halloween.

While browsing through the net I found lovely people with lovely with Cake decorating hobby on cakecentral.com, and other adorable sites… Thus, I gathered some of their lovely work that I myself, enjoyed the pictures posted to celebrate simply to liven up your day and enjoying them with your family and friends in this Halloween celebration. Choose what will be the “Halloween cake”, the greedy and spectacular cake that will dominate your table for Halloween night, you know that there is nothing more fun to prepare than excellent scary desserts! Get the kids involved in decorating as part of the fun Halloween activities.

To you the choice! see all the collection of scary desserts and find your favorite to bake with the little ones and to enjoy with your friends for an unforgettable Halloween night. But don’t let these spooky Halloween cake decorating ideas scare you off—they’re surprisingly easy and fun to make!

Halloween Drip Cake and Chocolate Candy

Ghost and Eye Cake

ghost cake

Pumpkin Pie Tissue and Flowers

Creepy Eye Cake

Cake with Colorful Halloween Candy

Halloween Ideas: Drip Cake and Spider Webs

Lemon Green Halloween Drip Cake

Ghoulish Halloween Cake

Eyeballs and teeth cake

Haunted house cake

haunted cakes 

Halloween Chocolate Decor 

Cream decor 

Children’s Halloween Cakes

Halloween Chocolate Decor 





















































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