Traveling to California Peninsula, 17-mile drive Lone Cypress

Lone Cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa)is located in Pebble Beach, on the Monterey Bay Peninsula, California. The 17-mile drive which is an essential part of your visit to the northern California coast.

The Lone Cypress is one of California’s most enduring landmarks, that stands above the other landmarks as a perseverance and strength of the north coast’s history and one of the most famous trees in the world, is also the official symbol of Pebble Beach.


The Lone Cypress has prevailed on its rocky perch for over 250 years. The Lone Cypress tree is perched on a rock with supporting cable around it to keep it from falling. This icon has inspired many and is revered as the eternal symbol of Pebble Beach Company. A small size tree is iconic in status because of flanked with stone and the isolated juxtaposition of this lonely tree right above the rocks and cliffs, directly overlooking the scenic cold Pacific Ocean, makes this tree more beautiful to see, people from around the globe traveling miles to visit .


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