DIY Easter Decorations – DIY Paper and Fabric Napkin Folding Ideas


DIY Easter Decorations – DIY Paper and Fabric Napkin Folding Ideas  … As Easter approaches we think of all kinds of decorations, generally we start with coloring eggs and the table decoration for Easter. The nice little DIY Easter decorations for Easter ideas are so many to decorate the Easter table aside from coloring eggs, which is especially fun for children. While there are other ways to beautify the home while having fun with the family; the answer may lay in the napkins.

Folding napkins are DIY Easter decorations … the icing on that cake. These napkin folding ideas below can help to improve the style of your Easter table and improve the look of it and strike the eyes in combination with your other Easter decorations. A nice table decoration with paper or fabric napkins are a way to a-top every plate with a simple DIY Easter decoration and enjoy the table for the Easter feast.



Folding paper towels or napkins are a cool skill for making your table look extra spiffy and add an extra special touch to the table. With these beautifully napkin folding ideas either using paper napkin folding or fabric napkin allows you to decorate a superb party table in a wonderful and classic way to combine beauty and simplicity. With these napkin folding ideas it is not necessarily adding additional decorative items while having fun with the family.

Folded napkin decorations are a careful folding art tradition similar as origami art that may not be as deeply appreciated. Folded napkin decorations or paper napkin origami have become unusual and increasingly rare although they have a memorable and decorative affect. This is a type of art that every dinner host needs to learn and was sadly, replaced by cheap paper counterparts.

The aim with this article -Napkin Folding Ideas – is using the arrival of Easter to freshen up this technique and get everyone to start using a nicely arranged piece of cloth at the table again! Learn the art of things to make with towels and napkins. Show your creativity of how to fold napkins into fancy and elegant shapes that will leave long-lasting immersions on friends and family.

Washcloth Bunny


To acquire the skill of napkin folding, here are many tutorials and techniques that will give you some advice on how to achieve a festive look.  If you have creative fiber, here’s a new favorite holiday inspiration dedicated on how to fold hand towels and folding napkins for Easter. Take a look at the examples we’ve gathered below of cloth napkin folding ideas. These tutorials and techniques will show you the precise napkin folding step by step to folding the correct way with many different examples. Find the inspiration you need with easy instructions on how to recreate them. Each tutorials and techniques are unique by itself, they will help you to realize your creative and original Easter decoration ideas.  Watch and learn the basic napkin folding art, perfect for every occasion. Enjoy!

Folding towels easy: you will need:

– square cloth or paper towels of any color (according to your theme and style).

– iron your cloth towel or napkin before that is for best results.
– according to your desire use a ribbon or other decorative accessories to decorate the folded napkin.



How to Fold a Bunny-shaped Cloth Towel;

Because it is Easter, the bunny is the second symbol of this holiday after coloring eggs. And what could be more fun than making a cute little bunny shaped napkin on Easter table that will delight your children and loved ones! Add a little sweetie made of napkin or towel art rabbit to you Easter table or use it as a basket holder. Give it as an Easter gift or use as a decoration that doubles the fun on Easter day. This project is great for a craft time. Thus, learn how to make rabbit basket with cloth…an adorable Easter bunny out of a folded napkin. This adorable Easter bunny  can be used as tabletop baskets or centerpieces to wow everyone. Thanks to the easy folding of Easter Bunny Towels. How to make an Easter bunny out of a washcloth.

The folds come in several versions, designs and shapes for some of the most popular and prettiest techniques. Most are made of square towel folding or square napkin folding. Here you will find several excellent techniques for arranging your cloth serviettes with Easter Bunny Towels that go from super easy to more difficult… It may sound complicated, but they are not difficult at all.

Bunny Napkin


Classic Bunny Napkin;

Make sure that some unique napkin fold comes into play on your Easter table. As they will dress up a table and turn it up and down and will add just the perfect touch to your table décor. The napkins used doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact any left-over fabric can be used. Cut the fabric into squares and adjust the tremellas. Thinner, and larger fabric napkins will work best for this Bunny Napkin fold.

adorable towel bunny


Wet Towel Rabbit Bunny;

Wet Towel Rabbit Bunny is a Japanese bunny oshibori (wet towel folding art by Japanese Isamu Sasagawa). This art is conceptually with origami but using wet towel / napkin.

Bunny Napkin Origami


Bunny Napkin Origami is suitable for spring and Easter table displays. The technique for turning a fabric napkin into a bunny rabbit is so easy and quickly done. It can easily set on everyone’s plate at Easter to add a bit of fun. These bunny napkins ensure that your Easter table is finished off perfectly while adding some magic on this special holiday.



Martha Stewart’s Easter Bunny Napkin;

Get your Easter bunny hopping on your easter table. These cute bunny napkins can be folded either with your ordinary table napkins or paper napkins. They are easy to fold, just follow the steps  and easy  dress up your Easter table with these hopping ones.

easter-bunny ear-napkins

easter-table-setting-napkin-folded-as-bunny-colourful-bright-festive-vintage-silveware-shaped-green-white-plate source
Super-Cute Bunny Ear Napkins for Eastersource

Easter Bunny Ears Napkins;

Easter’s an exciting time to step up your napkins on your table. A seasonal and simple fold after hunting for eggs will be the perfect finishing touch on your Easter table. This modern bunny ears napkin fold a special creative way to follow with these smile-bringing-imagination-sparking ideas to bring some creativity and fun all the kiddos.

Bunny Ears Napkinssource
Thanks Melanie for sharing this awesome project.  

Bunny Ears Napkins;

If you are looking for a different way to dress up the Easter table, here is a no fuss way that come together in no time at all… RABBIT NAPKIN RINGS. In fact, it is a matter of minutes.  An adorable 5 Minute Rabbit Napkin Rings which are a cinch that will make a great addition to spring  Easter table. These bunny ears napkins are a great way to incorporate rabbits on the table…Here we are suggesting two projects both are no sew projects just pinch and glue.


Bunny Tail Napkin Fold;

Seeking inspiration for this year Easter table celebration… embellish your table with these whimsical bunny tail napkins. Your Easter table will hoppity hop to the next level when you put a super cute spin on a popular bunny napkin fold. The adorable Easter DIY bunny tail napkins will create a “wow” factor this holiday. No one could resist them so give them a try.

Pipe Cleaner Easter Bunny Napkin;

Pipe Cleaner Easter Bunny Napkin;

This Easter Bunny Napkin is so ridiculously easy, as it is a super easy way of folding. From the picture you can figure out how to make an Easter Bunny Napkin, you almost don’t need any instructions. We can no longer find the original link instructions.

Egg Basket Bunny Napkin

sourceBunny Towel Easter Baskets source

Egg Basket Bunny Napkin;

This project is to have a chance to be creative and have fun with kids making a towel into an Easter basket that looks like a bunny. The fun part is you can fill the basket with eggs or Easter treats.

Easter-Napkin-Bunny tutorial


Easy and Elegant Bunny Napkin Fold

Vintage Hankie Bunny NapkinssourceHankie Bunny

Vintage Hankie Bunny Napkins;

A great project to make with your kids! a nice vintage takes on folding Easter bunny napkins. Making these Cute and cuddly hanky bunnies are easy to make while having fun with your children. Its instructions is so simple as there is no sewing involved.  Folding of these Vintage Hankie Bunny Napkins are obviously used for any napkins. Hankie Bunnies look so charming that  your kids will love them.

too-cute bunny napkins for your Easter tablesource

Too-cute Bunny Napkins for your Easter table

DIY Napkin Folded Bunny with Easter Egg source

DIY Napkin Folded Bunny with Easter Egg;  

Easter bunny is few of creative ways to see folded napkins into animals. For Easter it would be more fun to decorate the table with a DIY Napkin Folded Bunny with Easter Egg. That is so cute. You will see a diagram how to fold a napkin into an Easter Bunny and to go above and beyond, these Easter Bunny napkins can be holding Easter eggs great for Easter table serving.


Easter Nest Napkin with Egg for your Easter Table:

Unique napkin folds can make a table setting extra entertaining. This napkin fold is an example similar to a nest, this pouch-like fold lets you use it either to house with Easter treats or hard-boiled egg which the kids can decorate while you are busy getting Easter dinner ready. In this example, Easter eggs were added. Other options are name tags, flowers, or breadsticks.

Easter-Napkin to keep the egg warm

Easter Egg Kept Warm; 

This is another activity to fold a napkin used to make your boiled egg warm.

Easter Bunny Napkins


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