Last Minute Thanksgiving Holiday Decor and Tablescaping Ideas

Let the fall season inspire you with its nature colors. Flowers, leaves,  pine cones, acorns , berries, seed pods, pine branches, ocher , reddish colors and many other cool decorative items and everything in between can add the warm air we are looking for and the cozy atmosphere.

Last Minute Thanksgiving Decor …It is less than a week until Thanksgiving. We all are aware that Thanksgiving is celebrated on the last Thursday of November. It is a celebration that gather family or friends, and it is a great opportunity to be thankful for all that we experience in the year.

But sometimes we wait until the last possible moment to consider the type of decorating for a particular holiday. Don’t stress. Breathe a sigh of relief because nobody will know that you waited until the last minute!


Many of us have been busy planning for Thanksgiving dinner and menus and forgotten about the Thanksgiving table and décor, wasting all this time and you don’t have any great decorations for that day. Usually at Christmas time all decorations ideas are regular, up or out and that’s enough. But for Thanksgiving, not everyone has a decorations sensibility or new creative ideas. Because Thanksgiving dinner would not be the same without turkey, cakes or pumpkin pie, the food itself would not have the same effect as if our table was dressed in its full.

So Last Minute Thanksgiving Decor wont be a problem, let the fall season inspire you with its nature colors. Flowers, leaves,  pine cones, acorns , berries, seed pods, pine branches, ocher , reddish colors and many other cool decorative items and everything in between can add the warm air we are looking for and the cozy atmosphere.  The golden hue of candles and the beauty of fall-inspired centerpieces. Create an atmosphere to receive your loved ones to spend an unforgettable evening.

We share seven Last Minute Thanksgiving Holiday Decor and Tablescaping Ideas, to celebrate and thank life with your favorite people: Try out these TOTALLY affordable, quick and easy Thanksgiving table decorating ideas and suggestions. These will comfort your family and close friends that will inspire you to have a Thanksgiving you’ll remember for years to come.


Ideas to decorate your table on Thanksgiving  

Thanksgiving dinner is approaching, and we share 7 ideas to decorate your table and achieve an unforgettable evening with your friends and family.

1-Pumpkins as a table runner

Pumpkins as a table runner an offer a subtle alternative to a traditional table runner Get pumpkins of all the colors, shapes and textures and transform them into a table runner to accommodate them on your table. You can stack them, line them up in line, pile them up, or place them on plates with the fall vibes, Combine pumpkin sizes for creativity and for a touch of fall flair.


2-Personalized decorations

You can add a created heartwarming Thanksgiving greeting cards on each plate of your guest to show your love and gratitude. Be in charge of setting up the Thanksgiving table with personalized decorated Thanksgiving greeting cards to customizes the places of each of your guests and to elevate your dinner table. Avoid that moment of scrambling with a nice calligraphy card with a name that hold autumnal detail.

3- Thank you jar

Make a simple gratitude jar and inspire whole family to start filling it up, this helps the whole family to record & collect happy moments. This also teaches kids to be grateful and practice self-care. And most of all to be grateful for little things in life all through the year.

4-Candles and fall arrangements

Make a great first impression on your thanksgiving table with a fall-themed candles and fall arrangements that add a perfect homely feel to your dinner. Light up the dinner with candles in ocher or white colors for a unique twist accompanied with autumn flower arrangements.

5- Dry leaves

One of the best ways to decorate your home in autumn is to use fallen dry leaves in case If you don’t want to use pumpkins. Or give a feel in contact with nature use a mixture of dried leaves and pumpkins as a table runner.

6- Apples, pomegranates and pears

Remember that not only pumpkins are autumnal. Apples, pears and pomegranates are autumnal fruits of the season and you can place them as centerpieces and place settings on your Fall table as decoration. Having thanksgiving table decorations with fruits makes your table abundant and rich for fall entertaining or your Thanksgiving feast.


7-Still life branches and candles

Candles in silver or gold colors in candle holders add a sophisticated and elegant touch to your thanksgiving table. Accompany the candles with arrangements of wonderful  still life dried decorative branches, your table will look spectacular. Add warm tones of green leaves or fresh branches to contrast with your colored candles to shine on your table.


Even in years as complicated with COVID-19, giving thanks is necessary and is a message of support in my opinion indispensable, especially on days like these.To Organize a Thanksgiving dine with your family and friends must be in an intimate and private way. Whatever how many people having thanksgiving dinner, is enough to thank and remember all the beauty that life gives us.

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