Ramadan Lantern Craft Ideas For Kids

Add a touch of traditional charm to your home decor with these Ramadan Lantern Craft Ideas.

Ramadan Lantern Craft Ideas For Kids… Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, and a special holiday for all Muslims, kids or adults. This annual Islamic holy month is a good opportunity for the family to gather for 30 days beside fasting.

Enjoying the holy month with decorative items made specially on Ramadan is a way for kids Sprite to enjoy the month. Among the decorated crafts aimed to stretch kids’ creative thinking and deepening their interest in art and the spirt of Ramadan was to build a fanous (Ramadan lantern).

Thus we posted few easy Ramadan Lantern Craft Ideas For Kids and craft ideas to help your children get a good taste of Ramadan. Lanterns with different colors may be used in decorations hanging them around your home.These Ramadan Lantern Craft Ideas For Kids are to help creating and lasting memories…

Ramadan Lantern Craft Ideas For Kids…


Printable Ramadan Lantern decoration

If you want to make this Ramadan perfect for your kids, these lanterns are perfect for kids who want to help decorate their homes during Ramadan and any Islamic festivities. And a helpful way to explain Ramadan to your kids very easily.

As a family take an action and get to enjoy Ramadan with Ramadan lantern paper craft. Ramadan Lantern Coloring pages are free Ramadan Lantern craft Template found widely on the internet. Ramadan Coloring pages contains ten detailed and fun illustrations of different Ramadan symbols and lanterns.

With very few materials that you may already have at home you can paper Ramadan lanterns like, Ramadan lantern print out, or colored paper, glue, scissors, and tissue paper. Printable tiny details can be handed to the parents, but bigger kids can manage.

Non-Muslim too, can use them as decorative items or as a starting point to learn about different religions, cultures, and their way of celebrations around the world.

These DIY paper Ramadan lanterns are also a great project for kids to improve their fine motor skills, as cutting, folding, and gluing are required.

Origami Ramadan lantern

Origami paper lanterns are perfect for celebrations and holidays. They are charmed by its simplicity and beauty. Folding paper crafts gets a heart from any crafter as they make an extra addition of beauty to any celebration, and they make a lovely simple gift.

This paper origami Ramadan Lantern is easy to make and looks great. Make lots and string them together to make a garland for a cool decoration. Note: because this paper origami Ramadan Lantern is made of paper, we do NOT recommend that you use it as a real lampshade.

Paper Mache Ramadan lanterns with autumn leaves

As Ramadan changes in different season over the years. Ramadan days may fall in autumn. Taking advantage of that favorite season, we may try to find ways of preserving the colorful leaves. Paper Mache lanterns will take a longer path.

In the spring paper Mache lanterns are pressed with flowers, but this time you can adapt this by pressing an autumn version some green leaves and flowers instead. It’s the perfect fall leaf craft. These gorgeous projects are perfect in timing, when you become motivated to make Ramadan lanterns to illuminate the darkness.

Mason Jar lantern- eco-friendly Ramadan lantern crafts

These Mason Jar Lanterns are Super easy to make. Easy for kids to make just using a glass jar covered with tissue paper. All you need is a glass jar, glue, and food coloring. Mason jar lantern are eco-friendly Ramadan lantern crafts if you reuse a jar you were going to throw out. The result is a charming outdoor ornament, an eco-friendly Ramadan lantern crafts that you can display on your patio or indoors all year round.

Ramadan lantern sun catchers:

Suncatcher are awesome hanging in the window because you get to enjoy them all day long when the sun shines through, not just at night. These are super easy to make but younger kids might need help placing them. You can also make some moon and stars  to go with them.

Moroccan paper lanterns.

This Moroccan Ramadan lantern craft is Inspired by this the holy month of Ramadan. Today, I am excited to share this new design by Mandee Thomas a professional graphic designer, for Ramadan celebration. Use her latest Ramadan Lantern craft Template to create your own Moroccan paper lanterns. You will absolutely love the idea!

Moroccan and Islamic aesthetics -style lanterns are quite beautiful and often admired in homes by others, making home feel like it’s part of a medina. These unique lantern craft displays beautifully for many moons to come!


Chinese paper lanterns

The good old Chinese paper lanterns we all made as kids are simple as ever. Easy to make and use only simple materials, all you need is paper, glue, scissors and some accessory décor items as glitter, stars. Cut outs, draw, or write with markers, glitter pens, gold pens to make different Chinese lanterns designs. The possibilities are endless. Use regular printer paper to make your own patterns with crayons and watercolors.


Modern Ramadan lantern designs i

Last but not least, modern Ramadan lantern designs are beautiful collections of ambient lights for Ramadan, Eid and festive decoration.

Ramadan lantern may be designed with many shapes and for different purposes. Lantern for wall art lights, floor lanterns, Moroccan lanterns, Ramadan lantern string lights, Ramadan lantern tabletop, paper star Ramadan lanterns, and more.

With many modern Ramadan lantern designs they creates a warm and inviting ambiance, perfect for the holy month. During the holy month of Ramadan illuminate your home with a touch of elegance and make your Ramadan and Eid even more special. Modern Islamic home decoration with Ramadan lanterns spreads the mood all Ramadan nights and even days and a perfect addition to your Ramadan and Eid decorations.

Add a touch of traditional charm to your home decor with these Ramadan Lantern Craft Ideas.