A shimmery accessories made from Mercury Glass has started to be increasingly popular. Mercury Glass/ silvered glass decorations has been around since the 1840s and not our usual type of centerpiece but it’s only recently that we rediscovered its beauty.

Mercury Glass look very similar to silver an here is the secret for their beauty. Mercury glass is creative decorative items used around the house especially for special occasions. It’s made of a double blown glass wall with mercury inside between the layers then sealed. Mercury glasses are made of glass and since they are transparent they match any décor. Mercury glasses are great for any room of the house, even the bathroom could use a few eye-catching features, and mercury glasses are traditional decorations perfect for the coming holidays. Mercury glass can be used to make lots of different items…vases, candle holders chandeliers, pendant lamps and lighting fixtures and many more beautiful for any type of home décor and featuring a timeless charm. Here we posted Beautiful Mercury Glass Decorations For Your Coming Holidays from pinterest ….No matter what your occasion or application, the Mystique of Mercury Glass is sure to leave a shining impression on your guests, family and friends.




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