Fun CORK craft with kids

In the world of children's crafts, all materials are useful; cork as well are objects that we can easily find in our home.

100 Fun cork craft with kids… Collecting corks from many kinds of bottles is a small hobby of many. In the world of children’s crafts, all materials are useful; cork as well are objects that we can easily find in our home.

Cork can be recycled and reused in many creative ways that would otherwise end up in the trash. Corks can be served in many artworks, a fantastic craft at any time of the year and at any time of the day. It serves as home interior decoration while teaching our children the value of recycling and caring for the environment … in addition to saving money.


With this idea in mind, plus time may has come for your collection. With these corks in hand find a practical application. We are proposing making fun children’s crafts with corks to entertain them and contribute many good things to their development, in addition creating and enjoying spending time together. DIY recycling activities and amazing DIY crafts for children language socialization, self-esteem of children necessary for a proper development and perfecting all your kid’s skills.

In our article you will find 100 recycling craft ideas with corks that are very simple to create to make beautiful and useful decorations and creative projects for the whole year. You and your children will surely like these wonderful recycled crafts that they will personally take care of collecting all the stoppers from the bottles.


Cork is a natural material, obtained directly from the bark of trees, and served to us in many shapes a whole or cut, sliced ​​or halved giving us thousand possibilities to work with. Those who enjoy crafting and recycling will enjoy cork crafts, because here they can find interesting creative projects, fun and functional objects to make.

Crafts and Activities with Corks must be deal with care, since it is fragile and easily to crumble away. However, with a little trick you can prevent this from happening. Put the cork in a hot water bath for about 10 minutes, by this way you can manipulate them more easily and without fear that they will to crumble away.

Easy Cork Stamp Craft for Kids 

One creative way to recycle corks is to make cork stamps or painting with corks. Many are the people who like to personalize their writing or gifts, like using stamps of different shapes. You’ll be cutting foam with scissors or a cutter into the desired shapes and make wonderful works of art… Symbols, letters, drawings … this natural material offers many possibilities.

Easy Cork Key-chains and Knobs Craft for Kids 

Key-chains and knobs are practical items we use daily.key-rings and knobs made of cork have many advantages beside recycling the corks you’ve gathered. For example; keys afloat if they fall into the water accidentally. Cork knobs are used on jars, doorknob, lass frames and more. The particular shape of the corks makes them reusable creating many characters and items. They are a very simple and fast task.

Easy Cork Snake Craft for Kids 

Doing it is very simple. First, cut the plugs into small slices threaded on a cord to form the mobile flexible body snake. Secondly, leave a longer plug to form the head. Finally, form a mouth and tongue. For a mor personal look paint it, to make it more colorful.

Easy Cork Horses Craft for Kids 

These cork horses are simple, but clever but only lack the noble knight. They are a fun art project for kids of all ages – or even adults. These mini decorative figures are made by joining several corks together and then decorating them. They are very simple, and young children can have fun making different mini animals with the same technique.

Easy Cork boats Craft for Kids 

One characteristic of cork that it floats. Replace paper boats with DIY Toy Boats made from cork. This is an interesting craft for children perfect for making small toy boats to race in the creek, in the bathtub, in the pool, lake or even in the fish tank!

Easy Cork dragon and knight Craft for Kids 

These cork dragon and knights are very beautiful, as well as simple in reusing and recycling. And they look pretty amazing and the ultimate to boot! With corks and toothpicks, you can create many figures by joining pieces together… the only limit is your imagination!

Easy Cork mice Craft for Kids 

The characteristic shape of corks can be used to create many incredibly cute characters, the last of the animals and figures are countless. A cute little cork mouse is an example.

Enjoy Easy Cork Craft for Kids;

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