Christmas Gift Ideas Using A Single Mold- ‎PILLOW BOXES

Christmas Gift Ideas Using A Single Mold- ‎PILLOW BOXES...It’s hard to believe it, it is that time of the year we all are awaited for. The Christmas holiday season is upon us! The season for making Unique Handmade DIY Christmas Gift & Ideas like Handmade Crafts  and DIY paper crafts projects that need Cute and Incredibly Christmas Gifts Wrapping Ideas or creative box packaging ideas for these gifts. Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas That Are Creative and Easy is one of the  Things You Cannot Stop Doing This Christmas or any Christmas as it is as special as the gift itself.

We know that Christmas is the season of boxes and gift wrapping. To search for a gift wrapping paper and pre-made Christmas gift boxes to make a wonderful gift presentation became one of the main node problems that face us when it comes to small presents and gifts. There are gifts don’t include wrapping paper or gift bags. Pillow boxes may be one of the simplest solutions in many cases.


Pillow boxes are simple, pretty wrapping, a great package for small objects like; jewelry, lingerie, small gifts,  Felt Christmas Ornament Crafts – to trim the Tree and favors. Pillow boxes are craft projects making gifts visually delightful. It gives you the ability to have more design options, from using the paper, colors, pattern, accessories and size of your choice. If you would like to make your next Christmas gift having something extra special, then you can make your own gift box for your friends and family adding a wonderfully personal touch to every package. Part of the fun of the holidays is getting gift packages to handle face to face items that need careful handling such as  Christmas Candle Sets As Gifts for Holidays or Handmade Polymer Clay Christmas Ornaments.

Pillow boxes can be made of various colors, depths and can be made in various sizes which are perfect for various size gifts to suit your needs; the sizes can range from small to large. Small gift boxes are often hold gifts such as jewelry gifts, perfumes, soap, lingerie, scarfs, fashion accessories, candy, and favors. Large gift boxes of these pillow boxes are used as an alternative box for lightweight gifts and clothing. Pillow box for small gifts is super simple to make, they are beautiful not very complicated ideas that do not require a lot of material. In fact they are inexpensive; as no one really is willing to pay much money on things that is not needed; this helps you to concentrate on the present itself without spending a fortune to complete wrapping it. These beautiful little boxes; unique in shape and designs, resemble a pillow in shape with elliptical ends and simply pop.  Gift Decoration Wrapping Ideas for a pillow white box can be turned into numerous designs, dolled with ribbons and labels and other embellishments to create the correct impression and this makes your present extra special to give away small details at Christmas. They are all functional, stylish and use Eco-friendly cardboard boxes folded over flat and glued and the most awesome it is easily reusable. It stores flat as they are relatively easy to fold them down flat & it looks all exotic and impressive and above all is a sign that when you give what you do with the heart, hoping to make people happy receiving detail. What more could a person ask for in a gift box?


To make this pillow box, all you need is:

  • pretty paper to print on or smooth cardboard sheets
  • glue stick
  • ruler
  • Scissors with good edge
  • paper scorer / bone folder

Make many pillow boxes for all your loved ones. Enjoy all these ideas:

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