11 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for All Ages

11 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for All Ages… Holidays are synonymous, discovering new things and having a good time especially if you do you have children. Weather they were kids in preschoolers, and elementary school. The little ones are very good at making crafts and it is always fun while working on their creativity. Easter is a good time to do DIYing and have some fun together, the more the merrier is what I like to say.

This Easter you’ll find more family-friendly projects and help kids to test their creativity with these crafts and DIY. Here is a list of 11 Easy Easter Craft Ideas created just for kids of All Ages. Any craft ideas need to be under the parent’s supervision and their assistance. Welcome the coming spring and Easter with the whole family gathering with these crafts.



Bunny Ears and Top Hat

The Bunny Ears and crown is one of “Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland” creations, perfect for your Easter and beyond. This set is of pretty flower and a dapper top Bunny ears hat style is designed to color it yourself. Decorate your bunny with paper flowers as many flowers as you want or leave it just white. This top hat is for any kind of parties or for a stylish afternoon.



Square Toilet Roll Rabbit Craft Project

Make these funny bunnies and keep your children busy. You will need  pieces of colored paper of the same width and depth of the toilet-roll tube to wrap around them with.  Two ears of colored paper, two googly eyes, two rabbit’s teeth and a small pom pom nose for each roll then they are glued. Finally draw on whiskers and a mouth.



More Shape Egg ideas;

Painting hard-boiled eggs is an art and has many techniques. For the kiddoes we represented these pastel; colored and cute egg painted ideas. They’re easier for little hands to help this way and are also more egg-eco-friendly.



Cute Sock Easter Bunny;

Easter doesn’t have to be all about bunny chocolate and painting eggs.  Give your little ones sweet little Easter bunny softies. Help them to make the cutest Easter bunny softies from socks. All you need is a pair of baby’s cotton socks and help them in the hand sewing effort so they’ll  have handmade gifts in no time.




There is no typical Easter decorated eggs ideas than painted eggs. Because the dye gets everywhere I feel like decorating them with cloth instead. You can use natural boiled eggs, Styrofoam eggs or plastic eggs where you can use these sew Easter eggs again the next year. These fabrics covered Easter eggs are very easy to make you just need pieces of an old shirt and buttons. For a more fun touch use colorful fabric covered eggs for a decorated stunning table. Fabric Easter Eggs may be made of lace, cheesecloth, or netting.


Easter Bunny Card

Your children will be able to exchange Easter cards with their classmates at Easter Time to congratulate Easter to their friends and family made by themselves. Let them design adorable and pastel colored drawings themselves: baskets with eggs, bunny, chick, eggs, Sheep, Lamb and Flowers…. You can add a 3D effect.


Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

Decoupaging is another way of DIYing Easter egg which is one of those traditions that we care to hold from generation to generation. Decoupaging is a fun and an awesome way to spend time with your little kids. Its technique is simple to add lots of color to your Easter eggs. This craft -decoupage- is one of those arts and crafts to do at home. Decorating eggs using tissue paper and glue are so easy and doesn’t cause mess as egg dyes, so cleanup is easy. This is fun projects to do with family. To make your own decoupage eggs you need to boil the eggs and let them cool. Then let your children choose a favorite paper napkins design with different geometric, vintage and floral designs. Help them glue them to the egg,


Easter Shaped Cinnamon Cookies 

Bunnies are family themed crafts for Easter. Cooking delicious cinnamon cookies are crafts for families to do together and to spend a family time with your children. Let your children choose some molds with the typical Easter forms… eggs, bunnies, flowers or inspired ones you made at Christmas and let them decorate to their heart’s content.



Hanging Paper Easter Eggs Garland

Have fun with your kids while experimenting their creativity, all you need is wrapping paper and cards. With this Easter egg made with cool color palette recycled paper in addition celebrating the season. Try this inspire DIY garland as it requires almost no effort. Let your children draw egg shapes of the same sizes on four colorful pieces of papers. Cut and trim the outline then fold in half and glue. Top the finished eggs with a thread in the center to hang them. These gorgeous three-dimensional eggs are a great family friendly project.



Bunny Bag Toppers

Sweets are often bestowed on special occasions and Easter is one of those occasions that small and big children get excited with. Let’s make sweet treats, the cutest in an Easter basket ever. Celebrate Easter with craft made by your own children creations. These sweet Easter bunny bag toppers look more graceful than ever. These adorable bunny treat-bag toppers can be given as gifts or place them inside an Easter basket.

Bunny Banners

Because It’s a bunny season, it’s time to decorate up the room of the little ones with crafts for families to do together. It is a simple cute DIY craft for kids who want to decorate their room for Easter. Let your children draw the shape of a bunny on pastel colored paper and help them trim it. Glue a Pom-Pom Bunny Tail and hang your spring decor by the ears.


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