Jesus resurrection day represent the Easter Day or Easter Sunday. Accordingly, Easter is called the greatest feast and also the oldest feast of the Christian. As part of the Easter season and celebration house decorations became a must in most families. Easter decorations do not have to be expensive but all of us except it to be beautiful and full of warmness as this religious occasion is.Much type of decorations are available everywhere in the shops to fill homes with the bright spring colors and decorations after a long cold winter. Cute sweet Easter decorations items may be in the form of Easter colorful eggs, Easter mini chocolate eggs, shaped candles and Easter centerpieces that will make it easy decorating for Easter and fill your rooms with joy. Hanging elegant Easter decor on a wall or on your front door is also another good idea that will shed the mood around the place providing a wonderful welcome for the coming guests. From here, no-one will find it difficult to have an Easter decor warming up his day. Happy Easter.