Traveling to Machu Picchu Peru

Traveling to Peru where Machu Picchu is one of the world’s most treasured archaeological sites. Peru’s Machu Picchu (The lost city) sits 7,875 feet above sea level and located on a small mountain ridge between the Andean Mountain Range, the mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu, Peru soars above the Urubamba Valley below. Surrounded by some incredible views, like green hills, mountain ridges, and the Urubamba Valley with an endless views.

It is the most familiar icon of the Inca World, the most intriguing destinations on the planet. It is now one of the New Seven Wonders Of The World, and started to gain popularity as a vacation traveling destination in Peru ( South America). Machu Picchu was constructed around 1450 as an Inca Empire. This “lost” city was known as the spiritual centers of the “virgins of the suns” .


This remarkable site was discovered by a traveling American explorer, Hiram Bingham, and his team whom since that time brought the attention of the whole world to Peru in 1911. Although the Spanish invaders (that time) never discovered that beautiful city so it was not distributed (as many of the Inca sites). Luckily, it was abandoned within 100 years since archaeologists believe that the original inhabitants were wiped out by an epidemic disease (smallpox) within 100 years of the completion of the city. Maybe that is why the Spanish invaders never actually found Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu building was divided into three great districts:

  • the Sacred District,
  • the Popular District to the south,
  • and the District of the Priests and the Nobility.

The structures are arranged so that the function of the buildings matches the form of their surroundings. Machu Picchu buildings were made of polished stone walls (rock cutting and shaping, drying stone techniques )(at that time it was the classical style of the Inca people) were used for constructing the buildings of Machu Picchu which are still a mystery and only speculations exist on how this could have been done?


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