Festive Holiday Staircases and Entryways

Stairs are a key piece of any home and when it comes to Christmas decorations, it’s hard to imagine a home that doesn’t include a decked-out staircase that will give that extra to your decor... the staircase is certainly an important part to be decorated.

Festive Holiday Staircases and EntrywaysThe holiday season is coming, and your home needs a holiday inspiration décor for making a great first impression. Because “You never get a second chance to make a first impression your home’s front hall will be the first thing your guests see…their visual presence is an architectural statement”. This holds true for your home’s staircase as well.

If you have stairs in your home and you are one of those people who likes to have everything well decorated during the Christmas season, it is time to decorate an area that has probably been forgotten in years: the staircase! Give them a Christmas touch and achieve that every corner of your home is much prettier.  As Staircases and Entryways are travel places and an extension of your house, where people move from place to another, then these circulation spaces should be the warmest of welcomes. 

Stairs are a key piece of any home and when it comes to Christmas decorations, it’s hard to imagine a home that doesn’t include a decked-out staircase that will give that extra to your decor. When thinking of Christmas decoration, the staircase is certainly an important part to be decorated. Adding some festive flair can be an eye-catching feature of most home interiors or exteriors to welcome the holidays. Christmas stairs decoration can add some extra cheer to your home’s decorations and surprise all those who visit you during those days with festive spirit. Depending on the type of house you have, whether the staircase is the first thing people see when they enter your home, or it’s tucked away inside the house, they should be decorated depending on your tastes to achieve a complete Christmas decoration…the railing and the steps.


There are a lot of ways to make your staircase more festive ready for Christmas. The most common Christmas decorations used to decorate stairs are: candles and Christmas garland, Christmas lights, Christmas ornaments, wreaths, balls, Jingle Bells, and ribbons all in bright colors, snowflakes, socks, and pine cones. What ever you choose to decorate with make sure to choose a style or decor that goes well with the rest of your decorations. Take the opportunity to give color to all the corners of your house including your staircase. Thus, we have collected some unique and festive Christmas stairs decoration ideas that surely more than one will serve to give it a special touch. Here are a few ways to get them in order putting the finishing touches to the exterior and interior and make a fabulous first impression. Give your Staircases and Entryways that much-needed holiday décor inspirations and you’ll change how first- guest’s first impression view your home.

Red and White Vintage-Inspired Decorations (via jeanallsopp)

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Mistletoe  Garland


Christmas wreath for stairs


Stacked Presents Decorations
Craftberry Bush.

Marquee Letters Decorations


Christmas Stair Ornaments

Bulbs and Garland
Classic Garland Decorations
Christmas Garland For Staircase With Lights
Snowflakes Christmas Railing Decorations

Simple and Scandinavian Inspired
Colored Bulbs Decorations
Dangling Stockings Decorations

Banister Decorated With Banister:

Two-Toned Ribbon:

A Cluster Of Fruits:

Xmas Garland For Stairs
Plaid Bow Decorations

CHRISTMA Pre Lit Garland For Stairs

Christmas Lights For Stairs
Natural birch branches 



Greenery Decoration
Romantic Candlelight Decorations

Cranberries Christmas Decoration

Sea  Ornaments Decorations

Traditional Home
Traditional Home

Red, White, and Green Decorations

Banister Christmas Decorations
Hang Pines on the Banister



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