Understand the Coronavirus to defeat it in 8 minutes

Understanding Coronavirus and how to defeat it & What it takes to “flatten the curve’’. The coronavirus, or COVID-19, is currently on the pick, it has spread to nearly every country.


WHO has determined it as a pandemic illness, spreading rapidly and threatens to shut down our healthcare system. The help overcoming the situation, is not lose our nerve now, or panic, worsening the situation with hamster shopping. If we all work together to “flatten the curve’’, we will survive this crisis by Understanding Coronavirus to defeat it.


Coronavirus is barely considered a living organism, in fact it is not a living organism …it is a DNA. Its goal is to live within a living host… the lung cells. Viruses, in general has a surviving system, without living in a certain living cell it can occupy itself for a long time without a host. This strategy that makes of the deadly new coronavirus a potent threat in today’s world.


coronavirus under the microscope

Corona is a respiratory virus tend to infect and replicate in the cells of the human’s lung. It is described as a little a sack full of genetic material surrounded by a thin membrane made of protein, that can be destructed easily. Generally, it is not life-threatening.

Coronavirus dwells in the upper respiratory tract, it has no life other than in the cells of the lung which is full of oxygen. The human’s lung is the only place that can absorb the amount of oxygen needed for the virus to live. As soon as the virus gets into a human lung, it attaches itself to lung’s cell membranes to create millions more versions of itself by giving instructs to the host cell to keep cloning the virus.

Method of Virus spreading:

It can be spread through sneezing or coughing from one victim to another. It also transmitted from your hands to your nose or mouth, then infiltrate to the lung. Also, it can be transmitted when a person touches a contaminated surface.


How to prevent it invasion to the lung and What it takes to “flatten the curve’’;

Once in the throat, the virus should meet a hurricane of saliva that forces it to enter the stomach.  The acids in the stomach are enough to destroy the virus by dissolving its membrane.

When the virus enters the throat, it catches to its membrane as long as possible where it absorbs saliva causing dryness of the throat (that is why you feel pain in your throat). If you have a painful throat gargle with vinegar, lemon and salt all solved in water, it will die immediately. This solution cause osmotic pressure that has a direct effect on its membrane.

At this point it is easily transmitted to the lung with any amount of inhaled air instead sweeping it with the saliva to the stomach. Doctors recommend drinking much warm water. Drink a lot of warm water, as it is enough to force it to enter the stomach (and die).


Once in the lung;

In this case, the virus will occupy in the lung cells, inhabit it, transform into a living like organism and begin to multiply. The virus outside the body cannot reproduce. So that sitting in the house reduces its spread and eliminates it. Doctors recommend stay at home. The human body starts make a defense, to protect these invaded organisms through the white blood cell.

If the host have a good immune system and a healthy body, it will pump a large amount of blood containing white blood cells loaded with anti-defense and kill it.  The immune system will create suitable antibodies specific to this virus’s character and destroy it. Thus, moving and playing sport at home and stop smoking (for the period) will strengthen the blood circulation.

Unfortunately, manufacturing suitable antibodies specific to this virus requires two to five days in a reasonably healthy person, and the virus may have destroyed the lung if the person is unhealthy. In some patients, it can lodge itself deep within the lungs, where the disease can kill.

Be careful, being depressed, full of fear or full of delusion has an opposite effect on your body. This may weaken the immune system the defense line, making the disease to enables you.

The incubation period of the virus (the period between exposure to an infection and the appearance of the first symptoms) is 10-14 days, before it develops any symptoms, within this period it can move onto its next victim without them knowing.

81% of those who are infected with the virus, automatically pass without any symptoms or  with mild symptoms…The coronavirus passes away. Which means people often pass it to others before they even know they have it. That is why stay at home is critical at this period of time.

15% out of 19% requires quarantine or treatment and are fully recovered after the quarantine period.

2% out of 4%, enter intensive care and need artificial respiration and full care.

2% are a risk group, critical cases for example; over the age of 60, people with chronic lung disease, chronic diabetes and other diseases of weakened immunity. These risk group must of course take even greater care to protect themselves.


How to Protect Yourself;

Advices recommended by the WHO to prevent infection. These are basic protective measures against the coronavirus;

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Stay home if possible
  • Avoid close contact
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Stay home if you’re sick
  • Boost your immune system
  • Regularly and thoroughly clean surfaces
  • Try to stay calm
  • Stay informed

What it takes to “flatten the curve’’

The hashtag ‘flatten the curve’ aims at this: It stands for measures that help to make the disease curve rise as little as possible. Because it is certain that Corona will spread, now it is a matter of how fast the virus can do it. If we can make Covid-19 spread more slowly through the recommended advices by the WHO to prevent infection by following the basic protective measures against the coronavirus. By this, every seriously ill person can be helped because there will be enough space and staff in hospitals.

Everyone should work from home if possible, together we can do it for a few weeks … the corona virus has much less power.


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