There is a long standing tradition, that prior to and during the Jewish New Year period which begins at sundown Sunday, September 16, 2012, Jews send one another Rosh Hashana cards. It is customary that Many Jews send New Year’s cards for this holiday until Yom Kippur beginning at sundown on Tuesday, September 25, 2012. The New Year has been celebrated throughout the world for thousands of years and the general theme is to wish our friends, family and neighbors a healthy and happy new year through a Personalized Rosh Hashanah Greeting Card. No one is certain when or where exactly this custom started; or knows how long ago the custom began. The origin is most likely related to the significance of the day. Rosh Hashana celebrates the renewal of creation, to learn from your mistakes and improve yourself in the new coming year. It is a time for reflection and personal accounting. Throughout the years different themes has been developing over years on Jewish New Year cards. But the most popular and constant amongst all Rosh Hashanah card messages is the blessing for a sweet year. The Jewish New Year is the perfect time to Send or share your best wishes with Personalized Rosh Hashanah Greeting Cards to the loved ones and let others know you are thinking about and wishing them the best. Thus we maked it even easier for you and here we posted some good inspirited Personalized Rosh Hashanah Greeting Cards .







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