Red White Blue Velvet Cupcakes for High Holidays (Yom Kippur)

With in no time Yom Kippur will be here, this holiday is known as the “Day of Atonement”, one of the most culturally significant Jewish holidays and the holiest day of the Jewish calendar year. This year it falls on October, the entire day is spent fasting and praying to God asking for forgiveness for us and others and a good year.” Yom Kippur is when Jewish people spend a period of 25 hours in fasting and intensive prayer. Once the fast is over, Jewish break their fast over a meal shared with their family and friends. Because Yom Kippur is a big day there is no better way to break – fast is by the Red, White and Blue Velvet’s Cupcakes. Red, White and Blue Velvet Cupcakes and quiche cupcakes would be a good breakfast after fasting. Because Yom Kippur is a holy day it is better to plan ahead for break-fasting preparing ahead an incredible list of Classic Velvet cupcakes. Try to decorate the Red, White and Blue Velvet Cupcakes with colorful selection of lovely Star of David Cupcake Wrappers and blue cupcake wrappers that would be a great way to accent your cupcakes and quiche cupcakes. these colorful Red White Blue Velvet Cupcakes would look delicious for the high holidays. So Make your day and decorate your glittery holiday with these elegant but simple Red and blue Velvet cupcakes.


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