If you enjoy DIY as much as we do, then we really hope we can share some great ideas for some cool projects with you. Come and find great craft and DIY ideas from kid crafts to handmade holidays for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and all year round!, we offer up easy ideas of knitting, sewing, crochet, quilting and needlework patterns that actually work to keep your family entertained all year. We aim to keep everyone happy and challenged beside we do think that craft and DIY projects idea will help you and expect to discover we have written something interesting about it here.

40 DIY Creative Ideas of How To Recycle Old Bottles

Are you a fan of sustainable design? Use your artistic skills to transform the overlooked into the beautiful....

23 Creative and unusual DIY pencil holder ideas for your home desk decoration

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Ideas of How to Recycle Plastic Straws

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Easy DIY Photo and Picture Frame Decorating Crafts

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Holiday Romance In Miniature: Summer Candle Centerpiece Ideas

In the world there are many people their summer - it's not just time to leave, but the...

Creative DIY Craft Decorating Ideas Using Colorful Buttons

Crafts made with buttons are not only for kids, the creative button craft ideas are fun for both...

Great DIY Kitchen Utensil Storage & Organization Ideas

Most of mothers are creative by nature, doing home crafts to organize and make their place tidy is...

How to decorate Glass bottles with Decoupage -DIY Recycle with Art

Ever wished you could decoupage on glassware; see our huge collections of glass bottles. Decoupage glass bottles are a cheap, easy way to recycle.

27 Amazing Handmade Candle Decoration DIY Ideas

We've made a great collection of 28 Amazing Handmade Candle Decoration DIY Ideas for many different occasions. The easiest part of that is you can decorate them especially for any occasion.

DIY Painted Mug Gift Idea That Won’t Wash Away

How to make painted mugs that will not wash away, – an easy and affordable way to make a personalized gift!

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