A Budget-Friendly Scandinavian Style Home

We have all come to know and love Scandinavian home style. The Scandinavian design first appeared in 1950s in the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. It is a design movement characterized with crisp gallery white walls, wooden floor and uncomplicated forward-thinking furniture giving the most of simplicity, minimalism and functionality as seen in this wonderful Swedish apartment which is surprisingly likable.

On this Scandinavian home style; very dark shades and bright blotches where added creating a combination of an interesting space with a most refreshing character… full of life not sterile or boring. For some people a Scandinavian palette of white walls may seem a little stark, but with modern art paintings, abundance of plants and books added to this already cozy interior more warmness. The small balcony in one of the bedrooms was lined with beautiful spring colors which completed this marvelous interior. Enjoy.


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