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Handmade Fathers Day Card Ideas

Handmade Fathers Day Card Ideas

Handmade Fathers Day Card Ideas …On Father’s Day, let’s honor fathers on their own special day. Celebrate fatherhood and paternal bonds by thanking all fathers on the 3rd Sunday of June. Say ThankYouSuperDad by sharing art and craft and creative handmade Father’s Day card ideas.

Father’s Day is that day to honor and appreciate any father. It is celebrated on June and off course there is no better opportunity than that day to remember the forgotten ones; a grandfather, father-in-law, godfather, step-father and spiritual leaders as well. Other men that have been a father figure; a teacher, Big Brother, uncle or friend are also remembered too. With this celebration, we think of gift-giving, a unique handmade Father’s Day cards  are great which can be coordinated with a gift or just alone.


Once again, we celebrate Father’s Day, by tradition to pay respect to fatherhood and paternal bonds. This day is celébrated around the world but not on the same dates. Typically, families gather to celebrate the father figures and highlights their contribution and importance in their lives. But no matter what, today and in recent years, many families adapted to the holiday by promoting handmade greeting cards accompanied with a gift, or simply give a gift card for dad along  to wish a happy Father’s Day to all the fathers in the world for their love and devotion.

Check out these handmade greeting cards.  and take a look at these amazing daddy card Ideas that dad will appreciate. Get inspired to make your own daddy card whether they are simple or super complex to honor and salute that supper dad in your life. Dad will love getting a unique handmade daddy card made by his family. You can make these cards in different ways, using different materials. Choose what is suitable to remember your dears.


Father’s Day Gift Card Holder;

A Father’s Day Gift Card Holder is very practical gift on Father’s Day. This card holds either a shop bought gift card or instead send a handwritten message in its place holder. When dad full the monster head’s up he will find a little card or your handwritten message.


Father’s Day photo card;

You and your dad will loved this perfect Father’s Day card idea…With black cardboard cutout the shape of a camera. Chose a nice photo and cut it a circle the same size of a bottom of a plastic cup. Glue a bottom of a black painted plastic cup for the lens with the photo underneath.

A Super Hero Father’s Day Card;

You do not want to miss and honor tour dad the hero of your life. Show yours how super he is with this adorable Super Hero Father’s Day Card that says everything posted in your mind, This Super Hero Father’s Day Card is a symbol of any superhero your  prefer just put the symbol on top (Images from the step by step: Kaminski’s Creations )


Day pop up card;

Pop up card seems to be a bit actual challenge to create but they can be very simple when following the steps. On Father’s Day make a father’s day gift card that hell love to receive, it also may be a DIY daddy birthday card too. A Father’s Day pop out card can pop out of the center of the card …flowers, whales, text, ocean scene and even more. These Father’s Day pop out cards can be customizable options for Dad, a grandfather, father-in-law, godfather, step-father, spiritual leaders and other men that have been a father figure.





Father’s Day cards pasta bows;

You already know that pasta children love pasta. it is a perfect material for crafts. Make an easy superhero card decorated with pasta bows.  Color them with paint, you can leave them plain or dotted or with strips.


Father’s Day cards paper bow ties;

These folded paper bow ties are very easy and so fun and easy to make. Instead of a traditional necktie this bow tie is so easy for a collared shirt for the card.


Father’s Day cards for the IT, Computer Tech dads;

If your dad is a high-tech or who spend a lot of time on the iPhone, iPad, computer and all those tech products that start with i, then this an easy and extremely cute Father’s Day card to make and perfect for him!

Father’s Day Tool Box Gift Card Holder;

This cool Father’s Day Tool Box Gift Card Holder is the perfect way to gift dad funny fathers day cards. He will love getting this gift card for dad as a present on Father’s Day to kick it up a notch . you can find the steps on  Paper Mill Direct.


Tractor Footprint Card;

If you have little ones, hand and footprint art ideas are LOVED by parents. This simple DIY craft is for a special 1st Father’s Day card. They make funny Father’s Day cards too! Handprints and footprints of our little ones make every card a meaningful and one-of-a-kind gift for parents and grandparents to save forever.

Personalised Father’s Day cards;

We think that gifting a personalised Father’s Day card by you or your kids means so much more than a gift itself or giving up a card other dad may receive. Especially true if your dear ones made it for their dad. It might be better if you buy a few craft supplies and let the kids get creative with your help…he’ll love this one more! This card can serve as Happy Father’s Day card or DIY daddy birthday card. Get instruction from Paper Mill Direct.

Crafty Handmade Wallet Card;

to those who have a hard time coming up with something daddy birthday card or Father’s Day gift cards this card is very original. A crafty wallet card is handy DIY project with a pocket for a gift card for a creative child to make. You can choose brown or black cardboard to do your Crafty Handmade Wallet Card or other colors according to your fancy. Little Leaf Lane


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