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35 Spooky and Fun DIY Halloween Crafts Ideas

35 Spooky and Fun DIY Halloween Crafts Ideas

Spooky and Fun DIY Halloween Crafts Ideas …Halloween, a night filled with spooky enchantment, offers a wonderful chance for kids to unleash their creativity and partake in enjoyable crafting ventures. These uncomplicated Halloween crafts are tailor-made for young ones to relish while commemorating the eeriest night of the year. Armed with just a handful of basic materials, children can forge lasting decorations and mementos that will infuse a dash of ghostly delight into their surroundings.

These craft activities promise endless enjoyment for children, making the most of Halloween’s allure. Youngsters revel in Halloween’s festivities as they delve into imaginative costume choices, adorn their homes with delightful crafts, and engage in the playful tradition of trick-or-treating. Join us on this spine-tingling journey through the finest Halloween concepts, embellishments, and creative projects, and start amassing a collection of pumpkins – they’re bound to come in handy!

Fireplace decorated with black balloons for Halloween


Step into the realm of spookiness with a creative Halloween decoration that will leave your guests amazed! Imagine an eerie sight where an army of ghostly invaders seems to have taken over your chimney. But wait, upon closer inspection, these invaders are nothing but cleverly adorned black balloons!

To recreate this hauntingly delightful scene in your own home, gather a collection of black balloons and inflate them to varying sizes. Add a touch of personality by attaching a pair of expressive eyes to each balloon, either by gluing them on or drawing them with markers. Enhance the otherworldly atmosphere by carefully draping spider webs around the balloons and positioning them within the mantel. For an added flair, consider hanging cardboard bats on the walls to complete the eerie ambiance.

This imaginative and unique Halloween decor idea is perfect for those who have a fireplace. Your space will be transformed into an enchanting realm where the line between ghostly apparitions and playful decorations blurs. Get ready to amaze and bewitch your guests with this exceptional Halloween setup!

Pastel-colored balloons arranged in a festive manner adorn the entrance, serving


Elevate the allure of your entrance with this innovative suggestion by party decor expert Kara from Kara’s Party blog. Wondering about the process? She skillfully combined an array of balloons in soft pastel hues, along with a few in sleek black tones. To amplify the charm, she incorporated intricately crafted cutouts featuring iconic Hollywood monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, and Elsa, his enchanting companion.


For a creative display, suspend the bats upside down within glass containers. Utilize a pen to create two holes in the bat bodies, and then thread a preferably transparent string through these holes. Afterward, affix the upper part of the string to the central interior of the container. This arrangement will give the illusion of bats “in flight” within the mason jars!

Monster-filled bag crafts for Halloween


Distribute these adorable monster bags at your Halloween party, and watch as your young guests delight in them. These bags can hold an assortment of treats and crafts, ensuring that each child leaves the party with a wonderful party favor and a big smile.

Oreo cookie bats for Halloween


Did you enjoy the previous Halloween recipe featuring Oreo cookies? Well, here’s another delightful twist you can add to the mix! For a fun combination, consider incorporating this idea. And if you happen to have any leftovers, you can easily craft adorable bat-shaped Halloween cookies using some chocolate (mini Reese’s work great).

To bring these cute cookies to life, use melted chocolate to attach Oreo cookie halves as wings onto the base. Then, complete the look by adding the eyes. This idea is perfect for adding a playful touch to your Halloween treats!

Pumpkin candle holders for Halloween


Did you enjoy the previous Halloween recipe featuring Oreo cookies? Well, here’s another delightful twist you can add to the mix! For a fun combination, consider incorporating this idea. And if you happen to have any leftovers, you can easily craft adorable bat-shaped Halloween cookies using some chocolate (mini Reese’s work great).

To bring these cute cookies to life, use melted chocolate to attach Oreo cookie halves as wings onto the base. Then, complete the look by adding the eyes. This idea is perfect for adding a playful touch to your Halloween treats!

Autumn paintings with tree leaves

7-Embrace the Arrival of Autumn

If you’re searching for a creative activity to celebrate the fall season with your children that goes beyond Halloween, you won’t want to overlook these unique and budget-friendly art projects. Gather fallen yellow leaves and use cardboard and modeling clay to craft incredibly autumn-themed trees and landscapes.

Bookmarks for Halloween

8-Halloween Bookmark Craft Ideas

Looking to engage in some creative Halloween crafting with your little ones or create unique gifts for your Halloween guests? Why not design your own set of bookmarks? Here are a few examples to get you started, but feel free to let your imagination run wild and customize them as you like!

Candy moons for Halloween.


Transform ordinary party paper plates into uniquely designed crescents, perfect for decorating your home with creative DIY concepts. Elevate them with a Halloween twist by filling them with candies, adding a festive touch. Gather acrylic paint, glitter, scissors, glue, and optional confetti for the interior to enhance the effect. With these innovative decorations, your party is bound to be a tremendous hit!


10- Spooky Nutritious Snack

Get ready for a Halloween treat that’s both healthy and fun! Elevate your snacking game with this creative idea of transforming fruits into delightful Halloween-themed characters. Let your imagination run wild as you craft these playful figures to entice the little ones into enjoying nutritious snacks. Utilize halved bananas and a pair of chocolate chips to conjure up cute mini ghosts. Alternatively, fashion petite “pumpkins” using a tangerine paired with a slice of cucumber. It’s a spooky snacking adventure that’s sure to delight!

A can of Frankenstein for Halloween


Transforming an old preserve can or a similar container into a Frankenstein-themed masterpiece is a great idea for this Halloween season. Gather some green paint, a black marker, plastic eyes, and a piece of black cardboard to create this fun project. It’s a simple yet effective way to bring the iconic Frankenstein’s monster to life!

Ghost craft for Halloween


Create easy Halloween decorations with kids by crafting mini ghosts using recycled newspapers. Cut out the ghostly shapes and dangle them on a string using clothespins. Spooktacular!

Mobile of cardboard bats with the face of Mickey

13-Mickey Mouse Themed Cardboard Bat Mobile

A Fantastical Experience for Disney Enthusiasts of All Ages! Embark on an imaginative journey with the enchanting cardboard bat mobile featuring the iconic face of Mickey Mouse. Designed to captivate Disney fans young and old, this creation offers an enchanting experience that’s sure to delight everyone, including parents!

Muffins or cupcakes with Halloween decoration


Have a blast cooking with the kids using creative and exciting Halloween recipes. These are ideal for parties and incredibly simple to make.

Decoration with glasses for Halloween

15-“Monster Family Tribute”

Embracing the spirit of the iconic Addams Family, let’s pay homage to their uniquely monstrous and delightfully humorous existence. How about crafting cones of varying sizes using cardboard, and adorning them with intricate paintings depicting beloved Addams Family members or other beloved Halloween characters?

Cheerful mini pumpkins for Halloween


Contrary to popular belief, Halloween can be a joyful and vibrant celebration. Add a pop of color to your decorations with a cheerful and colorful centerpiece featuring a variety of brightly colored pumpkins.

Tablecloths with ghosts for Halloween.


If you’re hosting a snack event, you’ll notice that everyone gets involved in setting the table, especially when it comes to choosing a tablecloth. Interested in replicating the look in the picture? Start by buying a black paper tablecloth. Then, draw a ghost shape on a piece of paper and carefully cut it out. Paint the ghost shape black and prepare a potato by cutting it in half. Now you’re ready to create the printed tablecloth!

Mini pumpkins painted as donuts for Halloween


Looking to break away from the ordinary and embrace a more unique decoration idea? Try creating these adorable sweet pumpkins. Simply grab some mini-sized pumpkins and spend an afternoon painting them to resemble delectable donuts using acrylic paint. Just be sure to let everyone know that they’re not actually edible!

Halloween monsters with toilet paper rolls.


Looking to make Halloween more enjoyable for kids? Get creative with easy DIY decorations featuring monsters, witches, bats, and ghosts. All you need is some cardboard, paint, glue, and a fun Sunday afternoon to spend crafting together.

Painted pumpkins for Halloween


Instead of carving scary faces into pumpkins for Halloween, consider a more whimsical approach. Paint the pumpkins with adorable faces of forest animals that embrace the autumn season, like an owl, fox, or deer. This creative twist adds a touch of enchantment to your festive decor.

Witch hat calendar for Halloween


Get ready for Halloween with a fun DIY witch hat countdown calendar! Kids will love the surprise of sweets hidden inside each hat. All you need are black cupcake liners, white glue, string, scissors, and your favorite candies. Click here to see the step-by-step instructions and start crafting today!

Cans wrapped in bandages like mummies for Halloween


Create budget-friendly Halloween decorations by repurposing soda cans. Simply wrap them in bandages, attach toy eyes, and voila – you’ll have adorable mummy decor for the holiday. It’s a creative and cost-effective idea!

Popcorn packages with Halloween decoration


Kids absolutely love popcorn, especially during Halloween season. Get creative and make little bags of popcorn with different spooky faces drawn on them using a black permanent marker.

Halloween garland with cardboard ghosts and bats


Elevate your Halloween home decor with a Garland of Fear! This spooky ornament is perfect for a quick and easy DIY project to do with children. Simply cut out cardboard bats and ghosts, add eyes and mouths, and glue the pieces onto a string. Your Halloween decor will level up in no time.

Halloween pumpkins decorated as Disney characters.


We are completely smitten with these Disney-themed Halloween crafts featuring dyed pumpkins! To recreate these at home, gather 4 small plastic pumpkins, paint in black, purple, white, and orange, brushes, scissors, purple pipe cleaners, glue, and white tulle.

Children’s Halloween game to put the spider on the web.


Looking for a simple and entertaining game for kids? Try the Spider Game! All you need is a big sheet of paper or cardboard for the board, extra paper for drawing spiders, scissors for cutting them out, a black marker, and stickers. This game is not only a fun Halloween craft, but it also makes for great decorations around the house.

Halloween decoration with the game of tic tac toe on the floor


Experience the Halloween spirit with a festive twist on the classic tic-tac-toe game! Bring back the fun memories of playing this game by creating a special Halloween version. All you need is a giant cardboard, some creativity, and a bunch of pumpkins to use as noughts and crosses. It’s a simple and entertaining activity that kids will love during the Halloween season. Just draw the divisions on the cardboard, place the pumpkins accordingly, and let the Halloween-themed fun begin!

Halloween decoration with ghosts with doll legs on the stairs.


How cute are these ghost children? They are the perfect way to welcome Halloween with a mix of spooky and adorable. To create this look, you’ll need three life-size dolls dressed in leggings and trendy shoes. Paint a pair of eyes on each sheet with a black marker and place them on top of the dolls’ heads. Complete the look by placing pumpkin-shaped baskets in their hands, and fill them with treats if you’d like! It’s a fun and creative way to embrace the Halloween spirit.

Spider-shaped cookies for Halloween.


Introducing a fun and creative treat: chocolate-flavored spiders made from Oreos! These delightful treats may look like spiders, but they taste like delicious chocolate. With a little imagination, you can customize them to fit any occasion. Whether you opt for an orange filling or any other flavor, don’t forget to attach salty sticks as legs and add eyes and teeth for a touch of realism. Enjoy a unique and tasty treat that’s sure to delight everyone!

Get the tutorial at Crafts by Amanda »

30-Halloween Treat Cups

Ensure that every Halloween party is complete with a delightful candy treat box to take home. Craft pipe cleaners into handles and decorate the front of the cups with eerie and spooky faces.

Get the tutorial at Crafts by Amanda »

31-Paper Plate Ghost

Creating this ghost is a breeze, as you’ll only need markers for the facial features and paper plates for the body

34-Eyeball Bracelet

The Eyeball Bracelet is a charming DIY accessory that can be enjoyed alone or with friends. To make it, gather materials like cardboard tubes, eyeball stickers, and construction paper.

Get the tutorial at The Best Ideas for Kids »

35-Wooden Monster Spoons

Create your own puppets or story spoons with these Wooden Monster Spoons! Children can craft ghosts, bats, mummies, vampires, and witches for hours of imaginative play.

The true origin of Halloween 

Halloween finds its roots in the Celtic cultures of Ireland, England, and France. These societies commemorated the conclusion of the harvest season and summer with a festivity known as “Samhain.” During this time, it was believed that spirits roamed the earthly realm, prompting people to leave food and treats outside their homes as offerings. Over time, this pagan observance underwent Christianization, evolving into what is now recognized as All Hallows’ Eve, or “All Hallow’s Eve” in English. The migration of individuals seeking new opportunities in America played a pivotal role in spreading this celebration to the continent.


Although Halloween remained relatively inconspicuous until recent years, it has gained immense popularity due to its captivating and enjoyable nature, particularly for children. The essence of donning costumes and assuming the roles of zombies, Dracula, or witches, complete with warts on their noses, while indulging in copious amounts of sweets, adds to the excitement. This occasion also serves as a fantastic opportunity for creative pursuits, from crafting spooky decorations to adorning homes in a playful and imaginative manner.

If the prospect of a more lighthearted and less spine-chilling Halloween piques your interest, numerous stylish and autumn-inspired ideas for home decoration await during Halloween, be sure not to overlook the additional suggestions we’ve shared on the Family Holiday platform.


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