18 Fun Felt Crafts for Kids

Looking for fun and creative felt crafts for kids? Discover a variety of engaging and easy-to-make projects using felt, from adorable stuffed animals to colorful ornaments. Keep your little ones entertained and spark their creativity with these enjoyable felt crafts for kids.

Crafting with felt is a popular and enjoyable activity for kids. Felt is a soft, easy-to-cut material that comes in various colors and doesn’t fray like wool or yarn. It’s also affordable, making it perfect for crafting projects. Whether it’s making felt dinosaur heads on clothespins or creating adorable snowmen, the possibilities are endless.

In today’s era, children are increasingly drawn to television, cartoons, and videos, resulting in excessive screen time that can potentially impact their eyesight and social development. However, an effective way to divert their attention from the virtual world and engage their interest is by encouraging them to explore their creativity through crafting.

Working with felt has many advantages for children. It’s easy to handle and doesn’t require sharp tools or hot glue, making it safe for young crafters. Additionally, felt is sturdier than other materials, making it a great choice for kids learning how to use scissors. Supervising young children and helping with cutting or gluing as needed is important during crafting activities.

Organizing craft activities at home not only provides entertainment but also stimulates their imagination and artistic abilities. Children can learn to create delightful objects for school projects or home decorations, boosting their confidence and fostering a sense of accomplishment. Crafts can encompass a wide range of mediums, including drawings, paintings, and items crafted from easily accessible materials. It’s wonderful to discover the craft that most captures your child’s interest.

While crafting is already enjoyable, incorporating vibrant materials can enhance the experience further. If you’re seeking colorful materials that are safe yet exciting for your child’s craft projects, look no further than felt. Felt is a soft crafting material that comes in a variety of colors, is easy to cut, and is affordable, making it an excellent choice for children to explore their creative potential.

If you’re looking for easy felt craft ideas suitable for preschoolers, you’ve come to the right place. These fantastic ideas may even tempt you to join in and enjoy the crafting process yourself. Felt crafts are especially well-suited for kindergarten and preschool-age children.

So, get ready to unleash your child’s creativity with some crafty felt ideas!

Get inspired with these creative ideas using felt! Whether you’re interested in using molds, prefer no-sew projects, or want to make Christmas-themed crafts, there’s something for everyone. Plus, we’ve got felt crafts perfect for home decorations and step-by-step instructions to guide you. And don’t forget, felt crafts can also make great gifts for Mother’s Day! Let’s dive into the world of felt crafting:

If you’re interest and looking for inspiration, here’s a list of 18 fun felt crafts for kids:

Felt Projects Kids Can Make

No-Sew Felt Butterfly by A Cultivated Nest;

These adorable felt butterflies are perfect for little children who will surely love them. Although, it’s important to note that adult assistance is required for some steps, such as pre-cutting the shapes and operating the hot glue gun.


Felt flowers

Flowers possess a unique charm with their varied patterns and colors. By crafting felt flowers, you can create special decorative items for various purposes, such as projects, home decor, or even adornments for Christmas trees. These felt flower crafts can be enjoyed by kindergarteners under proper supervision.

To make these crafts, start by cutting flower shapes out of different colored felt. Allow the kids to stack and glue the shapes together, resulting in beautiful felt flowers. For additional embellishments, they can add buttons or beads to the center. These delightful flowers can then be used to adorn headbands, hair clips, or fashioned into a lovely felt flower bouquet.


Felt Finger Puppets

Felt puppets, crafted with care and creativity, are adored by people of all ages. These soft, simple and cute animal puppets have become a beloved choice for a wide range of puppetry performances and play. Using the versatile material of felt, these puppets come to life, captivating hearts and imaginations alike.

Whether for storytelling, educational purposes, or simply as companions to cherish, felt animal puppets hold a special place in the hearts of many.


Sunflower craft:

Creating a sunflower felt craft can be a fun and enjoyable project. This felt craft is perfect for fall  for a felt flower collection.

Fun pencil toppers 

Engaging children and igniting their enthusiasm for schoolwork can often be challenging. However, with these delightful felt pencil toppers, the task becomes much easier as they eagerly await the opportunity to use them.


Felt Bracelets:

Creating DIY felt bracelets is an enjoyable and imaginative project that can be easily done at home, providing you with a relaxing and convenient activity. With limitless options for colors, shapes, and sizes, you can craft a diverse range of bracelets that align with your individual style.

Embrace the boundless possibilities and personalize your collection of bracelets to effortlessly enhance your unique fashion sense. Embrace the satisfaction of crafting your very own felt bracelets and allow your creativity to soar! Enjoy the process of making your DIY felt bracelets and let your imagination take flight!


Felt Bookmarks:

Create charming felt bookmarks by cutting rectangular shapes from felt and encouraging children to unleash their creativity. Provide them with felt letters, shapes, or images of their beloved characters to decorate the bookmarks.

For an extra flair, suggest adding ribbons or tassels to the top. These delightful bookmarks serve the purpose of marking pages in books or can be given as thoughtful gifts to others.


Felt Masks:

Create felt masks by cutting out mask shapes from felt and allowing children to personalize them with felt cutouts, feathers, or glitter. Secure elastic or string to the sides of the masks for easy wearing. These imaginative felt masks enable kids to embody their beloved animals or characters while having a delightful time.


Plush dolls

Discover the delightful process of crafting a personalized doll dress at home with assistance from Bit of Whimsy. Fulfilling every little girl’s desire, this step-by-step guide will empower you to create a unique doll dress that will be cherished and adored.


Crafting cute DIY Christmas felt crafts:

Create adorable Christmas-themed felt crafts that will bring a festive touch to your holiday decor. Get crafty and make charming felt ornaments like snowflakes, reindeer, or stockings. Additionally, you can fashion a jolly Santa Claus or a delightful snowman using felt and various embellishments. Let your creativity shine as you craft these cute DIY Christmas felt projects.

Gift ideas …Felt Crafts for Mother’s Day:

Here are a couple of thoughtful gift ideas involving felt crafts for Mother’s Day:

  1. Handcrafted Felt Card: Craft a heartfelt felt card for your mom, adorned with delicate flowers, charming hearts, or elements that represent her favorite things. It will be a unique and personalized way to express your love and appreciation.
  2. Personalized Felt Keychain: Create a special keychain using felt letters to spell out “Mom” or her name. This personalized accessory will serve as a constant reminder of your love and thoughtfulness wherever she goes.

Both of these gifts showcase your creativity and allow you to tailor the crafts specifically to your mom’s preferences, making them extra meaningful and cherished.



DIY Handmade Felt Activity Book

This interactive DIY book is designed for children, aiming to enhance their fine motor skills while providing an enjoyable learning experience. Through a variety of engaging activities, this book stimulates their cognitive abilities and promotes better understanding, encouraging joyful interaction along the way.

Developing Felt crafting skills for Home:

Enhancing Your Felt Crafting Skills for Home Décor: Discover a Plethora of Ideas for Gifts, Decorations, Holidays, and Beyond .Embarking on a journey to develop your felt crafting skills opens up a world of possibilities for creating unique and charming items to adorn your home. Whether you’re looking to craft thoughtful gifts, stylish decor pieces, or festive holiday-themed creations, there is no shortage of ideas to inspire your creativity.

Here, we delve into a wide array of projects that will enable you to showcase your newfound skills and bring a touch of handmade beauty to your living space.

Felt Rocket Sewing Craft ;

Sugar, Spice & Glitter presents a delightful sewing craft called “Felt Rocket Sewing Craft.” While primarily designed for older kids, this project can be effortlessly adapted for younger ones by utilizing a felt board.

By omitting the sewing part, little ones can still enjoy assembling the rocket pieces and unleash their creativity in crafting unique rocket combinations. Jennifer’s tutorial ensures that this sewing project remains enjoyable and straightforward, particularly for older kids.

Felt letters;

Felt letters have gained significant popularity in the world of arts, crafts, and DIY projects. They have become a favored choice for individuals seeking to create personalized decorations such as banners and signs. with so many options when it comes to colors, sizes, and fonts, enabling to create lovely displays.


Felt Flowers Frame

Crafting a felt flowers frame is an enjoyable and imaginative do-it-yourself endeavor. Whether you choose to exhibit it on a wall or use it as an eye-catching decoration on a shelf or tabletop, this creation adds a charming touch to any space. Furthermore, it serves as a thoughtful handmade present for a cherished individual.


Felt Tic-Tac-Toe Game diy

Creating a DIY felt Tic-Tac-Toe game is a fun and simple project that you can do at home. Once completed and  your DIY felt Tic-Tac-Toe game is ready to be played.. Gather a friend or family member, and enjoy hours of fun playing this classic game.


Felt Landscape Artwork:

Making a felt landscape artwork is an enjoyable and imaginative DIY project. Felt, being a flexible material, enables you to incorporate texture and dimension into your artwork. Here, you’ll find a step-by-step guide  by artcampla to assist you in creating your personalized felt landscape masterpiece .

With these felt craft ideas, you and your child can have a blast exploring your creativity and creating beautiful crafts together. Remember to supervise young children during crafting activities and provide assistance when needed.

Enjoy the wonderful world of felt crafts and let your imagination soar!


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