Top ‎Creative CHRISTMAS TREE TOPPERS …With Christmas approaching, the Christmas tree decorating season begins. Ever since trees began to be decorated for Christmas, a festive masterpiece – an eye-catching –Christmas decor has been in a special place reserved for a very special ornament… The Christmas tree topper is the crown at the top that improves its appearance. The two most popular tree toppers of all time are an angel tree topper and star tree topper.

This tiny detail finishes’ any decorated tree and completes any well-adorned tree, in fact the job isn’t done until the topper is placed. The Christmas tree topper‎ is a very important part of the tree, it represent a traditional symbol at the special place…at the very top of any tree in any Christmas home décor since the late 19th century.


While the most common Christmas tree ornament was a star or an angel, if you’re not keen on either of these, or need more satisfying topper to give the perfect finishing touch there are other forms  and some whimsical toppers that might be your style, such as starbursts, finials, crosses, rosettes, bows, a Ribbon Christmas tree topper, Santa Claus tree topper, golden pineapple, personalized toppers and animal tree topper are also very common. Or break the rules a bit by using something else little more modern or DIY merry-making Christmas tree topper that fits better with the theme and style of your decor.

Traditional topper options have their roots deeply in the religious views during the Victorian era – the star as a topper representing the Star of Bethlehem which guided the Three Kings to baby Jesus, while the angel which were popular in the Victorian era, symbolizes the angel Gabriel who announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds. Both are high above the Earth offering the heavenly host that announced and celebrate Jesus’ birth maybe that is the clearest explanation for why the practice of placing figures placed at the top of the Christmas tree. Either one symbolize the significance it role in the holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus. Some Christians In many countries were also making a statement of faith intended to keep away witches, ghosts, and illness scaring any evil spirits away from their homes. Over the years the stars and angel Christmas tree topper have changed in designs to reflect the value of economic update to reflect the era in which they were purchased.

Because we all know that no tree is complete without a topper whether it was too old-fashioned or modern there’s no way you can skip it. A unique Christmas tree topper is a must piece of holiday decor that reflects what kind of personality. You may be looking for some ideas after you decorate your tree on how to top the Christmas tree, as the topper really sets the mood of the tree and helps you to crown your Christmas tree with the perfect finishing touch. To create your very own Christmas tree decorations ideas as the possibilities are really endless. Check out some awesome Christmas tree ideas to get your Christmas spirit going. Christmas tree topper might even serve as a great conversation starter for your holiday party or family get-together.

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