Winter Kid Craft Idea-Cotton pads craft and art ideas to make with kids

Cotton pads are soft, safe and comfortable material, they became popular with great success for children’s art and fun creativity at home, at school and kindergartens.

Cotton pads craft and art ideas that are easy to make with kids… Surely, every woman knows what cotton pads are. They are used in the cosmetic field to apply lotion or wash off makeup in no time. Everyone has a pack of cotton pads in their bathroom, nightstand or cabinet, but only a few know about the possibility of their use in needlework. In skillful hands, cotton pads or toilet paper are almost an art object. Because they can resemble or compared to cotton wool which we use them when creating snow activities.

Naturally, for whiteness and fluffiness they act as a snow backup for decor and nice little things Cotton pads comes in round or rectangular shapes and in different sizes. Cotton pads are an inexpensive and practical hygiene product. Being soft, safe and comfortable material, they became popular with great success for children’s art and fun creativity at home and in at school and kindergartens.


In this article these white soft cotton pads will be a source of inspiration for winter craft projects which will keep yourself and young children busy on the eve of the holidays and more. Making crafts from cotton pads is quick, easily cut, rolled, bent, glued, painted with any available means. Let your children enjoy making magical childhood while making winter crafts with cotton pad and spread the indescribable feeling of happiness through such craft … Christmas toys, gifts, graceful flowers, animals, birds and decorations. With these inspirations you can come up with anything that fantasy made from cotton pads. See how great it turns out.

Cotton Pad Snowman; 

Handmade snowman is an inexpensive craft and a fun winter themed decoration, you and your child can make. The craft supplies are mainly cheap cosmetic cotton pads which are available in every home to beat the winter blues. These cute cotton pad snowmen are used in many Christmas décor. Encourage your kids to create different snowmen activity work.

Cotton Pad Snowman Cards

Cotton Pad Snowman Puppets



Cotton Pad Angel;

Angels are one the most probably one of the most exciting ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree with. These DIY angel Christmas ornaments can be made from cotton pads which are not expansive and fancy decors to make. They are wonderful additions to your Christmas decorations… Christmas tree, walls or make a garland.


Beautiful Cotton Pad Christmas snowballs

They are not just simple Christmas crafts but are beautiful, gorgeous and very easy to make. Those Christmas snowballs will not melt and mostly soft that you will love how these snowballs feel. These Christmas handmade snowball decor will look pretty on the Christmas tree. Only with a little bit of skill and a little bit of time to make cotton balls.


Cotton pads flower

From cotton pads you can make all kinds of flowers: roses, calla lilies, daisies, chamomile or peonies. Most of these beautiful Cotton-pads-flowers are easy to make, you may leave them white or color them with markers. There are a lot of options, all you have to do is to choose the most suitable option for your décor lace or occasion.


Cotton Pad snow garland

Christmas window decoration has a wide variety from bright light bulbs, tinsel, glass balls to stars. But you can welcome winter with sprinkled glass snow made of cotton pads.

BIRDS AND ANIMALS- Cotton pads craft 

Making birds and animals from cotton pads for children is interesting and easy-to-make crafts.

SNOW-WHITE SWAN – Cotton pads craft 

Cotton pads can be twisted, bent, glued, cut out all sorts of elements and details are made to create a snow-white swan. Snow-white swan crafts will become glorious gifts or unusual interior decorations.

Snowy Owl Cotton Pad Craft

This is a super cute snowy owl craft made with cotton pad. White owl is a fun winter animal craft to make kids.

DIY Cotton Pad Craft- Christmas Tree

Christmas tree made of cotton pad can be decorated with shiny stars, a garland, tinsel or miniature Christmas decorations.


Create beautiful flowers; callas, roses, peonies with ordinary cotton pads as they are easy, inexpensive and will not take long time.



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