Creative handmade card ideas: inspirations for every style

Creative people are always looking for new inspirations, new ideas and forms, to display their full artistic vein. In this case, handmade cards for all Occasions come in handy. There are plenty of create handmade greeting cards for all occasions to make.

Creative handmade card ideas: inspirations for every style…Any holiday or occasion is not complete without a cute, bright, and colorful card. A handmade gift card is always a valuable and expensive gift for every person.

A handmade card can express tenderness, care, love, without word, giving positive emotions and smile. The most important thing is through a DIY card you can simplify complex communication and convey all the feelings that may be difficult to convey. Cards are just one of a few ways you can express thankfulness, warm and sympathetic congratulations to others.

A beautiful card can send to cheer up, as a sign of attention, gratitude. DIY cards can be personalized to a gift as an addition… to a bouquet of flowers or as an independent present. DIY greeting cards can give such an attribute for any holiday and any celebration: birthday, March 8, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, teacher’s day, wedding invitations or wedding anniversary and any anniversary.

Buying a card is not a problem, they are everywhere for all occasions. But it is much better to make a card yourself, with your own hands. The beauty of such works: that they have their own characteristics and styles. They are valued more, they look much more spectacular, keeps warmth and eternal memory of the person who gave it and created. Handmade card helps celebrating the important moments in life.

If it’s difficult to come up with a handmade card design then on the Internet there are many options, ideas, photos, schemes. Today we’re going to show you how to make a handmade card. Such card crafts are popular and successful among needlework craftswomen.

How can I make a card?

Among DIY activities lovers, card making techniques become very common in recent years. With little inspiration, you will be able to create different card styles with different techniques from the simplest things! So, let’s go through different techniques creating creative handmade card.

If you are interested in the details of creating creative handmade card, then in our article you can familiarize yourself with some inspirations.

Basic techniques used in making handmade card are;

Scrapbooking technique
Quilling technique
3D card technique

DIY Craft- Scrapbook Card 

How do you make scrapbooking cards?

Generally scrapbooking is a kind of handicraft art increasingly in demand, that works on paper. Scrapbooking technique are to use pictures as the base of the designs. Scrapbooking card is now the most common and widespread card making art. Making creatively Scrapbooking card designed to display for many reasons.

Cards in Scrapbooking style can make a lot of different souvenirs and a gift for different holidays and absolutely any celebration.

Which paper is used for making scrapbook?

Scrapbook Card are decorated with special cardboard like cardstock which is the most popular type of crafting paper for scrapbooking technique.

What are the Different Types of Scrapbooking Techniques?

Basic techniques used in scrapbooking
Most often, there are three techniques:

  • embossing,
  • distressing,
  • stamping.

Embossing is to create a raised or depressed surface. the finished design stands out from the paper, giving contrast in relation to the surrounding area as the 3D effect. OR extruding a pattern through a stencil. To achieve this effect, you can heat and melt a special powder.

Distressing allows you to age a sheet of paper to have an aged look. To do this, you can use various methods: a scraper or pumice stone to create the effect of torn edges, the stain and bake method, distress ink to artificially darken paper, special paint that cracks when dry, use flame and heat, etc.

Stamping process using silicone or rubber stamps and ink.

What other artistic techniques can be used?

These basic Scrapbooking techniques are not the only limitation scope for creativity. Further Scrapbooking techniques and various methods are also included

Here are just a few of them:

  • Embroidery stitching for card making – Using embroidery adds texture and dimension to your Scrapbook card. You’ll be amazed what a simple piece of yarn and a needle can change your card look and design.
  • Sewing Machine for card making sewing on cardboard, paper and on fabric, can create decorative colored stitches.
  • Crochet and knitting for card making – adding decorative elements to your work will give it a touch of romance and elegance.
  • Decoupage for card making decorating paper products with napkins or decoupage cards is a very popular technique in scrapbooking.

These are some but not all the techniques can be used in the scrapbooking process.

Scrapbooking techniques are endless. Scrapbooking is a whole artisan dynasty that has its own characteristics and styles. For example, the older style – the old-fashioned feature – the popular it is today. Although there are many modern styles all are limited only by the imagination. This type of creativity requires a lot of patience, time, and concentration. Such a simple scraping technique can be fun to do. With many styles, varying in complexity, everyone can make such a gift card…  So, it will be interesting to get acquainted.

Enjoy these Scrapbook with different Card ideas

Quilling  technique for creating cards.

Quilling is the art of twisting thin strips of paper -rolling-. Quilling colored striped paper to create flat or three-dimensional decorative designs. needs patience and accuracy.

Now this type of creativity is one of the most popular paper art techniques for creating cards. The twisted long and narrow paper strips are shaped into spirals or scrolls and glued together. The spiral strips are arranging to form elegant filigree…like flowers, leaves, ornaments, hearts, silhouettes. These elements can be designed for decorating greetings cards, panels, albums, gift wrapping or even to create real paintings.

Quilling is a fairly ancient art form. The birthplace of the art of paper rolling  originated in Europe – In medieval Europe – in the late 14th – early 15th century (maybe earlier). Making a card using the quilling technique is always appreciated with unforgettable impression.

Enjoy these Quilling cards with different ideas

Volumetric 3 D cards from colored paper Pop-Up- Cards 

Very interesting version of greeting cards is in 3D format. Generally, the Pop-up or 3D cards are easy to make although it seems the opposite. But still there are some complicated ones.

To make such a craft is interesting for both an adult and a child to be aware of some principles of a pop-up card. The Pop-up or 3D cards look elegant, elegant and spectacular.

DIY greeting cards are of a wide range of different techniques that can be found on the Internet, in specialized books, magazines. Creating these beautiful crafts shows imagination with lots of patience. A handmade card carries a piece of soul, care, and love.


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