100 Magical DIY Unicorn Crafts That Are Fun For All Ages

If there is something that is fashionable and that children love, it is unicorns. And why not? There are so many magical DIY unicorn crafts that you can do in a unicorn theme. Fun unicorn crafts for kids have really caught on lately as they are the fruit of imagination. That is why we bring you list of magical DIY unicorn crafts you can make that are very colorful for all ages.

Now you don’t have to figure out what to do with your child at home during the holidays…. keep children busy with unicorn crafts Ideas for a day out or on during the holidays as well as taking the opportunity to spend some time sharing their favorite activities.

Have fun making such fabulous unicorns using materials found at home which is enough: paper, cardboard, old newspapers, scissors, threads and ribbons to decorate and have a good time with the little ones in the house. We have collected the most interesting and fun unicorn  crafts on the theme of ” Unicorn ” , which are very easy to make.

Unicorns made of toilet paper rolls

To work on creating a colorful favorite character from empty toilet paper rolls is possible … Create a magnificent unicorn from recycling empty toilet paper rolls. Toilet paper rolls are a great resource to craft something beautiful for little girls. This Unicorns made of toilet paper rolls; made with supplies you probably already have. Unicorns made of toilet paper rolls can really encourage your kid creativity.


Unicorn Head Toilet Tube Craft

Magical unicorn Head Toilet Tube with a 3D horn is what you’ll have with this toilet tube … Just add your own colored streamers or ribbons that flutters in the wind for longer lasting fun.

Finger unicorn Puppets

Children are very fond of finger theater.  Finger unicorn Puppets can let them invent and act out stories. With your child make a unicorn finger toy and enjoy playing games of princesses and magic ponies. It is very simple to make such a unicorn out of paper; use either thick paper envelopes or colored cardboard, which should be folded and glue the necessary seams…the main thing is to leave holes for the four fingers as the unicorn’s legs.

Unicorn Hand Puppet Toys 

Nothing brings parents and children closer together than the time playing games spending time in an interesting joint activity. DIY Unicorn Hand Puppet Toys will bring a lot of positive emotions. Finger unicorn puppets from the puppet theater are not the only ones that can be used to act out and play out stories.Unicorn Hand Puppet Toys are interesting alternative puppets. These unicorn hand puppets toys are a step above the classic finger unicorn puppets made with paper, but they are still easy to put together with some colorful paper and glue. For bigger children they can with your help create a unicorn hand puppet made of fabric. Unicorn Hand Puppet Toys for Kids are shown via YouTube video Make Film Play .

3-D papercraft unicorns

The 3-D origami unicorns are absolutely simple to make with paper. With several circles of the same size from paper bend in half and glued … such unicorn made of paper will turn into a decorative piece that can be used to decorate a children’s room.

Geometric “Stained-Glass” Unicorn

Speaking of cutting skills, older kids will love cutting shapes of a DIY ‘STAINED GLASS’ UNICORN. This unique and clever faux-stained glass unicorn paper project is from Oh Happy Day. The secret to the stained-glass effect is to use different colors of gel filters, which makes the rays of light when passing through the colored paper create a rainbow effect on the opposite surface of the stained-glass window.

Mixed Media Paper Unicorn Craft

A Unicorn made from an old newspaper is an interesting do-it-yourself project with many recycling materials to be reused.

DIY unicorn cards 

Children love to make cards with their own hands and making DIY unicorn cards are guaranteed to bring a big smile on their faces. Unicorn cards are gorgeous and simple to create. To create these magical creatures are both fun and useful!

Unicorn paper crown

Every unicorn princess needs her own crown! What is happier than a little princess wearing such a crown made out of paper and having a magically good time.The Unicorn paper crown can be decorated with flowers made of colored paper or even can be colored with coloring pencils. The princess crown craft is super versatile.

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